Chapter 80: The Appearance of Killers

The sky was still dark, and the city gate was tightly closed.

Qin Tian ran for a night, halting when he saw the three big words ‘Sky Border city’. He breathed out heavily as he thought, “Really imposing ah.”

On the walls were three words full of vigor, every stroke was filled with immense might, making people unable to help but sigh.

The gate was tens of feets tall, and every ten feet on the wall was guarded by one soldier. Their eyes were shining brightly with alertness. Their strengths were at the peak of rank nine spirit formation realm, even the weakest soldier was a rank nine spirit formation realm. Through this, one could see how great the strength of sky Border city was.

Among the seven northwest cities, Sky Border city’s overall might was more than double of others. This was deliberately hidden by Yang Hong. If everything were showcased, even Dali emperor would be shocked.

Ever since Yang Hong proclaimed himself as an emperor, Sky Border city started to have curfews, and the gates would be tightly closed to prevent enemies from infiltrating. Dali dynasty had lasted for thousand of years and thus had an unimaginable background. In the imperial capital, there were three powerful cultivators overseeing it. They all had entered the ascension realm and were still alive after hundreds of years.

However, for Yang Hong to dare to proclaim himself as an emperor, he would have ways to deal with the imperial capital.

Sky Border dynasty and Dali dynasty are destined to have an all-out war.

For this war, Yang Hong had prepared for decades and could be said to have done the necessary preparations.

Qin Tian stood at the foot of the wall and activated his Qigong. He flew up into the air, with a flash, he entered the city. The guards on the wall only felt a gentle breeze blowing on their faces and did not put it to mind.

In the city, there was not a single person on the streets. Sky Border city is so big, so where would Yun Man be?

Sky Border city was five times bigger than Qinghe city, wanting to find a person in here would undoubtedly be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Moreover, Qin Tian was not even familiar with the city, thus how could he find?

As the city was too big, even his predator’s aura would not be able to cover the whole city.

Also, as the streets did not have a single person, he could not ask for the way even if he wanted to.

“Sou, sou, sou……”

Three shadows landed gently on the roofs with their toes as they once again launched themselves into the air. Their speed were fast like a dark elf.

Qin Tian frowned as he thought with elation, “There were also people like me?”

Nocturnal clothes, filled with killing intent and full of calmness, from all these, Qin Tian immediately thought about the job known as killer. Only a killer would wear like this and emit such strong killing intent. Their strength were also not to be looked down on, none of them were below spirit refining realm.

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A spirit refining cultivator in Qinghe city is known as an extremely strong cultivator, though that isn’t the same in Sky Border city, one could still be called an expert.

“Three spirit refining cultivators, who are they trying to kill?” Qin Tian thought. Hiding his aura, he followed.

Relying on the predator’s aura, Qin Tian was able to maintain a great distance away from them. Since he had experienced the might of a spirit refining realm cultivator before, he did not dare to be careless. He would not be able to escape if he were to be caught.

The sky became brighter.

In the sky of Sky Border city, a few shadows were moving rapidly, disappearing and appearing in the next moment hundreds of feets away. No one realized the killing intent emitting in the darkness.

With a low cultivation of spirit formation realm, not one of the patrol squad felt it.

After half an hour of running, the three shadows stopped.

The three of them had stopped at an enormous square, and on it was a small stage. The stage was decorated with lanterns and festoons, hung with red cloth. A huge leather drum was located at each side of the stage. In the middle of the stage hung a word ‘囍’. One would know even without thinking that this was all prepared for a wedding.

[TL: 囍 means double happiness, and is a symbol of good luck. Used for marriage]

Qin Tian hid his figure and looked at his surroundings. “A royal city?”

When he was following them, he took no notice of his surroundings, only after he stopped did he realized that he was deep inside the royal city. The walls were yellow and there were statues of dragons. There were also traces of Long Qi hidden within the majestic aura of the place. “Is Yang Han really a son of heaven? The royal city actually has Long Qi, if this were to be known to Dali dynasty, what would happen?”

Long Qi, only the chosen ones of the imperial clan could have. Only the imperial clan could learn the Long Qi secret arts, it was extremely powerful, and many strong cultivators are willing to serve the imperial clan because of this.

From the predator’s aura, he found out that the amount of Long Qi in the royal city was very thin, fading and reappearing from time to time. “Seems like Yang Hong had not been recognized by the heavens yet ah.”

At this point, Qin Tian did not bother about the Long Qi anymore.

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The three killers concealed themselves in different locations. From where the three of them were located, their target was definitely someone on the stage. Qin Tian immediately thought about the marriage between Yang Lin and Yun Man. “Did they want to assassinate Yang Lin?”

“Yang Lin is Yang Hong’s third son. Rumors have it that he is extremely talented, a genius hard to be seen even in a hundred years.”

“Why Yang Lin?”

“Why not Yang clan’s patriarch Yang Hong?”

“If three spirit refining cultivators use their ultimate move at the same time, Yang Hong would most probably be killed, so why Yang Lin?”

Qin Tian could not understand, after a while, he calmed down. Since it would not be easy to find Yun Man in the royal city, he might as well just wait here, Yun Man will appear anyway. When the three killers attack, it would be the best time to bring Yun Man away.

While thinking about it, he revealed a smile. “Killers, please lend me your strength ah.”

Fishing in troubled waters was what Qin Tian does best.

The more chaotic the scene was the better. The three spirit refining killers, you all must definitely not make me disappointed!

The crow of the rosters penetrated through the cold night.

Not long after, the red sun rose from the east, indicating the start of a new day.

The royal city became busy and so did the maids and servants. Today was Sky Border city’s big day, so none of them were allowed to be careless.

For Yang Lin’s wedding, the whole city was celebrating.

When the sky turned bright, there were many people on the street. To them, for Sky Border city to become a royal city was a huge surprise to them and this made them feel like their position had rose.

Patrol squads had also increased. They had to ensure the safety of the royal city, not letting go of any suspicious looking person.

During the few hours of hiding, Qin Tian’s spirit became better. He had used the system to practice alchemy, and now it had reached grade two. The Dans created had become even purer and every once in awhile, he would be able to create some grade three Dans. Qin Tian was truly excited.

In the spatial ring, Mao Mao was feeling extremely bitter. In the last half a year at Kunlun mountain range, many spirit grasses were picked by it. The spirit grass piled up like mountains, yet Mao Mao could only stare pitifully. “Comrade Mao Mao, finish your job, I’ll give you more roasted fish next time……”

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