Volume 1, Chapter 32: Insensible



Yu Jian packs up all of his belongings when he heard the news.  When Yun Qian Yu goes to pick him up, there are only four boys left by his side.  Where the other sixteen went to, she didn’t ask.


Seeing the boys that are by his side, Yun Qian Yu smiles, comforted.  The boy is a fast learner.


Seeing the smile on Yun Qian Yu’s face, Yu Jian knows that the people he chose to stay by his side are the right ones.  “Imperial sister, are we returning to the palace?”


Yun Qian Yu nods, “Jiejie has never seen the morning court.  Why don’t Yu Jian take Jiejie there to see?”


Yu Jian’s face is perfectly exquisite, he seem like he has grown a lot in the past ten days.  He looks steady and calm, and his eyes are a lot clearer.


The two heads over to the old wangye’s courtyard to bid him goodbye.  The old wangye stroke his beard, looking reluctant to let them leave, “Yun yatou, you haven’t play chess with me.”


“Qian Yu will definitely come another day to play chess with Grandfather Gong.”  She knows the old wangye loves to play chess.  Other than their first meeting and that lunch together, this is the only other time she meets him.  It is pretty discourteous on her part.


“Alright.  You promised me.  I will be waiting for Yun yatou here!”

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After bidding their farewell, Yun Shan leads the two siblings to the gate of the manor.  Gong Sang Mo waits for them midway.  His long body is upright, like jade; light like the wind.  His sleeves billows and from afar, he looks like the painting of a celestial.  Yun Qian Yu’s heart suddenly jumps.  She frowns, clutching her chest lightly.


Seeing Gong Sang Mo’s silhouette, Yu Jian’s good-looking face scrunches up.  He already asked someone else; peach blossom blooming means liking someone romantically.


Yu Jian has always been exceptionally intelligent.  The entire kingdom knows that Gong Sang Mo is a clean freak, but he seem to have no reservation when it comes to Yun Qian Yu.  He understands that the older brother Sang Mo that he admires likes his Qian Yu jiejie, but he too likes Qian Yu jiejie ah!  He still has to marry Qian Yu jiejie and makes her his empress once he grows up.  He feels very conflicted inside.  While both of the imperial siblings are busy with their own thoughts, they arrive in front of Gong Sang Mo.


“You are not going to the morning court?”  Yun Qian Yu asked.


“Not interested.”  Gong Sang Mo frankly replied.


“We will leave first.”


“En, see you in the banquet.”


“Alright.”  They are ten steps away from the gate.  Yun Qian Yu turns around and walks away.


“Qian Yu!” Gong Sang Mo suddenly calls her name.


“En.”  She turns around to look at him.


“Yun Clan’s people are here.”


Yun Qian Yu frowns before lightly saying, “I see, thank you.”


Gong Sang Mo watches as the blue silhouette walks away.  He stares at the gate for a long time; only when Yun Shan breaks him off his daze did he finally turn around to walk back to Qian Yu Pavillion.


Inside the study in Qian Yu Pavillion, Gong Sang Mo looks at the spot that Yun Qian Yu always sat at during her ten days here.  His phoenix eyes are warm and gentle like water.  Nobody knows what he is thinking of when a smile is formed on his face.


San Qiu who is by his side, trembles.  What is wrong with his wangye?  Is he possessed?


Yun Qian Yu is currently sitting on the carriage that was sent by Murong Cang.  There is the symbol of the imperial clan on the carriage.  Everyone who sees it knows that the carriage comes from the palace so they all make way.


However, not everyone is that sensible.  When their carriage is blocked, Yun Qian Yu sits quietly in her place as though saying: Yu Jian, handle it yourself.


Yu Jian glance at Qian Yu before asking the people outside, “What happened?”  He is starting to sound a lot like what the imperial grandson should sound like.


The coachman outside quickly replies him, “Answering Your Highness, the Second Miss of Rui Qinwang’s manor is blocking our carriage.”


“What is the point of keeping you all?  Can people simply block the carriage of this prince?  Has the imperial city changed owner?” Yu Jian didn’t hold back when he reproach the coachman.


Yun Qian Yu nods.  She didn’t teach him in vain.  He finally knows how to use his identity.


Murong Bing’s disdainful voice can be heard from outside, “Yu Jian didi, jiejie only wants to see the famed Hu Guo Princess, why are you throwing such a big tantrum?”


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(TN: Didi is the way older siblings call their younger brother.)


Yu Jian push away the door and walk out of the carriage, his hands tucked behind him, “What is your identity?  Is this prince’s name something you can simply say?  Even Rui Qinwang has to address this prince as ‘the imperial grandson’ everytime he meets me.  Who allows you to block this prince’s carriage and calls me by my name?”


Murong Bing froze for a while.  She didn’t think the little thing that she always bullied will be so capable today, he even talked back to her.


She was already upset that the Hu Guo Princess gets to live in Xian Wang Manor and now, even this little brat whom her fuwang couldn’t care less dares to scold her!  Once her fuwang’s big plan comes into fruition, she will become a real imperial princess.  By then, this little brat will be going somewhere else to reincarnate, why should she be afraid of him?


(TN: fuwang is the way king’s (wang) children calls them.)


“Aiya, are you disowning your own relatives?  Yu Jian, have you forgotten what your surname is?  Do you not remember who your real sister is?”


Yu Jian laughs icily.  He waves his hand and two guards immediately comes from the carriage behind them.  He takes a medallion hanging from his waist and gives it to one of the guard.  “Escort her to the government office.  The Second Miss of Rui Qinwang’s manor dares to block this prince’s carriage and calls this prince by his name.  She did not repent and dares to accuse this prince of disowning relatives.”


“You dare?  My fuwang will not let go of you!”  Murong Bing panics upon realizing that Yu Jian is being real.  She still has to participate in tonight’s banquet; Xian Wang will definitely be there!


“Add another offense; intimidating people.”  Murong Yu Jian’s little face is expressionless.  The guards immediately pick up Murong Bing and quickly escort her to the capital’s government office.”


Their carriage is parked in front of the famous Yin Ji Yu Qi Xing’s entrance.  Yu Jian sweeps his eyes on the gathering people before turning around to reenter the carriage.  At that moment, Yun Qian Yu sees three people standing at the entrance of Yin Ji Yu Ji Xing; two of them being someone she has not seen for a while, Situ Han Yi and Bai Fei Xu.  The other one is Situ Han Yu, Situ Han Yi biological sister whom Yun Qian Yu has only seen once during her three year stay in Feng Yun Manor.  Behind Bai Fei Xu is the pale and frail Xiang He.  It is clear she couldn’t properly recuperate after aborting her baby.


Naturally, the three people too see Yun Qian Yu.  They cannot help themselves from frowning.  Bai Fei Xu is wearing an entire set of white clothes, she must have returned to the capital to mourn for her late grandmother.


Seeing the discontent look on her face, it appears that the grand matriarch’s death this time puts a stumbling block on her plan.  She cannot marry anyone for three years.  She is not sure whether or not Situ Han Yi can wait for her for three years, it is only natural that she is upset.


Situ Han Yu is wearing a pink dress, charming and attractive.  She also has a superior appearance and an elegant bearing, she attracted quite a lot of eyes.


She froze when she sees Yun Qian Yu inside the carriage.  Something flashes in her eyes before she steps forward and asks in a gentle tone, “Qian Yu jiejie is inside this carriage?”


Yun Qian Yu shakes her head, there are so many insensible people here!



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