Chapter 36: Bandaging The Tongue


Mo Qi Qi unhappily glares at him before she refutes him, “Your Majesty, you must not slander chenqieChenqie knows you don’t like chenqie; always trying to find excuses to make things hard for chenqie.  But these kind of things cannot be blamed on others!  I have always kept my distance from you; don’t say bite your tongue, even the chance to bite your lips—–“ she suddenly pauses before fiddling with her hair in embarrassment.  “Of course, that incident in the dragon pool was just an accident.  Who told you to force yourself on others?  But you must not blame me this time!  Clearly it was you and Yang Meimei who got out of control while being affectionate with each other, why are you putting the blame on me?”


“Blame?”  Jun Qian Che’s anger continues to intensift.


Mo Qi Qi continues complaining with a face full of grievance, “Correct, blame!  Chenqie was peacefully sleeping in my own chamber, but you sneaked into here and disrupt chenqie’s sweet dream!  I was dreaming about so many delicious delicacies!”  Mo Qi Qi appears dreamy as she recalls her dream, “That fragrant roasted duck was right within my palm.  I managed to get a taste of it’s meat when I bit into it——-“


Bit?  Mo Qi Qi stares at Jun Qian Che with bulged eyes.


He icily asks her, “Finally remembered everything?”


Mo Qi Qi finds this hard to believe, “Your Majesty, you— you must not scare me!  How could I bite your tongue?  Oh!  I knew it!  You must have took advantage of me while I was sleeping!  Huhu, how can a person be so despicable?  How hypocritical!  A ruler behaving like a small town thug!” Thinking about how he secretly kissed her, she wants to vomit.


“Preposterous!” Jun Qian Che angrily snaps.


Mo Qi Qi is shocked by his outburst.  She stares at him in grievance before murmuring, “Did chenqie said anything wrong?”


“You were the one who took the initiative to kiss zhen.”  Jun Qian Che points out.


Mo Qi Qi laughs in exaggeration, “I kissed you?  What a joke.  Do you think you could take advantage of me while I was sleeping and I wouldn’t know——-  Oh! Oh God!  Don’t tell me I mistook you as the roasted duck!”


Jun Qian Che’s face darkens.


“Hehe, Your Majesty, chenqie didn’t do it on purpose.  I didn’t know the roasted duck was you.  Calm down.  Calm down ah!  Why don’t you let chenqie bandage your tongue?  Eh, hehe, I don’t think tongue can be bandaged though.”


Mo Qi Qi feels like she is sitting in front of an iceberg.  So cold.  She uses her best ability and warmth to melt this iceberg, “Your Majesty, why don’t we call the imperial physician to give you ointment.”  After that, she replies to herself.  “I don’t think we can apply ointment either.  Seems like we can only let it heal on it’s own.  Will it swell tomorrow?  Will you have to go to the morning court with a swollen tongue?  Will the officials make fun of you? Ha ha ha——“


Mo Qi Qi imagines Jun Qian Che with a swollen tongue and is amused by her own imagination.


Jun Qian Che coldly threatens her, “You better pray zhen’s tongue wouldn’t end up the way you said it will.  Do you know what punishment will befall someone who purposely injures the emperor?” After he said that, he gets up and leaves.


Mo Qi Qi sits on her bed in frustration.  Huhu, Jun Qian Che that big bully!  Why did he came to her instead of sleeping on the first place?  If she had known this will happen, she would’ve bite his tongue off so he can no longer speaks.


“Ah!  He cannot sit still as long as I am still alive!”  Mo Qi Qi angrily bellowed.


Jun Qian Che who is outside the door smiles when he heard that.  That idiot, did she really think he will tell this matter to others?  He is still the emperor, he needs to care for his own image.

Seeing the emperor leaving, Ban Xiang anxiously runs inside, “Your Ladyship, why did the emperor leaves?  Did you two fought again?”


“I don’t have the mood to fight with him!  I want to go home!  Go home!” Mo Qi Qi angrily beats her own chest and stamp her feet.


The next day, Mo Qi Qi wakes up early and instructs Ban Xiang to assess the situation in the morning court.  She tells her to check the emperor’s condition.


Ban Xiang returns and tells her that the emperor is fine; the morning court goes on just like usual.


But Mo Qi Qi is still nervous; she is worried that Jun Qian Che’s condition will be discovered by his attendants during breakfast.  She personally make him porridge in Feng Yang Palace’s kitchen and send it over to him, wanting to gauge his mood.  Please don’t tell her he will really do what he said he will last night.


Jun Qian Che goes back to his Yu Jing Palace after the morning court and change his court robe into a regular robe.


Once the servants serve breakfast, Jun Qian Che sits in front of the table.


Eunuch Lin quickly motions at the dishes, “Your Majesty, these are your favorite meals.”


Jun Qian Che picks up a pair of chopstick and taste one of the dishes.  A piercing pain can suddenly be felt in his tongue; he frowns.

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Seeing that, Eunuch Lin anxiously asks, “Your Majesty, is it not up to your taste?”


Jun Qian Che simply says, “No.  Zhen is not hungry.”

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“The empress arrives!” An announcement comes from outside.


Eunuch Lin is very surprised, “Why did the empress come?”


As he said that, Mo Qi Qi already walks into the hall while carrying a tray.  When she arrives in front of Jun Qian Che, she curtseys as she speaks with a tender voice, “Chenqie greets Your Majesty.”




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