Volume 1, Chapter 31: Poisoned


He Xiang’s body turns limp on the ground as she continues muttering, “I am from Nan Lou Kingdom, not Mo Dai…..”


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes are clear, as though she is someone who has seen and experienced a lot of things.


He Xiang’s voice turns softer and softer.  Her body is slumped on the floor; she looks like she is in great fear.


“Do you want to know how I knew?”  Yun Qian Yu points at her ear.  “Your ears have two piercings.”


Hearing what she said, He Xiang immediately touches her own ears.  Turns out her ear is the thing that ends up exposing her.  Two months old baby girls will have their ears pierced in Mo Dai Kingdom.  Each of their ears will be pierced two times and after it is done, their mothers will give them a pair of earrings so they can grow up in honor.  The other piercings is for the baby girls to put their favorite earrings on once they have grown.  Since they have been wearing earrings since they were small, the piercings will not disappear even if they stop wearing earrings later.


“So what if I came from Mo Dai Kingdom?”  He Xiang forces herself to calm down.


“It can tell us a lot of things.”  Yun Qian Yu raise an eyebrow as she gives her a glance.


He Xiang froze.


“I only wanted to know if you are a spy from Mo Dai.  The rest, even if we torture you, you wouldn’t know.”


Does that mean she will kill her now?  Most people would torture the spies they caught; asking about who is behind the scene and whatnot.  If not, why else would she take away the poison inside her mouth.


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes are emotionless and indifferent.  He Xiang’s body stiffens, she has a bad feeling about this.


“You are wondering why we are not interrogating you?  First of all, to be able to enter my palace means that you have been in the palace for many years.  The emperor must have investigated your background from the start and couldn’t find anything wrong.  It is not easy to employ spies like you to spy on another kingdom.  Once they use you, they will have to abandon you which means they will never tell you their true motive.  They will only tell you the things you need to do.  Even you have no idea who your true master is.  To be able to send you here for so many years without getting detected, the only people able to do that must have come from Mo Dai’s imperial family.  Their imperial clan are not complex.  For this person to use this method to attack me, he or she must have truly hated me.  There is no need for me to spend manpower to search for the perpetrator, he or she will show up on their own soon.”


The more He Xiang listens, the colder her heart gets.  How scary.  Is this the way normal fifteen year old thinks?

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“Still don’t understand me?  You must be thinking: if so, why are you still alive?”  Coldness flash inside Yun Qian Yu’s dark, round eyes.  Actually, she was really disgusted when she first heard the name He Xiang.  It reminds her of that maid she bought on the way to Feng Yun Manor, Xiang He.  Even though their names are only in reverse order, she is still disgusted nonetheless.


“You seem to have forgotten my identity.  I am the owner of Yun Valley.  People who dares to offend the owner of Yun Valley only have one outcome: a life that is worse than death.”


He Xiang’s body suddenly trembles.  She had heard about that man that was viciously killed by the Yun Valley’s owner as warning to others.  No wonder they haven’t killed her, they doesn’t want to give her an easy death.


She finally knows how vicious the harmless looking Yun Qian Yu is.  Thinking about the things she is about to experience, she bite her own tongue to end her own life.


But, in front of so many people, how could she ever get what she wants?  Feng Ran hits her acupuncture point.


She cannot move; the fear in her heart multiplies.


“Without the owner’s permission, how can we allow you to take your own life?”  Feng Ran’s eyes are icy.


“Take her away.  Do not use poison this time, cut her off instead.  Do not handle her in the king’s manor.  After you cut her off, send people to leave her remains in front of Mo Dai Kingdom’s imperial palace.  Remember to keep her face intact.”  Yun Qian Yu’s voice is light and casual, as though she is instructing them something trivial.


Feng Ran gives He Xiang a cold glance before he carries her away in one hand.  San Qiu follows him.


Hong Su kneels, “Mistress, it is Hong Su’s fault.  Please punish Hong Su!”


