Bk 2 Chapter 110 – Lies

The fields Zilan spoke of might seem very exclusive or limiting towards the young Alchemists however, one mustn’t forget, these were their second.

The first field, [Refining] covered the entirety of Alchemy, that is to say, it is the foundation for all fields that exist in the Universe. What exactly does this mean?

Take the Healing field as an example, [Refining] covered the foundations of this area therefore even without studying the field of ‘healing’, an Alchemist would still be well versed in the art of Healing. Of course, the fact that medicine in cultivation usually had a lot of instances and examples of ‘one remedy that heals all’, also played a huge part in this. But that was the nature of cultivation, with more and more knowledge it became easier to create these tonics that cured all ailments for the weak however, another way of looking at it was in a situation where an Alchemist was so powerful that there really only were a few wonder drugs under the sky that could heal them and coincidentally, these drugs usually healed everything else as well.

Now then, [Refining] covers the foundation of all fields and using it one can dabble into theoretically all fields however, there was a reason why this remained only a theory since the beginning of time.

If [Refining] was the beginning and the end, then there essentially would be no need for fields and every Alchemist under the sun would be equal to the biggest of buffoons.

Once again using Healing as an example, we’ll look at the reason for the existence of fields.

A constant for all living things is growth. Plants, humans, Beasts, insects and so on, we all grow, evolve, age, mature and peak. We experience all of these things before death and it’s always been that way, in the future it will also stay that way.

Use this thought process and place it into Alchemy. Specifically, a field that rivals Healing such as poison, killing, death and many others.

Now imagine if the Healing field never existed these other rival fields would go unchecked and the already corrupted world would be infested with even more death, misery and suffering.

The [Refining] field is the foundation, in the end its main job was refining. Alchemists on the other hand will continue to evolve, grow, mature and eventually they’ll peak. At this mountain top, when they’re at the height of their powers, stopping their machinations or concoctions with just the basics and foundations skills would be beyond impossible.

That is why fields such as Healing exist. Their purpose is to rival and stop the works of other fields such as Poison, killing and Death. Without them, all except the supreme beings would be at their mercy.

Needless to say, all of this was mainly referring to the happenings of the whole Universe. In a small world such as the one Zilan currently lived in, just practicing [Refining] would allow one to cure all, fight all, master all, command all, basically do anything Alchemy wise. However, in the Universe as a whole, things such as Alchemy God or Supreme Alchemist knowing everything just didn’t exist and if they did, it was relative to only a single or at the higher levels multiple fields.

Naturally, Zilan’s end game for this world involved high level Alchemy even at the Universe’s standards therefore, his people required teachings literally outside of this world in order to gain the qualifications to take part in it.


With a heavy heart, he handed out the special fields he was going to teach his students. Surprisingly to the students, Zilan did not announce their fields instead he just passed onto them a few memory slips that had the introductions to each of their fields.

Strange, shocked, confused, fearful expressions graced each one of their faces. However, in a corner of the classroom was Amani with the most recognisable disappointed expression.

“Why so secretive?” He wondered.

The lesson thus went on for hours on end until Zilan’s head started hurting due to the sheer number and variety of questions that came his way.

“That’s enough for today, we’ll end it here.” He said.

“Oh, finally done? Let’s head home then.” Stated Amani, his gaze toward Zilan was obviously different from before.

Zilan smiled back before hastily packing up and heading out of the school grounds.

Unfortunately, the good atmosphere the two had between them was instantly evaporated the moment they walked the streets.

“That’s the Half Breed right?”

“Which other one have you seen around here?” growled a fellow Alchemist.

“Humph! As expected of their kind, not only are they despicable but they’re also cowards. Fu**ing rubbish!” This was an outright curse that was shouted by a two star Alchemist from not too far away from the duo.

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If it weren’t for Amani’s presence some Beasts may have already attacked Zilan.

As expected the level of animosity he felt being directed towards him, confused Zilan greatly. He was completely lost. “What have I done to deserve this?”

Killing intent flared about the grounds causing Amani to deeply frown.

“Mo? He isn’t smart enough. Who then?”

Amani was sharp, as anyone would expect. He had seen his fair share of things living life as a young Lord as well as a respected Alchemist. Therefore, there wasn’t much that could get past him especially when it directly affected someone he cared for.

