Volume 1, Chapter 34: The Majestic Yu Jian

Yun Qian Yu curtseys in front of Murong Cang.  Murong Cang waves his hand, allowing her to stand straight.  She holds the edict as she looks at the people below the jade steps.


“Grand Scholar Lu, can you help bengong explain the meaning of edict.”  Yun Qian Yu very quickly gets into character.  They don’t want her to become Hu Guo Princess?  She insist to use the word ‘bengong’ to address herself in front of them!


Lu Zi Hao readily steps forward, bowing before he says, “This official can.”


Yun Qian Yu nods calmly, “Bengong will have to trouble you then.”


Li Zi Hao’s clear voice pierces through the hall.  “A decree is the symbol of the emperor’s authority.  Decrees are usually issued to reward meritorious officials or conferring titles to individuals.  Jade axles are for first-grade, black rhinoceros horn for second grade, gold for third grade while black ox’s horns for fourth and fifth grade.  The richer the color of the edict, the more meritorious the officials are.”  The more he speaks, the more interested he sounds.  In the end, his eyes fall on the edict in Yun Qian Yu’s hands.


“The edict in Hu Guo Princess’ hands is made of first-grade’s jade.  The material is made of fine silk.  There is a silver dragon at the edge of the edict; this is considered the highest ranked edict in Nan Lou Kingdom.”


“Thanking Grand Scholar Lu for sharing that knowledge with us.”


“It is this official’s responsibility.” Lu Zi Hao smiles lightly before retreating back to his spot.


Yun Qian Yu look at the people below her, “Any of you here still not understanding the meaning of edict?”


There is a complete silence below, whoever dares to say anything are asking for death.


“What is the punishment for protesting imperial edicts?”  What she said makes the forehead of the ministers sweaty.


In the end, one person steps out.  “We are not protesting the edict, we are only objecting to women getting involved in politics.”


Yun Qian Yu turns to Yu Jian next to her, “Yu Jian, who is he?”


Yu Jian’s face is cold, “Minister of Military Affairs, Gu Zhen Yu.”


“Oh, so it is Official Gu.  Official Gu looks down on women so much; are his mother, wives and daughters not women?” Yun Qian Yu pretends to whisper wonderingly to Yu Jian, but purposely let everyone hear.

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That sentence makes it really hard for Yu Jian to maintain his composure.  Official Gu’s face turns livid while the reaction of the other ministers varies.


“Then can bengong ask Official Gu what is in the decree?”  Yun Qian Yu’s voice is raised a little.


“Of course it is about conferring Hu Guo Princess and making Hu Gu Princess the regent!”  Gu Zhen Yu looks like he is taking to an idiot.


“Then what are you objecting about?”


Gu Zhen Yu purses his lips, realizing that he has been trapped by Yun Qian Yu.  Whatever his answers are will sound wrong because he is objecting to everything that is inside the decree; in a hindsight, he is the disgraced one protesting the decree.


While thinking it through, his old face turns red one moment and then, pale the next.  He has been the Minister of Military Affairs for ten years, this is the first time he is so embarrassed.  All that over a couple of words from the little girl in front of him.


The hall suddenly quiets down.


Yun Qian Yu looks at the ministers in front before softly speaking, “Even if all of you are not satisfied, this is not the right time to be protesting.  Wait until I fail to properly do my duty as the regent in the future; that will be the right time to protest.  You will have better chances of succeeding by then.  Doing it today is not a good idea.”


Murong Cang wants to laugh.  This black-bellied girl; she not only reproached them, she even gives them a good slap in the face.


“A ruler must not play with words, since the decree has been announced, the imperial grandson and Hu Guo Princess can stay to participate in the morning court.”  Murong Cang speaks at the right time.


The ministers exchange looks but none of them dares to object.  Even Official Gu quietly returns to his own place.


Murong Cang waves his hand and continues to issue another decree.  The decree is about the examination that is bring forward to this year.  The literary exam will be examined by Grand Tutor Jiang while the deputy examiner will be Grand Scholar Lu.  The examiner for martial arts test on the other hand will be Xian Wang while the deputy examiner, Duke Rong.  Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Military Affairs will help from the sideline.


The ministers have been protesting about bringing forward the exam for the past ten days. The fact that it is only open for the children of common families fuels their disapproval.   Doesn’t that mean that their sons and grandsons at home will have to wait for another three years?  But now, since the emperor has issued his edict, seems like the exam this time is imperative.


