Chapter 34: Like Rearing A Rabbit


Jun Qian Che stands up, his face showing a pleasant expression, “The land of Hua Chen is rich and resourceful, producing generations of talented people.  The champion this time is young and capable.  According to the rules of the competition, the winner will enter a military camp as a general and will have the choice to enter any camp of his choice.  Zhen wonder which camp will the champion choose this time.”


Mo Qi Qi’s older brother, Mo Cheng Xuan takes the initiative to get up.  He bows towards the emperor and says, “Your Majesty, this general admires the winner and hopes he can enter this general’s Hua Nan camp.”


Mo Qi Qi whistles in her heart: OMG, is my brother trying to recruit talented people to his side?


Even though this is only the third time she sees Mo Cheng Xuan after time travelling to this body, the Mo Chen Xuan in her eyes is someone refined and elegant.  He is not crude despite being a military general.  In fact, when you look at him, he gives off the feeling that is similar to the gentleness of clear breeze and bright moon.  He appears easy-going, he is not calculative like others.  Seeing him trying to snatch this winner makes Mo Qi Qi a little suspicious.  He seems to have lost his usual composure.

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Jun Qian Che turns over to Bai Jiu, “Would you like to go to General Mo’s Hua Nan camp?”


Bai Qiu immediately and tactlessly rejects the offer, “Answering Your Majesty, this commoner does not want to go to General Mo’s camp.  This commoner wish to enter the Great General Han’s Hua Bei camp and become his subordinate.”


The ministers who hear him cannot stop themselves from whispering to each other: “The champion this time really cannot differentiate the good from the bad.  Does he know how many people can only dream to enter Hua Nan’s camp?  General Mo personally invited him yet he wouldn’t even give him a face!”


“Aiya, he has offended the Mo Clan.  He is done for.”


Han Yi Xiao is very unhappy when he hears them.  General Mo’s camp and his Hua Bei camp both belong to the emperor, why are they separating the two camps as though they belongs to two different entities?


Mo Cheng Xuan looks at Bai Jiu in discontent.  Bai Jiu does not show any fear and tip his chin high at his direction.


Mo Cheng Xuan’s eyes turn to Mo Qi Qi.


Mo Qi Qi can only shrug and gives him a helpless expression.  She sighs in her heart: Brother ah, who told you to try and rob away the person!  See how embarrassing this has become?  Even though Mo Clan is famous and influential, not everyone will look up to us!  People like Bai Jiu who isn’t afraid of anything will never fear Mo Clan!


She refuse to get involved in this muddy affair.  At this moment, Mo Qi Qi does not know Bai Jiu’s true identity.  If she does, she would’ve made him enter Mo Cheng Xuan’s camp even if she has to put her little life on the line.


Jun Qian Che turns to Han Yi Xiao, “General Han, is there an appropriate position for him in your camp?”


Han Xiao Yi respectfully bows but his voice is indifferent, “Answering Your Majesty, this general’s camp coincidentally is in need of a Cavalry General.  Since the champion’s horse riding ability is good, this general believes he is qualified enough to assume that position.”


Jun Qian Che then issues an order, “Zhen appoints Martial Art Champion, Bai Jiu as General Han’s Cavalry General.”


Bai Jiu kneels to receive the order, “Thanking Your Majesty’s grace!”  After that, she turns to General Han and earnestly promise him, “Great General Han does not have to worry.  This general will definitely lives up to your expectation.  From now on, I am under Great General Han’s care, your every wish is my command.”


Han Xiao Yi replies him solemnly, “General Bai made a slip of words.  As officials, we are all under His Majesty’s command.”


Bai Jiu quickly and reverently replies, “Yes!  This general will be loyal to His Majesty to death!”


Just like that, the competition that happens once every three years ends.  The winner is ecstatic while the losers can only leave in despair.


After leaving the competition, Mo Qi Qi heads to her room and studies the map to find the way to return to her time.


Once dinner is set, Ban Xiang calls for her.


Mo Qi Qi touches her rumbling, empty stomach and scrambles to the dinner table.  Seeing the table being filled with vegetarian meals, she picks up a pair of chopstick and angrily pokes at the dishes, “Did Jun Qian Che think he is raising a rabbit?  What is the difference between eating these greens and eating grass?” Even though she isn’t a complete carnivore, she is also not a herbivore ah!  You need a balanced diet of meat and vegetables to be healthy ma!  She hasn’t seen meat for so many days now, she really wants to eat them.


Ban Xiang tries to placate her, “Your Ladyship, eat a little more!  Take this as a lesson, don’t ever offend His Majesty again.”


“When did I offend him?  He was clearly trying to make things hard for me!  Ban Xiang, you play referee, isn’t keeping the fire the most important thing in cooking porridge?  He was the one who did a bad job at keeping the fire in control and yet he turned the blame on me.  Something is seriously wrong with him!  Crazy!”


“Your Ladyship, His Majesty is the ruler of our kingdom; him making a fire for someone else is already something unthinkable, why are you even upset at him?” Ban Xiang sincerely shares her view.


This differing point of view is definitely due to the differences of their mindset ah.


Mo Qi Qi is dumbfounded, “Oh!  So you mean I should be thanking him instead!  On whose side are you?”


“Of course this servant will side with Your Ladyship!  But—– never mind!  Let’s not talk about this.  Your Ladyship, you haven’t eat since afternoon, you have to eat a little more.”


“I want to vomit every time I see the color green!  I don’t want to eat anymore!”  She flings her chopstick to the table and goes back to her chamber to check the map once again.  She wants to leave this unreasonable place as fast as she can.


Ban Xiang sighs seeing at the tableful of vegetables.  Her Ladyship’s temperament has changed a lot.  If it were in the past, she would have been ecstatic if the emperor makes fire for her, but now, her heart is not moved no matter what the emperor does for her.  Don’t tell her the empress has a change of heart and no longer likes the emperor! Don’t tell her—– the empress is in love with that man in the viewing tower the other day!


Ban Xiang is scared witless at her own thoughts.  She clutches her mouth in fear.


Night falls and Mo Qi Qi has gone to rest.  The entire Feng Yang Palace is so quiet you can even hear the sound of a pin dropping.  Ban Xiang sits on the little steps in front of Mo Qi Qi’s hall, taking a quick nap.


A tall and lofty silhouette appears and directly enters the hall.  Eunuch Lin shakes his head at the sleeping Ban Xiang.  He steps forward and knocks her in the head.


Ban Xiang yelps as she wakes up, “Who hit me!”


“Shhh!” Eunuch Lin signals her to be quiet.  Seeing the person in front of her, Ban Xiang hastily stands up and respectfully greets him, “Eunuch Lin, why are you here?”


Eunuch Lin glances at the hall.


Ban Xiang turns around and sees the shadow of the emperor entering the hall.  “His Majesty is visiting our Lady’s chamber tonight?” she happily asks.


“Shhh.  Don’t disturb them.”


Ban Xiang nods, her lips curling up to form a delighted smile.  She is genuinely happy for Her Ladyship; seems like the emperor is finally acknowledging Her Ladyship’s sincere heart.


Mo Qi Qi who was busy scrutinizing the imperial palace’s map ends up falling asleep on the long mahogany table.

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When Jun Qian Che reaches the table, he outstretches his hand, planning to wake her up. But seeing her sleeping so soundly, he suddenly cannot bring himself to.  He shakes his head before lifting her up and carries her to the direction of her chamber.



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