Chen Xiang, Ying Yu, Yu Nuo and Man Er all have complicated expression on their faces.  They want to beg for her, but this matter involves their Mistress’ life.  But if they don’t, they know that Hong Su has always been loyal to them.


Yun Qian Yu waves her hand away, “Just consider this a lesson to all of you.  We are not in Yun Valley, there are always people here who wants my life.  All of you are my final line of defense, just a little bit of negligence from you can cost me my life.”


Chen Xiang and the rest kneels as well, “We understand, Mistress.”


The five understands that they are in new territory, they must be 120% careful.


“Alright.  All of you can retreat first.”


The maids retreat away.


Yun Qian Yu turns to Gong Sang Mo who have been quiet; her eyes are gentle and calm as though the person who was wise and sharp just now was not her.   At the moment, she looks like any other teenage girls her age.


“Do you need me to find the perpetrator?” Gong Sang Mo’s exceptionally handsome face at the moment has traces of coldness.


Yun Qian Yu shakes her head, “Too troublesome and a waste of human resources.  Just wait for he or she to show up.”


Gong Sang Mo looks at the calm Yun Qian Yu, the hardness in his eyes dissipating a little.


Yun Qian Yu walks to the door, “You need to recuperate too.  Let’s go together.”


A pleased expression immediately appears on his face as his lips is curled upwards.  It gives off another kind of impression from him.


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“Alright.”  His long robe and his sleeves billows as his long hair dances as he quickly walks next to the watery blue silhouette.  There is a kind of warmth in his eyes that only he understands.


There are two people inside the hot spring now.  Since one of them is a man and the other is a woman, they only took off their outer garments.


When Gong Sang Mo takes out a Yi Xiu pill, Yun Qian Yu speaks out, “There is no use of eating a lot of Yi Xiu Pill.  I cannot eat more than two, I already ate one, I only need one more.  You only need two as well, so just give the remaining one to the old wangye.”  Yun Qian Yu already knows that the Yi Xiu Pill she took a while ago was taken from the old wangye.


“Alright.”  Gong Sang Mo did not object.  He gives Yun Qian Yu one while eating one himself.  After that, the two people sits cross-legged inside the hot spring, closing their eyes as they adjust their breathing.


The truth is, the hot spring alone will not do much for their recovery.  The medicinal properties of Chen Xiang woods are the key point of their recovery.


For the next ten days, Yun Qian Yu and Gong Sang Mo spends all their nights cultivating their inner power in the hot spring.  On day time, they will be in the third floor’s study; Gong Sang Mo reading memorials while Yun Qian Yu examining the information she has at hand.


Gong Sang Mo’s study have a lot of exquisite books, they are all arranged in a systematic order.  As long as you wish to find a type of book over there, you can find them real fast with the help from their label.


All kinds of materials that Yun Qian Yu wants can be found here, some of them are really rare within the three kingdoms.  Yun Qian Yu hungrily laps in all the information that she needs.


With Yi Xiu Pill’s help, Gong Sang Mo recovered all of his inner power eight days later.


As for Yun Qian Yu, even though she too has the help of Yi Xiu Pill, her recovery is a little slow due to the Xiao Yan poison inside her body.  She recovers her inner energy on the tenth day.  There is another delightful news.  She has made a little advance in Zi Yu Xin Jing.  She not only can cure poison and refine the poison inside her body, she now can also store them away in her body and take them out whenever needed.


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Gong Sang Mo was really happy when he found out, he no longer has to worry about her getting poisoned.


Yun Qian Yu is now preparing to take Yu Jian back to the imperial palace, but before they even get to leave, an edict comes from the imperial palace.  The feast to welcome the Hu Guo Princess will be arranged tonight; Murong Cang sent people to take the two siblings back to the imperial palace.


Not only that, Murong Cang too will announce the edict to make Yun Qian Yu the Hu Guo Princess on the court this morning.


Yun Qian Yu realize; what is bound to happen will happen.


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