Volume 1, Chapter 30: Poisoned

Gong Sang Mo’s phoenix eyes are icy.  He forces himself to calm down and press a couple of points on Yun Qian Yu’s body.  He turns to the helpless Chen Xiang on the sideline, “Help her put on some clothes.”


Chen Xiang immediately put on clothes on Yun Qian Yu before putting away Gong Sang Mo’s outer robe.


Gong Sang Mo carries the clothed Yun Qian Yu out of the hot spring.  San Qiu and Feng Ran are already waiting outside the door.


“Feng Ran, go back to the palace and investigate everything.  San Qiu, help him in the dark.  Find out who poisoned her.”


“She is poisoned?” Feng Ran’s face darkens.




“What kind of poison?”


“Xiao Yan.” Gong Sang Mo’s voice shakes a little.


Feng Ran froze.   He steps up to her and checks her wrist for her pulse.  After a moment, his face ease up.  He can sense waves of agitation from Gong Sang Mo; he probably acts that way because he cares.  He never knew there is something out there that can actually make the decisive Xian Wang lose his cool.


“She has eliminated a good portion of the poison.  She can handle even Chan Ming, Xiao Yan will not hold her back.  Help her wake up first.”


A flash of coldness can be seen in Gong Sang Mo’s deep eyes.  “The poison that she helped that person cure was Chan Ming?”  He finally knows why she has been so weak.


Feng Ran nods, “Take care of her.”  After that, he calls San Qiu and the two of them leaves Xian Wang’s manor, heading to the imperial palace.


Gong Sang Mo’s phoenix eyes are complicated as he looks at Yun Qian Yu who is in his embrace.  What made her forsook everything and used up all of her internal power to save him?


He knows this is not the time to ponder over that question.  He carries Yun Qian Yu to her bedroom on the second floor.  He sits cross-legged behind her, both of his hands channeling inner power to her body.


Xiao Yan and Chan Ming are different.  The blood of the people poisoned by Chan Ming will issues a particular scent.  Xiao Yan on the other hand is odorless.  It will silently attack you; in the end, the victim will experience rapid ageing and decays away to death.


Chen Xiang, Yu Nuo, Ying Yu, Man Er and Hong Su are keeping guard outside.  Before leaving, San Qiu has already sealed off the entire Qian Yu Pavillion.  Without his or the wangye’s order, nobody is allowed entry.


Murong Cang is also furious in the imperial palace.  Everyone who has come in contact with Yun Qian Yu are all being secretly investigated.


4 hours later, Yun Qian Yu’s butterfly-like eyelashes trembles.  She slowly opens her eyes; her beautiful face is pale at the moment.


Gong Sang Mo’s face isn’t any better.  He looks pale and weak.  She only manage to wake up because he has transferred half of his inner power to her.


Her eyes clears up relatively quick.  After seeing the frail Gong Sang Mo behind her, she finally understands what happened.


For the first time, her cold face has traces of smile as she looks at him.  “Looks like Sang Mo will have to drink tonic with me now.”


Even though her smile only last for a moment, it resembles a blooming flower.  Gong Sang Mo’s heart opens up; bright sunlight seems to have filled the room.  He feels as though the inner power he lost cannot measure up to that one smile he gets.


“You have the mood to joke with me, seems like we no longer have to worry about you.”


Gong Sang Mo gets down from the bed and gently help Yun Qian Yu lie down.  He sits on the ottoman next to the bed and lazily leans against the bed, watching her.  The feeling that previously lingers in his heart returns.


“I was careless.” Yun Qian Yu sighs.  If she hadn’t used up her internal power, she wouldn’t have fallen victim to another person’s trick.  This poisoning incident is the most embarrassing moment for her yet.


“When will you recover your inner power?”


Gong Sang Mo’s eyes are gentle, “Half a month.”


That will be the quickest time for him; after all, he has no Yi Xiu Pill.


“How good will it be if we have spirit grass.”  Yun Qian Yu sighs again.


“You know how to refine Yi Xiu Pill?”  He himself is pretty good at medicine.   He knows that only Yi Xiu Pill can help them both recover faster.


“Refining Yi Xiu Pill isn’t hard.  But finding spirit grass is.”


“We have two in the manor’s treasury!”




Yun Qian Yu gives him the prescription for Yi Xiu Pill, telling him to prepare them.  She plans to personally refine the pill.


Gong Sang Mo stops her, saying he can refine it himself.


