Chapter 10 – A Young Widow

Huan Bei Ming touched the short mustache below his chin and said, “Rest assured, the Ninth Prince Mansion is protected by his personal guards and will be fine.”

Madam Huan seemed to have realized something as she smiled, “So our Little Yan is worried about the safety of the Ninth Prince. Although you slapped the Ninth Prince during the Glutton Festival a few days ago, but he did not hold any animosity and even got his men to send you many gifts, asking if your mood had gotten better. Mama thought the two of you were in some sort of small quarrel since you did not reply, but it actually turns out that you’re secretly being concerned about him…”

Huan Qing Yan coughed. Seeing as she did not clarify, she must have been hoping for Madam Huan to continue guessing wrongly.

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She only said, “Papa, Mama, I will not beat around the bush any longer. Are the two of you discussing with the royal family about marrying me to the Ninth Prince? Your daughter has thought it through and felt that there is no hurry to discuss this matter. Since such a powerful Greater Demon has appeared within the imperial capital, what would happen if the Ninth Prince got killed? Won’t your daughter become an unlucky widow? It would not be that bad if I am just a normal widow, but if I were to become the widow of a royal member, who would dare to propose a marriage in the future? Wouldn’t this interfere with your daughter’s prospects?”

“Little Yan does sound logical…” Madam Huan was hooked, she deeply adored her daughter ever since she was born and could not bear to see such a fate happening to her.

Huan Bei Ming replied solemnly, “You are being willful and making a scene, even if all the Spirit Masters within the imperial capital were killed, not a single scratch would befall onto the Ninth Prince. Where did that strange train of thought of yours come from? You should stop talking nonsense. If this was heard by people with ill intentions, then the consequences could be dire.”

Huan Qing Yan held Huan Bei Ming’s hand and acted like a spoiled child, “Papa, please consent. Qing Yan does not wish to become a young widow, Qing Yan does not wish to be engaged to the Ninth Prince for the time being…”

“Who told you about the engagement?” His purpose for visiting Madam Huan today was to discuss about their daughter’s marriage. However, before he could talk about it, his daughter had already raised the matter!

He glared at Madam Huan but Madam Huan felt wronged as she had not revealed anything to her daughter. What’s more, she did not even know how far this proposal with the royal family had progressed.

“I guessed myself. Papa, Qing Yan…”

Huan Bei Ming’s voice became stern and broke her sentence, “The affairs of marriage are not child’s play. Papa had asked you about which prince you admired and you told me personally that it is Lord Ninth Prince. Now that I have already discussed matters with the emperor and only waiting for the right opportunity to announce the news, how could you start causing a scene now? Did you have some minor conflict with Lord Ninth Prince? You should change that willfulness of yours…”

The Ninth Prince was also the prince that he liked the most.

He had talent and good looks, yet he was not the Crown Prince, and would not succeed the throne that had a back palace of a few thousand imperial concubines. The back palace was an exploitative place; he knew that with his daughter’s intelligence, she would not be able to survive inside. Therefore, he could only select a candidate that had the greatest potential at obtaining riches and honor in the future. If the Ninth Prince managed to succeed in his cultivation while Qing Yan managed to awaken her spirit talent, then becoming a cultivator couple that could cause many to envy would also be an extremely good outcome.

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He had already reached an agreement with the royal family. He, Huan Bei Ming, would serve the royalty of the Hanging Cloud Empire for the rest of his life. Even if he dies, he would only pass the Huan Family’s Thousand Family Soup recipe to his daughter and not to his son. This would also allow his daughter’s future status to be secured.

The royal family had also pledged that no matter what happened, they would not treat Huan Qing Yan badly…

Madam Huan was anxious upon hearing him and said, “The child’s father, are you telling the truth? Already discussing about a marriage? With Lord Ninth Prince? Aiyo, this is good news!”

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