Volume 1, Chapter 33: Conferring


Yu Jian motions at Yun Qian Yu, asking if she wants him to handle this.  Yun Qian Yu shakes her head, a Situ Han Yu is not something Yu Jian should personally act on.


Chen Xiang gets down from the carriage behind them and steps in front of Situ Han Yu, “Miss Situ, my mistress is the only child, she has no siblings.  Besides, you will be sixteen this year while my mistress has only turned fifteen.  Calling her ‘jiejie’ is a little inappropriate.”


Situ Han Yu stiffens, she was just trying to be courteous.  Yun Qian Yu was supposed to be her future sister-in-law, so she somehow has forgotten that Yun Qian Yu is younger than her.


She quickly recovers her composure, “Oh, I know Qian Yu must have resented Situ Clan because my brother divorced—-  no, I mean, broke their marriage agreement……”

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Chen Xiang cuts her off without waiting for her to finish, “Miss Situ has to speak with caution, Feng Yun manor is not worthy of my mistress’ resentment.  My mistress is not that idle.  Besides, Yun Valley sent Feng Yun manor one million liang of silver every year for three years only for Lord Situ to go around conducting immorality with Miss Bai and impregnated a maid.  My mistress not only didn’t blame them for their immorality, she even gave them their blessing.  That was my mistress being generous.  Besides, this irresponsible man is not worthy of the owner of Yun Valley.  I think it is better if Miss Situ think twice before speaking.”  Chen Xiang mercilessly digs out all the dirt from Feng Yun Manor for everyone to see.


Situ Han Yi’s face turns white and then turns green.  He Xiang who is standing behind Bai Fei Xu is so embarrassed her head might as well be retracted to her chest.


Bai Fei Xu can sense the eyes full of disdain that are directed her way; she is really scared.  She had the guts to do what she did in Feng Yun Manor because she was confident she can marry Situ Han Yi.  But now, Father stays at home to mourn.  Her grandmother is dead so she needs to wait for three years before she can marry.  She is now sixteen and three years from now, she will be nineteen, an old maiden.  Situ Han Yi may not necessarily keep his promise.  Her reputation is now ruined by the act that was stirred by Situ Han Yu, what will she do?


Situ Han Yu didn’t think that Yun Qian Yu wouldn’t give her face like this.  She didn’t even show her face and allows this little maid to embarrass her.  But what does she means about Yun Valley sending Feng Yun Manor one million liang of silver each year?  So all those silvers that Feng Yun Manor spent came from Yun Valley?  What will happen to them then?  She spends a lot of money each year.


Situ Han Yi will definitely not tell this embarrassing thing to his sister, but it ends up being exposed in front of so many people in broad daylight.  So embarrassing.


He quickly pulls Situ Han Yu’s sleeves and whispers to her, “What are you waiting for?  Let’s go!  Aren’t you embarrassed enough?”


He flings his sleeves before walking away, starting to hate Yun Qian Yu even more.  He did not expect she will become the Hu Guo Princess.  His coming to the capital this time is to assist Rui Qinwang.  Seems like he and Yun Qian Yu are destined to clash heads.


The people who are there to watch the show whispers amongst themelves.  Bai Fei Xu grabs Situ Han Yu before walking away with her head hung low.  With them leaving in that manner, the people in the capital gets a new sensational news.  The matter involving Hu Guo Princess and Feng Yun Manor spreads like a wildfire.  Bai Fei Xu’s name takes a deep plunge, she even ends up implicating the rest of the unmarried maidens from Bai Clan.  Her position in the Bai Manor is now lower than even the concubines’ daughters.


Chen Xiang snorts coldly before instructing the coachman to continue the journey.  She walks back to the carriage at the back.


Not far away, inside the second-storey of a restaurant, a man in black robes stands near the window with his hands tucked behind him.  There is a trace of smile on his lips.


They cannot be underestimated.  Even her maid is that eloquent, crafty and treacherous.  The matter is solved without the mistress even needing to show her face.