Rui Qinwang’s faction suffers defeat after defeat.  This is something that hasn’t happened in years.  They secretly glance at Rui Qinwang who has been quiet from the very beginning.  The people who follows him are quiet as well.


Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian calmly stands next to Murong Cang, her indifferent look a panoramic view to the ministers.


The Minister of Military Affair, Gu Zhen Yu steps out again, “Your Majesty, the Hu Wei Camp outside the capital has been leaderless for ten days.  Hu Wei Camp is in charge of keeping the peace in the imperial city, if this goes on, it might put the imperial city in jeopardy.”


Murong Cang glances at Gu Zhen Yu, “Zhen has given the tiger seal for Yu Jian to handle.”


“Your Majesty, the imperial grandson is so young, how can he handle such an important matter?”  This time, Gu Zhen Yu isn’t the only who objects; a lot of other ministers protest along with him.


Murong Yu Jian looks at Yun Qian Yu.  She nods back at him.  He steps forward and speaks in an imposing tone, “Preposterous!”


The ministers all got into an instant silence.  They froze as they look at the furious Yu Jian.


Yu Jian outstretch his hand and points at them one by one, even Rui Qinwang.  “Whose land is this?  Who is the ruler?  And who are the subjects?”  Even though his voice still sounds child-like, the imposing air from him is enough.


The hearts of the ministers shake; why is the imperial grandson asking such a dangerous question?


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“This land belongs to imperial grandfather and in the future, it will be mine.  Who gave all of you the right to protest imperial grandfather’s decision?  All of you receives high wage from grandfather each year and what did any of you do for him in return?”  Yu Jian’s back is straight, like a rod.  The youthfulness in his eyes is replaced by steel will.  “All your energies are spent protesting against imperial grandfather, don’t any of you feel guilty every time you receive your wage?”


Some of the ministers are lowering their heads; Yu Jian feels a little satisfied.  “All of you don’t even know the ways of a ruler and his subjects, do you need to learn everything from the start?”


After he said that, the ministers thinks that he is a little too much.  The imperial grandson did not give them any face at all.


“Your Highness, we didn’t……”


Yu Jian does not give him the chance to speak, “Be quiet!  Imperial grandfather’s health isn’t good, I do not wish to see him ill again because of all your stupidities!  By the way, the military belongs to my family, do I need to ask for your consent when doing something for my family?  Do any of you have the qualification to?”


After saying that, Murong Yu Jian turns to Murong Cang, saying, “Imperial grandfather, I have given the tiger seal to Duke Rong’s shizi.  He should by reorganizing the Hu Wei Camp by now.”


The people who hears him gasp, the imperial grandson actually handed over Hu Wei Camp to Duke Rong’s shizi who has never hold any power in military before!  The people from Rui Qinwang’s factions are especially worried.  All eyes falls on the reserved Duke Rong.  He continues standing there calmly, not at all affected by the eyes showered on him.  After looking at Rui Qinwang who is also composed, the crowd settles down.


Murong Cang looks at Yu Jian in relief.  It has only been ten days yet Yu Jian has already changed that much.  He knows this is Yun Qian Yu’s hard work.  He also knows that the way Yu Jian acts today was taught by Yun Qian Yu to impose on the ministers.  But even so, such a composed Yu Jian is so rare!  Besides, Yu Jian imposingness is equal to Yun Qian Yu’s imposingness.  To be able to teach a ten year old to act like that, it speaks a lot about her.


“Yu Jian did well!  Imperial grandfather is relieved now.”


Yu Jian gives Murong Cang a smile, “Do not worry, imperial grandfather.  Yu Jian is big now, Yu Jian knows the thing that needed to be done.”


“Good!  Good!”  From the way he speaks, people can see how happy Murong Cang is.  He looks at Yun Qian Yu while nodding his head, “Qian Yu yatou is capable.  You taught him well.”


“Grandfather, this is Qian Yu’s responsibility.  Besides, Yu Jian is really smart, he learns fast.”  Yun Qian Yu speaks like a light breeze.


The ministers are shocked.  So she has been teaching him from the very beginning?  All these discoveries after discoveries make them really discontent.


Rui Qinwang’s eyes darken as he fists his hands.  His eyes maliciously look at Yun Qian Yu, his lip curling for reasons unknown.




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