“This is what happens when we take the high road. Allowing such scum to remain on these sacred grounds is no longer acceptable. Just because we kept silent doesn’t mean we’ll let a savage bastard creep into our society and corrupt our people.” Cursed yet another Alchemist.

Zilan looked at Amani asking with his eyes what the hell was going on.

“It actually has the guts to teach such rubbish to our people.”

“Brother not just that, he tried to force some of his students to learn that rubbish but thankfully Senior Mo and Elder Jingiza interfered. They caught him preaching garbage and made him release his students and you know what? He actually did it. He abandoned them just like that, who would want to learn from him? No semblance of a backbone whatsoever.”

“Is that all?”

“Not even close. Senior Mo was so outraged that he vowed to slay the Half Breed after the rookie ranking tournament. At first the Half Breed refused but after some ‘persuasion’ he accepted.”

“Serves him right.”

“Yea, we’ve held our tongues and pinched our noses for too long. I can’t stand the smell of trash but I endured it because of the Association, but now…. Don’t let me see you around Half Breed.”

A few hours earlier,

In a part of the Central area reserved for the wealthy.

“Hahaha, you’ve finally arrived. Imagine my surprise when my student slip suddenly became open. I can’t believe you actually made that Half Breed release me. Come, come let’s celebrate as you tell me all the details of how you accomplished it.” Zest was predictably ecstatic.

He had gotten rid of the annoying Half Breed as a teacher and knowing Mo’s character, he was most likely shamed in the process.

Speaking of Mo’s character, Zest wasn’t too optimistic about his success since within the circle of friends he kept, Mo was known to be not too smart.

However, facts were facts and Mo had kept his promise. As a ‘friend’ he would also do the same since by becoming his student, Elder Jingiza would be more inclined to tutor him.

Senior Mo unexpectedly did not seem happy at all. In fact he appeared detached and gloomy.

“I didn’t do much. That…he did everything, he released you of his own will. He said he doesn’t want you.” Mo’s voice lacked energy and the longer he talked the weaker his volume.

“What’s wrong with you?” wondered Zest. “Wait..What do you mean he released me of his own will?!” His eyes widened to the point of bursting. He was in disbelief.

“I’m a genius, that trash actually…he actually…Hahaha….you’ve crossed the line, Half Breed.” A sharp dangerous light flashed past his bloodshot eyes.

“Senior Mo, help me contact…”

“I can’t do that. I’m going away for a while.” Interrupted Mo.

“What? You…what the hell is going on with you?”

Usually Mo would be the first to be outraged and the last to calm down, so then why this time is he suddenly acting like a depressed dog?

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“There’s nothing I can do. I challenged the Half Breed to a duel.”

“That’s great. It makes things easier.” Finally there was some good news for Zest.

“There’s nothing good about it. When Master came back and found out about it, he…he didn’t even get angry…he told me about all those crazy theories that Half Breed had and then he said…if I lose I should never call him Master again. Right now, I don’t know what to do so I’m going to train outside. I can’t blame young Master for any of this but the rest you’ll have to handle yourself.”

Having said that, Mo in a daze left the residence.

Zest on the other hand was fuming.

“Half Breed. Your time here has been too pleasant, you’ve forgotten how things work in the outside world. Fine, I’ll show you.”

“Heh! I’ll let Reile deal with you. He knows how to influence people.”


Zilan for the first time in a while lost his cool as he witnessed the barrage of curses and threats coming his way. Since he’d been here, things had more or less been calm and the path he tread was relatively predictable and expected. So for him to not be in the know when something of this magnitude occurred, he momentarily felt fear.

Thankfully, it quickly vanished but not before Amani noticed him.

“Don’t worry. These people aren’t idiots nor is the Association a place where this type of tactic will last for long. Just hold on for a little while and it’ll go away.” Amani didn’t want to lose such a great genius so he felt the need to encourage him and give him confidence. Besides, he wasn’t necessarily lying.

These people weren’t idiots and after an investigation things would surely calm down. Too bad the effect the opponent desired would also be achieved.

Yes, the curses and mobs of enemies would dwindle but they wouldn’t disappear. For some they would choose to believe the slander because of their natural hate for Half Breeds, this gave them a justified reason to act. For others, who knows?

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