Volume 1, Chapter 37: Confrontation

Upon entering the hall, the woman falls into the ground.  The female official following her from behind quickly help her kneel properly on the floor.


At that moment, everyone within the hall gasps, isn’t that Rui Qinwang manor’s Third Young Miss, Murong Bing?  Everyone sitting there knows what happened earlier that day.  Is Murong Bing’s arrival in this hall in accordance to Rui Qinwang’s intention?  Are they going to butt heads again?


Murong Bing’s clothes are embarrassing at the moment while her hair is in disarray; but the truth is, she didn’t suffer from anything at all.  The pitiful look on her face at the moment is fake.


If you tell a pampered young miss to act pitiful, will she look like it?    She probably didn’t even know what pitiful means.


Murong Bing is very pleased inside; her fuwang is about to seek justice for her.


As she kneels, another person walks up, limping from behind Rui Qinwang manor’s seat.  It is the man that was punished by Yun Qian Yu on the day she entered the capital; Rui Qinwang manor’s Third Young Master, Murong Xuan.


Murong Xuan steps in front of Murong Bing before he kneels, “Reporting to the emperor.  Today, based on familial relationship and past affections, xiao mei accidentally spoke carelessly towards the imperial grandson and ended up offending His Highness.  This official had already ordered the government office to punish her.  We sent her here right now to see whether or not His Highness’ anger has dissipated.  If His Highness is still upset, please give her another punishment, Your Majesty!”


(TN: Xiao Mei means ‘younger sister’.)


The way he speaks is like needles; straight and sharp.


From the way he put it, it made Murong Yu Jian seem as though he does not care for familial connection; he refuses to acknowledge even the daughter of his imperial uncle.  His cousin was worried about him yet he did not appreciate that and even sent her to the government’s office to be punished.  That, adds with him being the one planked by Yun Qian Yu made Yu Jian appear inconsiderate, as though he is trying to bully Rui Qinwang manor.


Everything he said can be summed up into just one sentence: The imperial grandson and Hu Guo Princess are bullies.


Murong Cang narrows his eyes, is the entire family working together against Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu?


“Oh, something like this happened?”  Murong Cang does not allow the two people to rise.  Instead, he turns to Murong Yu Jian to ask that.


Murong Yu Jian look at the kneeling Murong Xuan and Murong Bing in grievance.  The way they speak and act sure helps with the people’s imaginations.


What happened to the imperial grandson?  His personality undergoes such a huge change.  He was so fierce in the morning court earlier, scolding all the ministers.  He is no longer that kid you can bully.


Seeing Yu Jian’s expression, Murong Cang is very happy inside.  “What’s wrong, Yu Jian?”


Yu Jian’s voice is pretty hesitant as he speaks, “Imperial grandfather, Bing jiejie did not even bother saying anything before she blocked our carriage.  My head bumped into the wall, it still aches even now!  Besides, didn’t you tell me that only you and imperial sister can call me by my name?  Bing jiejie called my name in front of everyone, she even said that I ignore familial connection.  She even threatened me by saying imperial uncle will not let me go.  Is that Bing jiejie’s affection for me?”


The hall suddenly descends into silence, while Murong Xuan’s body suddenly tenses up.  He glares at Murong Bing behind him in embarrassment.


Murong Bing shrinks her body before averting her eyes to the floor.


“Ya~, what is going on here.”  Hua Man Xi who is dressed in a red robe staggers into the hall as he looks at the kneeling Murong Xuan and Murong Bing curiously.


“None of your business!” Murong Xuan replies him discourteously.  Seeing Hua Man Xi reminds him of that day when he simply watched in amusement as he got hit.  He didn’t even bother to plead on his behalf!  The more he thinks about it, the more he resents him.


“What is wrong with the Third Young Master?  You were so arrogant on the entrance gate that day, you didn’t even bother to be courteous with Hu Guo Princess.  What pitiful drama are you playing this time?”  Hua Man Xi’s words made the crowd realize that Murong Xuan was hit because he was rude, not because the princess was a bully.


“Ya~, you almost scares me to death.  Isn’t this the Third Young Miss from Rui Qinwang’s manor?  What happened to you?”  Hua Man Xi pretends as though he has only seen the kneeling Murong Bing.  He even feign surprise, placing both of his hands on his chest.


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Duke Rong and Princess Ming Zhu shake their heads wordlessly, their son is definitely not upright.  Everything that comes out of his mouth are so brutal.


