Chapter 11 – The Adopted Daughter, Huan Meng Yue

She turned her head and told Huan Qing Yan, “Little Yan, your father had spent lots of effort to arrange this marriage for you. Do you know how many people are eyeing our family’s soup recipe? The amount of people offering marriage proposals are over the charts, yet all of them have a hidden agenda. You may have been manipulated by someone without you knowing it. Lord Ninth Prince is a person of good character, there’s no need for you to be picky.”

Huan Qing Yan wanted to speak more but Madam Huan did not relent, she thought that the young lady before her was just being willful. She also gave instructions to investigate who the person that was secretly manipulating Huan Qing Yan was…

Over the years, despite Huan Qing Yan looking like she did, she had a very reliable father! She was even more unconcerned than the imperial princesses of the empire about securing a marriage. The young masters of the various powers have all blew their minds while finding ways to get her attention. Some even used filthy methods, such as getting the servants to pass her items like love potions and more.

Huan Qing Yan rested her thoughts and gloomily ate a meal with her papa and mama within Happiness Joy Courtyard.

Since her mood was not good, her appetite was affected. She felt full after eating about seven to eight bowls of rice and ten dishes.

She quickly returned to Tender Face Chamber.

After thinking here and pondering there, she still could not think of a solution.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan decided to adopt the spirit of Ah Q*: When we get to the mountain, there will be a way through; When the boat will naturally straighten when it reached the pier head; There will definitely be a method!

(Cuppa: An antihero of a Chinese novel writer, the protagonist always adopt a self-comforting spirit when faced with problems.)

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Damm*t, let’s see how it goes when the time comes. If push comes to shove, she would just disobey the imperial order. With Huan Bei Ming as her guardian god, she would not believe that the emperor would order her execution!


The second day.

Within the Huan Earl’s Mansion, many people were coming and going as they decorate the place with lanterns and colored banners. Today was the annual day where imperial chefs would reveal their new creations to the public!

Every year during this time, the Huan Mansion would be lively beyond words.

The Huan Family has a thousand-year-old pot of soup*. After being enhanced by Imperial Chef Huan Bei Ming, it could not only produce food containing spirit energy but also food that could boost the stamina attribute. To put it simply, it was extremely awesome!

(Cuppa: Some Chinese cuisine, especially braised food, will maintain the cooking pot under low heat every day without stopping. Ingredients and sauce/water would be added to what was consumed without the need to cook the whole dish again. This method was used to ensure the consistent flavor of the dish as well as enhancing it over time. It was said that the longer the pot had cooked, the more delicious it would be, so imagine if it was cooked for a thousand years… Nowadays, it was hard to find restaurants who still use this method because of the large amount of attention and work required to maintain it, as well as concerns about hygiene but if you ever do, I would strongly suggest trying out that dish if you are fine with the cooking method.)

Within Hanging Cloud Empire, from the emperor that stands at the top to the people that stood below, everyone knew who Huan Imperial Chef was.

Therefore, the large public square in front of the Huan Mansion was seated full of people.

They were either people who held authority within the Hanging Cloud Empire or those that held authority in other empires and countries. All of them were here hoping to get a serving of Imperial Chef Huan’s new dish…

At this moment, the public square was already very packed, Huan Qing Yan was dragged unwillingly by her serving girls to sit beside the glowing Madam Huan.

She had wanted to feign ill but after some thinking, she realized that although she can hide now, she could not hide forever. From the memories of the reincarnated girl, today would be the day where the emperor would announce the engagement between her and the Ninth Prince. If she was not around when the emperor made the announcement, then it would only cause her greater trouble!

It would be better for her to face it courageously and adapt according to the situation.

Madam Huan was wearing a blue skirt embroidered with silver lilies while wearing an unlined upper garment covered in hundred butterflies and flowers, her temperament was graceful and elegant. Upon seeing Huang Qing Yan, she smiled with affection and said, “Little Yan, is your body feeling better today?”

“I am much better. Thank you for your concern, mama.” Huan Qing Yan smiled.

Madam Huan nodded her head in relief as she got Huan Qing Yan to sit on her left side.

On Madam Huan’s right was a little shota aged between three to four years old. He was wearing a cheerful red top, a green bottom, and fluffy little shoes, looking exceptionally cute. This was the young master of the Huan Mansion, the little shota, Huan Xing Han.

The little shota was sitting beside a quiet young girl that looked to be about fifteen years old, the same age as Huan Qing Yan. Although she looks delicate and pretty, but her sense of presence was extremely low. This was the adopted daughter of the Huan Family, Huan Meng Yue.

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