Chapter 14 – No, Qing Yan Is Unwilling!

As Madam Huan spoke, she had already begun to clean Huan Qing Yan’s hands and face.

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The Ninth Prince had already approached her, the deep affections in his eyes seemed like it could drown Huan Qing Yan. As he reached her, he lifted her tiny hand and said, “Qing Yan, come.”

Huan Qing Yan had wanted to reject him firmly, however, the smiling Madan Huan had already began to kindly push her, allowing the Ninth Prince to pull as he lifted her hand.
(Cuppa: Madam Huan is strong! Having enough strength to push over a hundred kilos with a smile.)

When the prince touched her though, the reincarnated girl within her body seemed to have turned into a massive flood of energy, the grudge nearly running amok and Huan Qing Yan barely managed to contain it…

Within an instant, she was brought to the emperor’s table by the Ninth Prince.

When the elegant and graceful Ninth Prince, who was glowing radiantly, stood beside Huan Qing Yan, who possess a round and smooth, pearl-like body that was so fat that her waist and facial features could nearly not be seen, it created an extremely powerful contrast. Anyone who had a pair of functioning eyes, would be blinded immediately upon seeing this scene…

Some people began to whisper to each other, “Is the royal family and the Huan Family establishing a marriage alliance? The taste of the royal family is truly heavy; looks aside, she is also just an ordinary person and not a Spirit Master…”

“So? As long as it could allow Huan Bei Ming to remain loyal towards the royal family, marrying the Young Mistress of the Huan Family and supporting her is also a good deal. The Ninth Prince is a giant among men who became a Six-Star Spirit Master at twenty. If he could eat large amounts of food rich in spiritual energy, he will have an immeasurable future.”

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“How about their descendants? If the wife is an ordinary person, then their offspring will likely be an ordinary person too. Isn’t that repeating the footsteps of Third Prince?”

“Your thinking is linear beyond measure, which prince doesn’t have a few concubines? What’s more, with how fat that Young Mistress Huan is, it is unlikely that they will have many descendants…”



The emperor coughed at a timely moment, causing the sound of discussions to quieten down.

The reason why some dared to continue their discussion was because not every guest sitting here belonged to the Hanging Cloud Empire.

Powers such as the Five Great Empires and the Eight Great Clans existed within the Spirit Treasure Continent.

Hanging Cloud Empire was only one of the Five Great Empires. Although the people of Hanging Cloud Empire stopped their discussion to respect their emperor, the guests from the other powers were free to do as they pleased.

Seeing that it had quietened down, the emperor smiled as he looked at the Ninth Prince and Huan Qing Yan standing in front of him, he delightfully said, “Qing Yan, I have watched you grow up since you were little, yet I did not expect that within a blink of an eye, you have become so beautiful and intelligent…”

Hello, Old Uncle. aren’t you being overly untrue to your real feelings?

Calling her beautiful when she was 150 kilos, please do not ruin the word called ‘beautiful’, thank you!

Although Huan Qing Yan admitted that she was super thick-skinned, but she could never say such words that were so different from her real feelings.

She was standing there, thinking about how to refuse the royal family without offending them on one side while fighting the massive flood of energy within her body on the other…

“Hey, calm down. Relax and let me handle this situation.”

Just as Huan Qing Yan was prepared to say something to prevent the emperor from continuing, the massive energy exploded and she discovered that she had lost control over her body.

Crap! Didn’t they agree to listen to her, where’s the trust?!

Of all times, it must happen at the most crucial moment, impulsiveness was a devil!

She heard the emperor continuing, “Ninth is also one of my favorite sons, the two of you seem to be a very good match. Therefore, I would like to use this joyous occasion to confirm your marriage. Since Qing Yan is still young, we will just have an engagement. After a few years when Qing Yan reaches eighteen years of age, the two of you will get married. Are the two of you willing?”

“No, Qing Yan is unwilling!” the voice was loud and clear, the reincarnated girl had literally just slapped the emperor’s face.

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