Chapter 33: Can Pass Off As Ladyboy


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“You used to tell me that even though our positions are different, we are still close friends.  Since we are close friends, why shouldn’t we call each other by the name?  Qi Qi, you no longer consider me your friend?”  His captivating pair of phoenix eyes are trained on her.


Mo Qi Qi is not a pretentious person.  Since Prince Qi Xian had ignored his own safety to save her life, in her heart, he is not only a close friend, but is also her benefactor.  Even though she has no idea how long she will be in this place, having a bosom friend isn’t a bad idea.  She quickly agrees, “Alright.  From now on, when there is no other person, I will call you by your name, Yue Hen.”


Jun Yue Hen laughs.  People always view him as a warm-hearted king.  Elegant, handsome and extraordinary.  But only he knows what his true personality is; he is the type that is hard to fall in love.  But once he does, he will only see that person.  He originally thought he can spend the rest of his days with her, who would’ve thought that the emperor would came into the picture and stole her away.  He made the woman he loves the most his empress.


Since he can no longer be the person beside her, he now wishes to be the person who will protect her.  Even if he can only look at her from afar; stealing glances at her direction, as long as she is well, everything else is fine.


“Qi Qi, we should go back now, or else the emperor will be worried.”  Jun Yue Hen reminds her.  Even though he cherishes this little moment with her, he does not wish to bring her trouble.  He can only suppress the pain and send her back to that man’s side.


Mo Qi Qi mumbles, “I really don’t want to watch the competition.  So boring.”


“Qi Qi must not be annoyed, the competition should end soon.”  Jun Yue Hen comforts her with a warm tone.


She sighs, “Let’s hope so.  Let’s go back!”  She walks back with large strides.  After a few steps, she notices that Jun Yue Hen isn’t following her.  She stops and turns around to look at him curiously.  “Yue Hen, why aren’t you coming with me?”


Jun Yue Hen laughs warmly, “If we come back together, the emperor will be suspicious.  You go back first, I will follow you later.”


Mo Qi Qi gives him a thumb up, “You are very thoughtful.  I’ll go back first.”  She waves at him before walking away in light steps.


Watching her back silhouette, the smile on his lips fades sadly.  Qi Qi, do you know why I like walking behind you ever since we were little?  Because I love seeing the way you walk, the way you move, your laughter, your frowns.  Even your back silhouette is captivating.  One more reason is because I want to be able to be the first one to protect you should anything happens to you.  You are walking away from me again today, but why do I feel like you are getting farther and farther away?  Even farther than in the past.  I am really scared that one day, you will no longer be within my eyesight and I can no longer seek you out.  Qi Qi, I will definitely protect you.  I will not let anyone harm you.  Don’t be afraid.  Walk with courage.  Every time you look back, I will definitely be behind you, silently protecting you.


Mo Qi Qi sits back next to Jun Qian Che.


With his eyes still on the field, Jun Qian Che opens his mouth, “What took you so long?”


Mo Qi Qi turns to him with a pair of brilliant eyes and replies him with a warm tone, “Chenqie thought the views outside were beautiful, so I took a longer time to admire them.  What is the progress of the competition?”  She quickly changes the topic.


Jun Qian Che replies her coldly, “We are at the marksmanship phase.  We should get the winner soon.”


Mo Qi Qi nods, earnestly watching the game.  Becoming the winner isn’t easy.  First you have the martial arts phase, the marksmanship phase, the archery phase, horse riding phase, the wresting phase before you determine the winner in the end.  After that, you can enter the military camp as a general.


Yue Hen casually returns to his seat.


Right now, a petite and handsome young man shines amidst the bunch of burly men.  Not only is he good at martial arts, his marksmanship, archery skill, horse riding skill and wresting skill are also top notch.


Mo Qi Qi cannot help herself from praising him, “Your Majesty, this young man is really capable.  Not only does he possess an extraordinary look, his martial ability is also superior.  If Your Majesty gets this kind of talent to serve you, Your Majesty will be like a tiger with wings.”


Jun Qian Che looks at the young man in the field and asks her in slight interest, “Do you recognize that person?”  He trains his eyes on Mo Qi Qi.


Mo Qi Qi shakes her head and laughs, “Your Majesty is joking.  Chenqie has been in the palace for so long, how can I know anyone from outside?”

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“Do you wish that young man will become the champion of this competition?”  Jun Qian Che continues looking at her.


Mo Qi Qi truthfully answers him, “Your Majesty, the winner of this competition is not up to chenqie, it is up to their ability.  But chenqie thinks that young man will most likely win, he is really capable.”


Zhen believes in empress’ eyes.”


Mo Qi Qi freezes, why is Jun Qian Che acknowledging what she thinks?  She turns her head to look at him.


Jun Qian Che’s eyes are back on the field.


The final competition is very fierce, out of the bunch, one emerges as the winner.  That person is the one Mo Qi Qi predicted to win—Bai Jiu.


Mo Qi Qi is very happy, “Your Majesty, chenqie was right!  He wins!”


“Empress indeed have a pair of wise eyes.  The empress might as well personally reward the champion of this competition.”  Jun Qian Che calmly says.


Eunuch Lin personally carries the robe for the winner to the empress.  Ban Xiang takes over.  Mo Qi Qi gets up and bows to Jun Qian Che before walking to the center of the field where the winner is at.


Bai Jiu earnestly waits on the field for his robe.  When he sees it, he laughs happily.


Mo Qi Qi walks to him in a dignified manner before congratulating him with an elegant smile, “Congratulation for winning this competition.”


Bai Jiu winks at Mo Qi Qi as he smiles happily.


Mo Qi Qi secretly thought he is too brave.  He actually dares to tease the empress in front of so many people.  The emperor is right over there ah!  He is inviting death.  He is lucky the crowd is far away or else his head will roll before he even gets to put on the champion’s hat.


But she has to admit, this man is really exquisite.  Even women ought to envy him.  If he puts on women’s clothing, he can easily pass as a ladyboy.


Mo Qi Qi takes the winner’s outfit from Ban Xiang and hands it over to him.  After that, she walks back to Jun Qian Che.





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