Chapter 13 – Impulsiveness Is A Devil!

Not only Huan Qing Yan got intoxicated, every guest within the small public square was silent for a moment before a torrent of cheers exploded!

“Good! Good! Truly good!”

“Imperial Chef Huan’s culinary skills had greatly improved once again. The Green Jade Tofu has increased fifty points of spirit energy!”

“That’s right. The main tofu ingredient originally could only increase thirty points of spirit energy but after being enhanced by Imperial Chef Huan’s cooking, it nearly doubled! This is a blessing to Spirit Masters like us!”

“No no no, this is not about doubling the spirit value. That point of strength contained within the Green Jade Tofu was the true blessing! Not only Spirit Masters will benefit from this strength increase, even ordinary people will have their overall physique enhanced after consuming it, greatly benefiting them too! This year’s new dish – First Grade Green Jade Tofu will likely allow Imperial Chef Huan to become the Head Imperial Chef of our Hanging Cloud Empire.”

“Congratulations, congratulations! Having Imperial Chef Huan obtain such impressive achievements at such a young age, is truly the blessings of us, the Spirit Masters. If Imperial Chef Huan do not mind me asking, will you be selling this dish? How much will you be selling?”


Huan Bei Ming had already removed his imperial chef uniform and replaced it with a green robe, on top of his head was a green jade hair clasp. His figure was as skinny as a bamboo yet his scholarly bearing gave off a calm atmosphere.

He clasped his hand at the crowd and said, “I feel honored to receive everyone’s praises. The First Grade Green Jade Tofu has already been offered as a tribute dish to the Hanging Cloud Empire and could only be supplied to the royal family. It would not be sold externally for the time being.”

Everyone revealed a disappointed expression upon hearing the news but they all understand.

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However, a small group of them felt extremely satisfied, this includes the lord emperor of Hanging Cloud Empire and the two tables of princes.

The Emperor of the Hanging Cloud Empire had over twenty sons, of which, more than ten of them were possess outstanding talents. The two tables of princes today, could be said to be all giants among men. Each of them possess a kingly bearing while being elegant and graceful.

From the moment Huan Qing Yan had reached the square, she had discovered this group of luxurious princes had been staring at her, each of them releasing a wolfish glare…

Huan Qing Yan automatically ignored them.

“Congratulations Imperial Chef Huan, you have once again greatly improved your culinary skills. Since the First Grade Green Jade Tofu is a tribute dish of the Hanging Cloud Empire, any person that brought honor to our empire will obtain the chance to receive this dish as their reward!”

The emperor was wearing a golden dragon robe, although his figure was round and has a large pot belly but the mighty aura of a monarch strongly emits from him.

As the emperor said this phrase, Huan Qing Yan immediately tensed up.

Here it comes! Here it comes!

What could she do to decline without offending the royal family as well as not affecting the reputation of the Huan Family…

As the emperor observed that the atmosphere within the crowd has reached its peak, he continued, “Today, I am very happy to announce a piece of good news. Ninth, come out…”

A young man walked out from the prince group, he was wearing a yellow training robe with the picture of a raging five claw dragon, on his waist was a belt with a similar five claw dragon design while his black hair was tied up and secured by a jade golden crown. His slender body stood perfectly straight while his white pale skin contrasts greatly against his pale red lips. His handsome and outstanding features seemed frivolous while containing a shred of devilish charm, with sword-like brows and a penetrating gaze, he exudes an oppressing and noble aura.

Huan Qing Yan sat upright and still. This handsome male was the Ninth Prince that tried to forcefully kiss her on the day she crossed over.

She began to feel a large amount of murderous aura being emitted by the reincarnated girl as her emotions exploded within her body…

“Calm down. Impulsiveness is a devil! *”
(Cuppa: Means people who easily become impulsive will also easily be taken advantage of)

At that moment, Madam Huan who was sitting beside her, whispered to give her a reminder, “It looks like his majesty will be conferring the engagement. You should quickly clean your mouth and prepare to go out to receive his imperial decree.”

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