He turns around and speaks to the people beside him, “If only all of you are like that, I will no longer have to worry.”


A number of his subordinates look at each other, puzzled.


He waves his hand, saying, “Stop guessing, prepare everything.  We will participate in tonight’s banquet.”


His subordinates froze.  Didn’t he said he wouldn’t participate in the banquet?  Didn’t he said they need to investigate some more before showing his face?  Why is he changing his mind so fast?


“Master, this——“


The man in black robes waves off his hand again, “Stop wavering.  I just want to have a look.  Once Xiang Luo is here, I will not be able to play.”


“Ah?”  The subordinates’ heads becomes even more muddled.  But they have the wisdom to ask no more, immediately preparing everything to enter the palace tonight.


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Yun Qian Yu on the other hand couldn’t care less about the fuss on the street, all she thinks about is the morning court.


Just like what she expected, the morning court is a mess today.  This is the first time the ministers are so active.  The reason is only one, Murong Cang ordered Li Jin Tian to read the decree conferring Yun Qian Yu as Hu Guo Princess.


Li Jin Tian’s unique voice reads out the decree.


Zhen has a lucky encounter with a peerlessly talented maiden, late in zhen’s life.  Though we have no blood-ties, zhen is closer to her than blood-related granddaughters.  Today, zhen will confer Yun Qian Yu as Hu Guo Princess.  The imperial grandson, Murong Yu Jian is young.  In zhen’s later years, it will be up to Hu Guo Princess to guide the new emperor until he is of eighteen years of age.  Qinci!”


(TN: Qinci marks the end of an imperial decree.)


“Please think thrice, Your Majesty!”


“This must not happen, Your Majesty!”  Everyone within the hall kneels, especially those from Rui Qinwang’s faction.  This cannot be ah!  They only knew that the emperor plans to confer Hu Guo Princess today, they didn’t expect she will be the one to guide Murong Yu Jian once he becomes the emperor.  What does that make Rui Qinwang?


“Your Majesty can make Yun Qian Yu a princess if you’d like, but she must never get involved in national affairs!”


“Your Majesty, there has been no female regent ever since Nan Lou Kingdom was established 130 years ago.  If Your Majesty is worried about the imperial grandson, there is Rui Qinwang and the other ministers here.  There are many ministers who can help him in the future.”


“Your Majesty, is this an insult to a bunch of grown men?”


A slender and frail silhouette slowly enters the hall amidst the ministers’ pleading.  Murong Yu Jian, the ten year old imperial grandson is walking next to her.


The noisy hall suddenly turns quiet, all eyes falling on the person who has just entered.


Yun Qian Yu is wearing a simple blue dress, but those with good eyes can tell that the cloth used to make the dress is the Tian Yun brocade that costs 1000 jin per zhang.  Even the yarn covering the dress is the rare Xue Si yarn.  Even though she isn’t wearing jewelries, the dress alone is enough to tell her identity.


Looking up, all the ministers are secretly stunned.  Those indifferent pair of eyes are calm like water as it twinkles like gems.  Her eyelashes are long, like the wings of a butterfly while her forehead is fair and dewy.  She has a long nose and red lips while her chin is round.  Her appearance is so exquisite that it is as though she receives the affection of the gods.


She is clearly young yet she gives off this indescribable air.  That calm and indifferent look from her makes them feel as though she does not care about their objection.  To put it bluntly, it is as though she didn’t put them in her eyes.


“Yu Jian, today imperial sister will give you your first lesson.”  Her voice is gentle like water.


Yu Jian’s eyes suddenly glimmers as he looks at her in admiration.  Traces of embarrassment and displeasure appears on the ignored ministers’ faces.


Yun Qian Yu slowly walk past the ministers and walks up the jade steps.  She takes the decree from Li Jin Tian’s hands and stand next to Murong Cang with Yu Jian.


“The emperor’s authority is indisputable.”  Her voice is still as gentle as ever, but it brings shock to the hearts of the people.  The ministers’ heart shakes as they secretly glances at the man sitting on the dragon seat.


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