Chapter 35: Biting His Tongue


(TN:  Okay if any of you is uncomfortable with intimate scenes, you can skip this chapter.)


Mo Qi Qi is in deep sleep; dreaming a really beautiful dream.  In that dream, she is sitting in front of a table full of delicacies.  Seeing the mouth-watering dishes, she is extremely delighted.


Jun Qian Che gently place her on the phoenix bed before sitting on the bedside.  He looks at the smile that is hanging at the corner of her lips; it makes her looks a little foolish.


It is rare for him to see her in peace.  He has never admire her from such a close distance before.  She is truly beautiful.  A lot of people praises Shi Han for being pretty, but the truth is, she only appears pretty because she carries herself in a warm and gentle manner.  If he were to compare them both, Mo Qi Qi is far more beautiful than Shi Han; just her rotten temper is notorious and has offended a lot of people.  The first thing they think of upon hearing her name is her awful personality and not her beautiful face.   Besides, the way she used to put make up on didn’t do justice to her face.  It covers her beauty rather than making her prettier.

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The bare-faced her that is currently sleeping right now is a sight to behold.


“Hahaha—-“ Mo Qi Qi suddenly laughs out.


Jun Qian Che puts out his hand and caresses her face, murmuring, “Who can make you laugh in your dream?  Did you meet Seventh Imperial Uncle outside the field today?  What did he say to you?  Is he the person in your dream?”


There is a roasted duck in front of Mo Qi Qi in her dream.  She tries to grab onto it while saying, “Darling, I miss you to death!”  The moment her hand touches the roasted duck, the duck suddenly flies away.  Mo Qi Qi hastily chases after it: “Don’t go!  Don’t leave me!”


Hearing her faint mumbling, Jun Qian Che leans in to hear her better.  Mo Qi Qi suddenly wraps her arms around his neck while happily saying, “Finally got you!  You are mine!  I forbid you from leaving me!”


Hearing her, Jun Qian Che feels a burst of bitterness.  He puts out his hand, intending to wake her up.


Before he gets to do that, Mo Qi Qi suddenly purse her lips and peck him in the lips: “Come here, darling!  Let me kiss you first before eating you!”


In the dream, Mo Qi Qi hugs the roasted duck and gives it a kiss.  When it tries to struggle away from her, she holds it tighter and gives it another kiss.  Outside the dream, Mo Qi Qi is grabbing Jun Qian Che by the neck before pursing her lips to kiss him.


Jun Qian Che wants to push her away, but the force she uses is really big.  She forcibly pulls him towards her before locking their lips together.  He wants to use force but he is afraid he will hurt her.


Mo Qi Qi is relentless, she continues kissing him while mumbling: “Don’t leave me.  I want to eat you.”


The way her soft and sweet lips keeps kissing him makes his entire body heats up.  He outstretch his hand; originally wanting to wake her up, but that hand ends up stroking her soft hair instead.  He kisses her back.


That soft pair of lips gives him an indescribable amount of temptation; their kiss turns deeper.


The dreaming Mo Qi Qi smile; the roasted duck actually takes the initiative to plaster itself onto her lips; volunteering to be eaten.


Mo Qi Qi pokes out her tongue and licks the roasted duck; it taste good!  She opens her mouth, preparing to eat it; but just as she does that, she can feel something slipping into her mouth.


She secretly ponders: Did the roasted duck entered her mouth on it’s own?  If so then, hehe she will not be courteous!  She immediately bites into the duck with her teeth.


In the end, the pitiful Jun Qian Che frowns before pulling away.


The roasted duck in Mo Qi Qi’s dream suddenly disappears!  She waves around, searching for it in panic; “My delicious—- My delicious—–“


Her hands continues waving around, searching for the non-existent duck.


Seeing this, Jun Qian Che knocks her in the forehead.


“Ah!” Mo Qi Qi wakes up in shock while clutching her forehead.  She angrily sits up, “Who attacked me?”


Seeing the person in front of her, she looks at him in surprise: “Y-Your Majesty, what are you doing here?”


Jun Qian Che glares at her unnervingly, his eyes icy.


There is a great tremor in Mo Qi Qi’s heart: What is he doing here in the middle of the night?  Why is he glaring at people like that instead of sleeping?  Is he planning to shock people to death!


“Hehe, what’s wrong, Your Majesty?  Bad mood?”  she smiles charmingly as she looks at Jun Qian Che.  But then, upon spotting something at the corner of his lips, she stares at him in surprise.  “Your Majesty, your mouth is bleeding!  What happened?  Are you injured?”


Now that she pointed it out, a burst of pain can suddenly be felt inside his mouth.  Jun Qian Che frowns unhappily.


Mo Qi Qi can sense that something is wrong, she leans towards him: “Your Majesty, open your mouth and let chenqie have a look!”

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He only glowers at her in displeasure before opening his mouth.


Mo Qi Qi is startled: “Your Majesty, your tongue is wounded.  It’s bleeding!  Who did this! Eh, but your tongue is inside your own mouth, how did it get wounded?”  She suddenly smiles ambiguously while patting his chest nosily, “Did Yang Meimei bit you?  Hahaha!  Just take it easy!  No wonder your face is so bad tonight, you are upset!  Aiya!  Honesty, you shouldn’t blame Yang Meimei.  If you hadn’t poked your tongue into her mouth on the first place, she wouldn’t have had the chance to bite you!  All kinds of relationship needs a sentimental appeal; even though yours are a little too bloody, at least it’s special!  You cannot blame Yang Meimei!”


“Mo Qi Qi, why do you keep bringing up Shi Han everytime you opens your mouth?  Why are you pushing your own wrongdoing towards her?” Jun Qian Che snaps angrily.  There is that throbbing pain inside his mouth everytime he speaks.



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