Chapter 8 – Oh! The Sin!

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The Brim Hat Bro approached. He stretched his slender fingers towards Huan Qing Yan and brushed the air in front of her as though he was performing some sought of strange detection method.

Huan Qing Yan firmly said, “What are you doing? Men and women should not be in direct contact…”

The Brim Hat Bro lightly sighed, the ridicule within his tone was apparent.

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Huan Qing Yan, upon hearing the sigh, sent a slap towards that pair of slender hands and whacked them away.

“Yes, this sister looks very fat but so what? I am still a young unmarried girl, okay?! You don’t even dare to show your face, hiding it behind that big hat of yours. Don’t tell me you are really that handsome? The reason I called you handsome brother was purely out of politeness. Do you dare to remove that hat of yours and show this sister your face? You don’t, right?! You might be as ugly as Wu Yan*…”
(Cuppa: Wu Yan was a fictional character from ancient china. She was said to be so ugly that she remained single and unmarried at the age of 40. However, she possessed great stealth skills which she used to reveal the crimes of corrupted officials, helping the emperor in the process, this led to the emperor eventually making her his empress for her achievements and from gratitude.)

Brim Hat Bro’s hand froze for half a second, “Women are really quick-tempered.”

Women are quick-tempered? Ha, this brat even started gender discrimination!

Huan Qing Yan grabbed his sleeves, “This lady now suspects that you are the homicidal maniac that appeared in the capital recently. We are going to meet the officials, you are not allowed to leave. Who knows? I might even get a reward. Someone, anyone, a homicidal maniac has appeared here…”

Humph, since you called this lady quick-tempered, then let me show you what is called quick-tempered.

Coincidentally, the frantic shouts of serving girls and women were heard in the distance, “Young Mistress, Young Mistress, where are you?! Young Mistress…”

“Over here, this lady has caught the homicidal maniac. Quickly come and assist me…”

Just as she shouted enthusiastically, her grip on the sleeves of the Brim Hat Bro suddenly loosened and caught air instead!

The figure of Brim Hat Bro disappeared deep into the forest.

Huan Qing Yan could not understand how he manage to escape from her death grip, she felt as though a breeze had came and went.

A weird phrase suddenly surfaced within Huan Qing Yan’s mind, could this be the legendary wind-like man?


I have yet to fix my gluttony syndrome and yet my infatuation syndrome had reoccurred, oh! The sin!


From a place Huan Qing Yan could not see, Ji Mo Ya had already returned to the flying carriage in the sky.

“Young Master, any findings?”

Ji Mo Ya leaned comfortably against his chair in thought and did not hurry to remove the brim hat he was wearing.

“Nothing for the moment.” If he must point out something strange, then it would be the Huan Young Mistress. How did she control those ants? It would be explainable if she was a Spirit Master but she was obviously an ordinary beyond ordinary fat, little chick.

“Then Young Master, what shall we do now?”

“The scenery within Hanging Cloud Empire is pretty good, let’s stay here for another few days.” Ji Mo Ya used his hand to shift the veil on his brim hat, revealing his perfect and refined lower chin; on his fair skin was a stubble that gave off a manly air. That slant curve had clearly illustrated his incomparable noble aura and elegance.

“Do you want to go to the Hanging Cloud Palace? I am sure they will welcome Young Master with utmost enthusiasm…” He wasn’t exaggerating; the members of Ji Mo Clan would be VVIPs at any place they visit.

What’s more, the Young Master was the clan successor.

“Not for the moment. Just create a temporary identity.” Ji Mo Yan drawled.

“Yes, this subordinate understands.”

The flying carriage turned into a streak of silver light and descended.


In Happiness Joy Courtyard where Madam Huan lives.

Huan Qing Yan had just returned from the small forest and was covered in leaves and grass. She was lazy to change her clothes and decided to come here immediately.

The serving women standing outside the entrance of the courtyard were in smiles as they guided her in.

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