Chapter 79: The Forbidden Blood Lotus

Two weeks ago.

Meng Lei was punched down the cliff and he fell rapidly down the chasm. The pain in his chest was so severe that even when he managed to faint, he would be woken up by the pain.

After an unknown period of time, he was still falling, like there was no bottom at all.

“Sorry young master, for I was unable to protect Yun Man……” For not being able to do what Qin Tian had requested of him, he felt uncomfortable.

At that time when he was on the cliff, he used his life to protect Yun Man, and thus was hit down.

A long while later, Meng Lei was still falling. The evil winds had caused his face to be full of injuries. If not for him being physically robust, and having an indescribable energy inside of him protecting him continuously, he would have long been torn into pieces already.

“Where does this chasm lead to?”

“Connect to hell?”

“That’s good too, I’m going to die anyway and will be able to report to Hades directly.”


Meng Lei laughed out loud. He took out the Dragon Tiger Dan and felt a great longing for Qin Tian in his heart. From the first time he opened his eyes, he had engraved the image of him inside his heart. During the dozen of years of accompanying him, he felt happy.

In front of Qin Tian, he was willing to be a silly big man and listens to everything. Everything asked to do was a command, no matter how hard it was, he would finish it.

This was the road in his heart.

The same throughout all his life!

“Young master, you will definitely be able to stand at the peak in the future and make the entire clan fear you. You will always be the strongest to me……”

“Hu! ! !”

Suddenly, a strong wind blew past Meng Lei and caught him unprepared. The Dan in his hand flew into his mouth and was swallowed.

The Dragon Tiger Dan was a grade seven Dan given to Qin Tian by Cang Tianji. Its efficacy was extremely powerful, those who had not reach spirit formation realm would not be able to endure it.

After three years of training, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to enter the spirit formation realm and stayed at the warrior realm. It was like as if he was shackled, unable to break through.

The Dragon Tiger Dan melted inside of him, and the strong potency of the Dan filled his body. In a few breaths of time, his shirt was drenched with sweat. The chilly evil winds felt like nothing at all as inside of him felt as if there was boiling magma, extremely hard to bear.

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Meng Lei tore his shirt and was bare till his waist. It was burning red. His hair fell off one by one, turning him bald……

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The burning red colour continued to form different structures, and on his bald head, a blood lotus appeared. It was extremely glamorous.

The forbidden blood lotus!

The pain burnt his body, almost causing him to faint. After the blood lotus appeared, there was another majestic energy inside him, surging out. Suddenly, the scene in front of him became as clear as water.

“An ancient formation?”

Meng Lei endured the pain as he looked down at the enormous formation. His heart tightened. The formation radiated a faint red light, and the red light was like the flowing of blood. The chilly evil winds were created by the formation.


Meng Lei roared as he used all his might to decrease the speed of his fall……

“Rumble ! ! !”

The more than two hundred and fifty jin body heavily smashed down. The evil wind blew past and suddenly, a powerful suction burst out from the eye of the formation, directly sucking Meng Lei in……

After an unknown period of time, Meng Lei slowly woke up and took a deep breath. The smell of blood entered inside him through his nose, making him vomit. He looked around and found out that he was actually in a pool of blood.

In the middle of the pool was a pillar of suppression. The pillar emitted an incredible force, suppressing the pool of blood. Meng Lei was shocked, just as he was about to climb out of it, a sound rang in his ears. The ghost-like voice was like one from hell……

“Wu haha……”

“Demonic tribe, to think that it was actually a body of the demonic tribe……”

Meng Lei shuddered as he looked around him, but was unable to determine where the sound came from, “Who, who, who’s speaking?”

“Little demon, to think that you are a tribesman of the demonic tribe, good, good, good!”

“After being suppressed for more than ten thousand years, luck finally descended, wahaha……”


At the present.

After a night of traveling, Qin Tian had finally reached Sky Border city!


Author’s note:

This chapter can be considered small, but it is a hint foreshadowing later developments in the story. I did not want to explain about Meng Lei’s situation at first, but as I was afraid that others would be worried, I’ve described what happened a bit.

Meng Lei’s next appearance would absolutely be earth-shattering!

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