Volume 1, Chapter 29: Poisoned




Hearing Yun Qian Yu’s voice, Gong Sang Mo lifts his eyebrows before pushing the entrance open.


As per it’s name, Tao Hua Wu’s courtyard is lined with peach blossoms.  During the blooming season, you can see all kinds of peach blossom. Unfortunately, the season hasn’t arrived.  Once it’s does, peach blossoms will float around and the smell of the entire courtyard will be heavenly.


Feng Ran casually picks a big fruit, wipes them with his sleeves and bite into them.


Seeing Gong Sang Mo, he stops momentarily before the sound of his munching echoes once again.  Seeing him spoils his mood.  Feng Ran decides to ignore Gong Sang Mo.


Gong Sang Mo too ignores Feng Ran, his eyes on the courtyard.  Twenty teenage boys are standing uniformly on the courtyard.  The air radiating from them are not weak.  They are all looking at Yu Jian.


Yu Jian appears ecstatic.  As the imperial grandson, he lacks nothing except for same-age companions.  So many of them appears in one go, how can he not be delighted?


Yun Qian Yu nods at Gong Sang Mo who has just arrived.  She continues speaking, “They are all abandoned children and were accepted by Yun Valley.  They are not really Yun Valley’s people.  From now onwards, they have no ties whatsoever with Yun Valley.  They only have one master, Murong Yu Jian.”


Feng Ran has explained everything to them before they were brought here.  They understands that from now on, their master is the ten year old boy in front of them.


“Greeting master!”  All twenty of them kneel on one knees in front of Murong Yu Jian.


The ecstatic Yu Jian calms down.  He knows that his imperial sister didn’t send this people to play with him.  As the imperial grandson, his grandfather too had assigned secret guards to protect him.  They are great in number.  He wouldn’t have been alive today were it not for them.  But those guards are only there to protect him, most of the time, he couldn’t even see them.


“Get up.”  Murong Yu Jian imposingly said as he waves his sleeves.  After the tiger seal’s incident, Yu Jian’s entire temperament changes.


The twenty people replied him before getting up.  Their backs are straight as they wait for order.


Yun Qian Yu approaches Yu Jian and earnestly says, “Yu Jian, one must walk their own road.  Nobody will accompany you forever.  How far you can go in the future will depends on your own vision, mind, heart and talent.  You will meet all kinds of people as you walk.  Just like how everyone have different faces, everyone will have different mindsets.  In order to strive, you must first understand those people’s heart, those people’s merit.  Make it so their strength becomes your strength.  Nobody is perfect; everyone will have their soft point.  As long as those soft points are not decapitating, you can play off their strength as your own.”


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Hearing her, Yu Jian’s eyes starts to assess the teenagers in front of them.  “But jiejie, their expressions are all the same.  How can I assess their minds?”


“A person can deceive others under any circumstances, but there is one thing that cannot lie.”


“What thing?”  Yu Jian eagerly asks.


“Their eyes.  A person’s eyes can tell so many stories.”


Yu Jian approaches them and carefully evaluate their eyes.  Yun Qian Yu smiles; one cannot see it so easily.


“Yu Jian, we will be here for ten days.  Jiejie will recuperate while you will be here with them in Tao Hua Wu.  In these ten days, you must find out about their preferences, personality and merits.  Arrange them according to posts on your side.”

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“Don’t worry Jiejie!  Yu Jian will try his best!”


“En.”  After saying that, Yun Qian Yu turns to Gong Sang Mo.  “Let’s go.”


The two people walk out of Tao Hua Wu side by side.


Feng Ran jumps down from the wall, following them from behind.  His eyes turns deep as he looks at the two silhouette in front of him.


One is tall and the other is shorter; a pair of pale blue and watery blue silhouette.  From afar, they look so compatible.  From time to time, Gong Sang Mo will turn to Yun Qian Yu while whispering something with a smile.  Yun Qian Yu will nod at him in reply.  The corner of his robe and the hem of her dress will collide once in a while.  Their dancing hair will occasionally entangle as well.  Everything looks so natural.


Feng Ran’s heart is filled with pain.  The little yatou he has been protecting for so many years is going to be snatched by another man.  He finally knows why he has been feeling uncomfortable every time he sees Gong Sang Mo these past two days.  It’s because he likes the little yatou.


Feng Ran followed the two people back to Qian Yu Pavillion in heavy heart.


The moment they arrived, Gong Sang Mo send Yun Qian Yu to the hot spring on the first floor.  “Don’t worry about the safety of this place.  I will ask Chen Xiang to bring you clothes.”


“Alright.”  Yun Qian Yu did not reject his suggestion.  In her mind, the faster she recuperates, the better.


Gong Sang Mo close the door and climbs up the stairs.


Chen Xiang and Yu Nuo were arranging things when they heard Gong Sang Mo.  Chen Xiang takes a dress and goes for Yun Qian Yu while Yu Nuo goes to Hong Su to tell her to prepare nutritious meals for Yun Qian Yu.


Gong Sang Mo goes to the study in the third floor.  He sits behind a desk, his eyes falling into a big bunch of folders in front of him.  San Qiu silently gives him a cup of tea.  After that, he quietly keeps guard.


In the hot spring, warm vapor rises as Yun Qian Yu takes off her shoes to walk on the warm white jade floor.  The comfortably warm sensation travels from her feet to her entire body.  Yun Qian Yu made a comfortable sound.  She takes off her dress as she walks towards the side of the spring.  By now, she is without a single thread of clothes on her body.


Her slender figure looms amidst the hot air.  She cups a palm full of water and wash her face with it.  The water slid off her closed eyes and eyelashes; such a beautiful scene.


She sits cross-legged and makes the ‘lotus form’ with her hand before closing her eyes to meditate.  The water only reaches her chest.


When Chen Xiang walks in and realizes that Yun Qian Yu has already started cultivating, she place the dress inside a box to prevent it from getting damp.  Then, she waits over there to keep watch.


After a moment, Chen Xiang can suddenly sense the instability within Yun Qian Yu’s breathing.  She immediately walks closer to the hot spring, wondering if she should ask Yun Qian Yu if she is alright.  Yun Qian Yu suddenly vomits blood as her body falls sideway.


Chen Xiang jumps into the spring and catches her, “Mistress, what’s wrong?”


Gong Sang Mo who was reading memorial on the third floor suddenly stands up.  Within the blink of an eye, his entire silhouette disappears.  San Qiu froze as he stares into thin air, what happened?  He quickly followed his wangye.


Gong Sang Mo appears in the hot spring.  Coldness burst in his eyes when he sees Yun Qian Yu who is in Chen Xiang’s embrace and the trail of black blood from the corner of her lips.  The warm air in the hot spring suddenly chills down.  Someone actually plotted against her under his own eyes!


He takes off his robe and wrap it around Yun Qian Yu’s body.  He carries her towards him before he outstretch his hand to check her pulse.



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