Murong Bing froze.  Upon remembering the pitiful look she has right now, she lowers her head even more.


But Hua Man Xi isn’t done with them, “Murong Bing, weren’t you sent to the government office after you went and blocked the imperial grandson’s carriage in broad daylight.  You were so rude to His Highness and Hu Guo Princess.  Why did you come to the banquet?  Are you here to put on a show to embarrass the two siblings?  Besides, isn’t your uncle in charge of the government office in the capital?  He dares to hurt you?”


All eyes comes back to her.  Upon closer inspection, they realize that other than her clothes and her messy hair, she does not suffer from any injury at all.  They secretly check the emperor’s expression and as expected, his face darkens.  They immediately lower their heads, pretending to be looking at the delicacies on top of the table.


They know Duke Rong’s shizi is the emperor’s biological grandson.  The emperor will not bear to punish him not matter how rude he is.  They on the other hand are like grass in the emperor’s eyes, might as well make their presence scarce lest the anger ends up directed towards them.


Yu Jian secretly sighs as he glances at Yun Qian Yu.  Seems like he cannot use her tricks this time.  But at least the play is over, right?


“Imperial grandfather, no matter what she is still a member of the royal clan.  Besides, this banquet is to welcome imperial sister, grandson does not wish to pursue the matter.”  Yu Jian pulls Murong Cang’s sleeves, putting on the appearance as though he is willing to receive grievance for the sake of peace in the imperial family.


Murong Cang looks at Yu Jian.  He pats his shoulders after a while, “Yu Jian is kind.  Nan Lou Kingdom will be yours one day.  With such a broad mind, you will become a wise ruler.  You will be adhered to by your subjects and revered by the common people.”


“Grandson will remember grandfather’s teaching!” Yu Jian nods firmly.


The ministers who hears this, ponders; is the emperor implying that the throne will only be inherited by the imperial grandson?


Rui Qinwang’s eyes darken, upset at his two disappointing children.  Such a good chance is wasted away by them.  They can’t even win over a little kid!  Seems like he has to end this himself.


He stands up and walks towards the two, his eyes glancing over to Hua Man Xi with an unknown intention.


Hua Man Xi rubs his nose and flings his sleeves away, narcissistically speaking, “Rui Qinwang look at this shizi in that manner, is this shizi that handsome?”


Rui Qinwang chokes a little, his lips twitching before looking away towards the emperor, “Your Majesty, it is this official that didn’t teach his children well.  The imperial grandson is thoughtful; this minister will teach these two well upon returning to our manor.  This kind of thing will not happen again.”


“Old fox.” Hua Man Xi seems like he was speaking to himself, but everyone in front of him hears him.


The crowd lowers their head until it cannot get even lower.


Rui Qinwang turns to Hua Man Xi furiously, but the latter already flings his sleeves and walks to sit in his parents’ place.


Murong Cang speaks up at the right time, “The country affairs are important, but family matters are important too.  If you can’t even control your family, how can you keep the peace in the kingdom?  Imperial family members need to be even stricter when it comes to this.”


“This official will remember Your Majesty’s teaching!”  Rui Qinwang fiercely glares at Hua Man Xi, but he can only let it go.


“Never mind.  Let the two children go back to recuperate!”  Murong Cang waves his hand away.


Rui Qinwang hold back his breath for a moment before instructing his people to send Murong Xuan and Murong Bing home.


Murong Bing froze.  She needs to participate in the banquet!  Xian Wang will be here soon, she has not seen him for a long time!


Seeing Murong Bing’s expression, Rui Qinwang’s face darkens.  He immediately hits her mute point so she cannot speak.  She struggles as she gets dragged away.


Everything Rui Qinwang does is registered inside Yun Qian Yu’s eyes.  She raises her eyebrows, Ge Kong Dian Xue.  Seems like Rui Qinwang’s martial art prowess isn’t low.


Rui Qinwang returns to his own seat, glancing at the quiet and calm Yun Qian Yu.


Noticing his eyes on her, she elegantly raise her cup towards his direction before gently drinking the wine.


Rui Qinwang froze, is she trying to challenge him?  He never thought she would dare to openly challenge him; is she looking down on him?  He raise his cups towards her direction as well before drinking them in one go, declaring his intention to win.

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Yun Qian Yu’s beautiful face is indifferent as usual, not at all affected by Rui Qinwang’s action.


Their real confrontation has only begun.


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