Volume 1, Chapter 35: Before the Banquet


The morning court ends with Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian’s skillful ways.  After returning to the palace, Yu Jian wipes the sweat on his forehead before sighing out in relief, “How did I do, imperial sister?”


“You did really well.  Yu Jian must know this, even though they are dissatisfied with you and cannot wait for you to die, none of them has the qualification to openly refute you.  Other than grandfather, you are the person with the most authority in Nan Lou Kingdom.”


Yu Jian nods, ever since he gave the tiger seal to Hua Man Xi, he starts to understands things a little more.  In the matter of ten days, his way of thinking ages by a couple of years.


“So you don’t have to speak softly in front of anyone.  Even if they covets the throne, as long as they didn’t get it yet, they all still have to obediently lie underneath your feet.”


“I understand, imperial sister.”  Yu Jian’s body language suddenly change; everything that happens today restore his confidence.


Murong Cang nods in satisfaction.  “Yatou, the best thing grandfather has done in this lifetime is handing Yu Jian over to you.”


“Don’t worry, grandfather.  Even though we cannot speeds up ageing, we can speeds up maturity.”  Yun Qian Yu tells him all these so he can leave in peace once the time comes.


“Correct!”  Murong Cang smiles in delight; his heart is clearly put to rest.  Gong Sang Mo can go to war when he was only ten and can take charge of everything when he was only twelve.  His grandson lacks nothing, he can do it too!


Jiejie, we offended them today.  Will they——— on the banquet tonight…..”  Yu Jian raise his brows in worry.  He sent Murong Bing to the government office on the way back to the palace.  It was a direct attack to Rui Qinwang’s face.  He didn’t know it back in the morning court but as soon as the court dispersed, he should have gotten the news.  He must be really upset.  Yu Jian is worried he might make things hard for his imperial sister.


“Will they find excuses to not participate?”  Yun Qian Yu looks at Yu Jian who couldn’t find it in him to continue his sentence.


Yu Jian nods.


“So Yu Jian think they wouldn’t come tonight?”  Yun Qian Yu asks as she looks at the frowning Yu Jian.


Yu Jian looks at Murong Cang before looking back to Yun Qian Yu.  He hesitates a bit before speaking, “I think they will come.  After all, they didn’t have good results the last time they tried to fake excuses.”


Murong Cang looks at Yu Jian in surprise; his way of thinking has indeed changed.


“Then, what are you worried of?” Yun Qian Yu continues asking him.

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“What if they try to make things hard on imperial sister during the banquet?” Yu Jian finally admits the concern he has.


Remembering what Gong Sang Mo told her, Yun Qian Yu simply says, “They will not spare me even if we didn’t offend them earlier.”


“Ah?”  Yu Jian ponders for a while before lowering his head dejectedly.  His head perks back up moments after.  His movements definitely didn’t miss Murong Cang and Yun Qian Yu’s eyes.  He has learned to control his emotion, Murong Cang is very pleased.


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“Imperial sister, I will protect you!” Murong Yu Jian suddenly exclaimed; he looked like an adult in a boy’s body.


“Alright, imperial sister will wait for Yu Jian to protect me!”


After gathering for a while. Murong Cang leaves; he still has a lot of things he needs to do.  There must be a lot of people waiting for him in the Imperial Study because of the examination.


Yun Qian Yu instructs Feng Ran to send Yu Jian back to his palace.  She, on the other hand, sits cross-legged to cultivate.  She has just recuperated when she has a breakthrough in Zi Yu Zhen Jing.  She must properly familiarize herself with the changes so she can freely control the poison in her body.  The Xiao Yan poison she consumed unexpectedly helps her to cultivate.


Chen Xiang, Yu Nuo, Ying Yu and Man Er splits the work to grasp everything within and outside their palace.  They recheck everything to put their heart at ease.


That one incident scared them senseless!  If the Seven Elders of Yun Valley finds out, they are so going to get a good round of scolding!


Hong Su is particularly careful.  Nobody is allowed to get near her when she is cooking Yun Qian Yu’s meals.  Foods will be tested for poison, even theirs’ will be tested.  As for Yun Qian Yu’s meals, it will undergo another set of test from Feng Ran before she gets to eat.


Feng Ran is most familiar with poison; no one can trick him when it comes it.  He was too negligent back then; he didn’t think someone would be brave enough to act against her right in front of Yun Valley’s people.


With him over there, Hong Su is relieved.  After all, she is more acquainted with delicacies, not poison.  She has made up her mind to learn the art of poison from Feng Ran, just to be safe.


As for Yu Jian over there, Feng Ran has done according to Yun Qian Yu’s instruction.  He has sent a Yun Valley’s guard that is an expert in poison to protect him.


Yun Qian Yu cultivates until night.  She only stops when the banquet is about to start.  Murong Cang has already sent people to send her the official clothes of Hu Guo Princess.  After bathing for a while, she allows Chen Xiang to put it on her.


Nan Lou Kingdom’s dragon robe is made of black silk embroidered with golden threads; so the rest of the imperial clothing are of the color black.


The banquet tonight will be Yun Qian Y’s first meeting with the ministers and their family members.  The dress she wears today will be the dress she will wear to court in the future.  The dress is black and is made of the same material as the emperor and Yu Jian’s robe, the ‘imperial silk’.   Only the imperial family can wear the ‘imperial silk’ and in Nan Lou Kingdom, only the emperor, empress and crown prince can wear them.


Yun Qian Yu inspects it for a moment, the corner of her lips curling.  How ostentatious ah!


The collar, the sleeves and the belt are embroidered with peony made of golden threads.  The skirt on the other hand is embroidered with a colorful phoenix with twelve tails.  Seeing the phoenix headgear she is to wear, she smirks even more.   It is a golden phoenix with twelve tails.  Each of it’s feathers is inlaid with a thumb-sized green gem, each of them glistening like water.  There is a pearl inside the phoenix’s beak.  This headgear is even more ostentatious than an empress’ headgear.


Yun Qian Yu who has always been indifferent cannot help from frowning.  This phoenix headgear will be worn with a lot of other hair accessories.  She has always been lazy to even put on a silver hairpin, wearing all these isn’t appealing to her.  If this hasn’t been necessary, she would have refuse to put it on.


Chen Xiang and the rest naturally knows her problem.  They look at Yun Qian Yu; what will she do about this?


Yun Qian Yu ponders for a while before getting up to change clothes.  After she finished changing, she sits in front of the mirror and beckon Yu Nuo, “Give me a hairstyle similar to Xian Wang.”


Yu Nuo is stunned, “Mistress, that is a man’s hairstyle.”


“It doesn’t have to be exactly the same.  Tie my hair here and here.  And then, tie them together before adding one more braid on each side of my head.”


Hearing the instruction, Yu Nuo’s eyes twinkles.  That kind of hairstyle isn’t the same as men’s.  Simple and neat.  The most important thing is, it also gives out a dignified and outstanding air.


But then, how do they put on the phoenix headgear?  Yu Nuo looks at the twinkling head gear in worry.


Yun Qian Yu looks like she has thought this through, “You do that for me first.  I will show you how to put that on, later.”


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