Before he leaves, he turns around to ask her, “How is the poison inside you?”


Yun Qian Yu secretly sigh in her heart; did she actually think she can trick him into forgetting?


“Don’t lie to me.  My mother too was poisoned by Xiao Yan.”


Yun Qian Yu’s heart stills.  So his mother was poisoned by Xiao Yan?  No wonder these Chen Xiang woods and hot springs did no good to her.


“I found out about it in time.  Because my inner power is only on 2 levels at the moment, I can only eliminate half of them.  The rest is pressed on my dantian.  Once I recover, I will use my power to get rid of the rest.”


“Are you sure?”  Gong Sang Mo clearly doesn’t believe her.


Yun Qian Yu nods, “I have already reached the ninth level of Zi Yu Xin Jing.  The biggest perk is being able to cure poisons.  Other than that, I can also refine the poison in my own body.”


The frown on Gong Sang Mo’s face smoothens out.  He tells her to rest before going away to refine Yi Xiu Pill.


Chen Xiang and the rest knows that Yun Qian Yu has woken up upon hearing them chatting.


Once Gong Sang Mo walks out and tells them that she has woken, they enter the room to look after her.


In the evening, Gong Sang Mo returns with four freshly-refined Yi Xiu Pills.  Feng Ran and San Qiu also return to Qian Yu Pavillion with a palace maid.


Seeing Yun Qian Yu who has woken up, Feng Ran secretly heave a sigh of relief.


Hong Su is really shocked upon seeing that palace maid.  Isn’t she He Xiang?  The palace maid that offered to help her brew tonic back then?


“He Xiang, it’s you?”


He Xiang arrogantly raise her head at Yun Qian Yu, “So what if you got me?  I personally saw you drinking it up, you have consumed Xiao Yan.  There is no cure for this poison.  You will age ten years within one year.  Let’s see how long you will live!”


At this moment, Yun Qian Yu has recovered her vigor.  Cold air radiates from her as she glance at the kneeling He Xiang.


Yun Qian Yu looks at her icily.  Upon pondering, she realizes that the problem must have come from the kitchen.  Gong Sang Mo who ate with her is fine, Chen Xiang and the rest are fine too, so the problem must have lie on the tonic that she drinks.


Feng Ran is originally foul-tempered.  He kicks He Xiang until she vomits blood.


She forces herself to look up, laughing coldly.  She didn’t fear the impending death at all.

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Yun Qian Yu gets down from the bed and walk towards the battered He Xiang before crouching in front of her, “I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you.  I can cure even Chan Ming, much less Xiao Yan.”


He Xiang appears startled, how is that possible?  Chan Ming and Xiao Yan are two poisons that people cannot cure in the past hundred of years, how is it possible that she can?  Seeing Yun Qian Yu who appears perfectly fine, the suspicion within her intensifies.  Don’t tell her that this mission that she has put her life on cannot be completed?


“Impossible!  Nobody can cure Xiao Yan in this world!  You are lying to me!”


“Since poisons can be made, they can naturally be cured as well.  I am really curious, which kingdom are you from?” Yun Qian Yu traces her jade-like fingers across He Xiang’s face.


“What are you talking about?  I am from Nan Lou Kingdom!” He Xiang appears really frightened at that question.


Yun Qian Yu suddenly dislocate He Xiang’s jaw, “Man Er, take out the poison.”


Yun Qian Yu takes out her handkerchief and wipes the hand that touched He Xiang in disdain.  Speaking so much with her was just to distract her.  How can she allow this person who has poisoned her to die so easily?


Man Er immediately steps forward and takes out a grain-sized pill from inside He Xiang’s mouth.


“You should have committed suicide right after you poisoned me.  You shouldn’t have taken any chances; you shouldn’t have been curious about me as well.”  Yun Qian Yu goes back to sit on the bed, her face indifferent like water.


He Xiang whose jaw has been dislocated, cannot speak.  Her eyes are filled with fear as she looks at Yun Qian Yu.


“Let me guess which kingdom you are from.” Yun Qian Yu gives Man Er a look.  Man Er immediately fix He Xiang’s jaw.


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“I am a citizen of Nan Lou.”  He Xiang quickly says after she regains the ability to speak.


Yun Qian Yu laughs coldly, “You are from Mo Dai Kingdom.”


Hearing that, Gong Sang Mo’s phoenix eyes turns icy.  He fists his hands from under his sleeves.  San Qiu who is behind him, quickly looks at him.

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