Volume 1, Chapter 36: Confrontation


Yu Nuo follows Yun Qian Yu’s instruction and do the hairstyle the way she wants it to.


Yu Nuo is indeed exceptionally talented.  Yun Qian Yu look at the mirror and see her hair in an even better arrangement than what she described.  She praises her in appreciation, “Yu Nuo, your hands are really skillful.”


Yu Nuo laughs, “It is not my hands, it is Mistress’ beauty that did all the work.  Any kind of hairstyle will look good on you.”


Chen Xiang smiles at them, “It is rare for Yu Nuo to suck up like this!”


“I am not sucking up!  This is clearly the truth!  I have never seen anyone prettier than Mistress.”  Yu Nuo rolls her eyes at Chen Xiang as she speaks.


Chen Xiang laughs as she takes the phoenix headgear before looking at Yun Qian Yu’s hair in worry, “Mistress, what about this headgear?”


Yun Qian Yu reach for the phoenix head gear, a sliver of purple light coming from her hand.  If one look carefully, one would notice that the purple light is thicker than in the past.


The shape of the phoenix headgear quickly changes under Yun Qian Yu’s purple light; it changes into the style of a male headgear.  Once she is satisfied with the shape, she place it on top of her head.  The pearl is now dangling in front of her while the twelve tails of the phoenix ends up circling her head 360  ̊.


By now, Yu Nuo understands what Yun Qian Yu is trying to do.  She steps forward and secure the headgear with a strip of yellow ribbon.


Chen Xiang looks at the heroic and dignified air radiating from Yun Qian Yu, somewhat lamenting, “Mistress will not have that warmth that women are supposed to have, like this.”


Yun Qian Yu look at her own reflection in the mirror, she likes it.  She stands up in satisfaction before looking at Yu Nuo and Chen Xiang.  “In the banquet tonight, all the other women can look warm and gentle; charming and virtuous.  Only your Mistress cannot.”


Hearing that, Yu Nuo and Chen Xiang fall into a silence.  Right.  With their Mistress’ upcoming responsibilities, those kind of things really doesn’t suit her.


“Imperial sister, are you done?”  Murong Yu Jian’s eager voice comes by.


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“Yes.”  Yun Qian Yu turns around and look at Yu Jian gently.


Yu Jian is stunned looking at the dressed up her, she is so pretty ah!  This is a kind of beauty he has never seen in his imperial sister before.  She has always been calm like water before, but the current her gives off an imposing and domineering air!


She steps in front of Yu Jian and waves her hand in front of his face, “Snap out of it.”


Once he is out of his daze, he mutters, “Imperial sister, you look like a god who descends to grace the mortals.”


Yun Qian Yu laughingly replies him, “Correct.  This god is here to save Yu Jian!”

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She was clearly joking, but Yu Jian earnestly nods, “True!  Imperial sister is the person sent by the gods because they were afraid I would be alone!”


She sighs, “Let’s go.  Today’s banquet will be really lively.”


Chen Xiang, Yu Nuo, Ying Yu and Man Er are all wearing the pink dresses of palace maids as they follow her from behind.  Joined by Yu Jian, they head towards Yun De Palace where the banquet is held at.


Yun De Palace is full of colorful lights and delicacies at the moment.  The colorful clothes of maids flutters here and there, creating beautiful views.


Nobody dares to opt out of the banquet this time, except two; the mourning Bai Yong Zhi and the Great General Liu.  As for Prime Minister Tian, although he is ‘recuperating’ at home, some of his family members attend the banquet.


The ministers all brings their family members to the banquet.  Their intention varies; some just want to see the drama, some enters the hall while carrying schemes, while some are the emperor’s people who have no other choice but to attend to show their support.


The timing of Yu Jian and Qian Yu’s arrival is just right, they arrive at the same exact time Murong Cang does.


Murong Cang does not comment on the head gear that Yun Qian Yu altered.  He knows her, wearing the headgear itself is already asking a lot from her, so whatever shape she turns it into does not matter to him.  Besides, he feels like this new shape suits her even more.


“The emperor arrives!  The imperial grandson arrives!  Hu Guo Princess arrives!”  With that announcement, the entire Yun De Hall turns quiet.  The people inside kneels, “Greeting the emperor!  Long live the emperor!”


“Get up!” Murong Cang waves his hand off before sitting on the highest seat.


After that, the people pays respect to Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu.  With the two people’s permission, the crowd goes back to their respective seats.


Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu sits on the right and left side of Murong Cang respectively.


The people secretly takes in Yun Qian Yu.  The family members of the ministers who have not seen her before are shocked.


That court dress made of ‘imperial silk’ are layered and light, as though she is flying.  That exquisite peony embroidered on the dress, the flying phoenix, that phoenix headgear on her head…..  All of them gives her a majestic and domineering air.  She looks magnificent without losing her elegance.  Sitting next to Murong Yu Jian and Murong Cang does not make her appear oppressed at all.  The style of her makeup and hair is different from normal maidens, it makes her look refreshing and unique.  Seeing that beautiful face, the people gasps.  There is actually someone that pretty in this world?


Yun Qian Yu looks at the crowd who desirously looks at her, with a little trace of displeasure.   She shot them a cold glare and everyone who were staring at her in a daze quickly looks away.  Those people finds it hard to believe that those sharp eyes belongs to a fifteen year old girl.  They wants to check but are a little scared to.


With Murong Cang’s permission, the banquet begins.  Music starts to play and dancers gracefully enter the hall before beginning to dance beautifully.


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes looks deep and distant but she has actually taken a good look at the people below.


The one who sits on the first seat from the left is Rui Qinwang who is acting as though nothing has happened.  Behind him, other than his five sons and two daughters, there are also the pair of Situ siblings who are sitting rather cautiously on their seats.  Interesting!  Yun Qian Yu’s lips gently curls.


And then, there is Duke Rong and Princess Ming Zhu.  This Princess Ming Zhu is the emperor’s only living child at the moment, Hua Man Xi’s mother.  They accidentally lock eyes when Yun Qian Yu looks over to her.  She froze for a moment before giving Yun Qian Yu a warm smile.


Yun Qian Yu did not expect her to smile at her.  Princess Ming Zhu is Murong Cang’s real child while she who has no relationship with them whatsoever is sitting on top of her head.  Shouldn’t she be upset at her?


Yun Qian Yu nods lightly to acknowledge her.  After that, she turns to the left side.  The first two seats are still empty.  One of them should belong to Xian Wang; who is the other seat for?


At that moment, a woman suddenly rushes into the hall; both of her hands tied by a rope.  A government office’s officer follows her from behind.


The corner of Yun Qian Yu’s lips curls upon seeing them.  Her patience wears out so fast.


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