Chapter 25: A Feast for the Eyes; A Scene of Passion

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character naturally couldn’t play it. Therefore, towards this unreasonable request, though he couldn’t plainly refuse with words, he chose to adopt a helpless appearance by remaining silent.

He thought to ask the boss Luo Fei Yan for help by turning over, but he looked at her lay comfortably on the spa bed through the crystal bead curtain. Those twin peaks bound by that black top seemed very conspicuous, followed by her curvy pair of snowy legs which she had kept crossed.

“Gulp!” Though through a layer of bead curtain, the scene wasn’t vivid, yet this kind of ambiguousness made it more captivating, giving it a faint distinctive flavor.

Availing the opportunity of no one being nearby, Su Ke took another glance. He had tossed away the issue to the side and slightly slanted his head to adjust the angle, only to see Luo Fei Yan suddenly sit up, casting her gaze towards him opportunely.

Through the two layers of bead curtains, their gazes met. Su Ke was frightened and hurriedly turned his head to the side, after which he heard Luo Fei Yan’s laughter.

“What? You these perverts! Obediently lie down on the bed. Don’t provoke this Big Sis, or else I’ll strip each one of you bare!” Luo Fei Yan said in passing as she sat on the spa bed.

The mood became lively once again. Someone said, “Who’s afraid of who? Who knows who’ll be stripped bare in the end! Ain’t that so, sisters?”

“Yes. Let’s all subdue Big Sis Yan and let her experience our fierceness! What shall we do?”

“I like Big Sis Yan’s bosom the most! I bet it’ll feel pleasant to grope!”

It was simply a one-call en masse response. Sounds of lovely laughter loudly echoed out. The more Su Ke listened, the more panicked he became. The place was more like a den of perverts than a cosmetic club.

Su Ke secretly rooted for his boss in his heart. Go-Go! What if there’s a lot of them? Isn’t it just some strip play! Nothing to worry about!

However, Su Ke was somewhat disappointed that Luo Fei Yan backed off. “I’ll not let you all take advantage. Su Ke, you can play whatever you want. No need for it to be classic as they’ve all come to see you and won’t be able to make sense of it!”

Su Ke felt a little disappointed for being unable to watch a fun show. He placed his hands on the piano keys and recalled the piano sheet he had especially found online yesterday. After taking a deep breath, an elegant melody slowly flowed out through his fingertips.

Jay Chou’s “Chrysanthemum Terrace” possessed a peaceful and graceful tune, yet also had a trace of sadness. Those women finally calmed down and Su Ke also gradually relaxed, subconsciously closing his eyes as he immersed himself.

One song after another, Su Ke continuously played three songs. At this time, a round of applause suddenly sounded out. Those women had all walked in front of him at some point.

Opening his eyes to look, the face mask on these women’s face had been removed long ago. Each either had a smiling face, an attractive face or a cute face, each person having a contrast to the eyes. They also possessed exceptional figures, chubby and thin—each with their own merits, with beautiful curves accompanied by their particular charms.

Su Ke had relaxed by now and calmed down, so he smiled towards this audience. “Pardon me for my amateurish performance, all Big Sisters!”

“Lil’ Bro Su, your appearance as you played just now was simply awesome! Big Sis’ heart became restless!” Listening to the voice, Su Ke was sure it was the same woman who caused trouble for him before. However, this woman indeed had a huge bosom, with towering twin peaks, which seemed to be as bountiful as two watermelons though only a bit of them was exposed out. No matter who, their gaze was definite to fall on those two hills first.

As if she had sensed Su Ke’s sight, that woman showed off by exposing her curves. It seemed that the pink garment might rupture at any moment as her bosom might break off its bounds.

“Eh!” Su Ke quickly shifted his sight upwards, following along her neck. He almost experienced a blood-rush again. It was a typical big-busted baby-faced woman with a pair of bright, limpid eyes. Her small cherry lips could make a person become lost in fantasy as the lips touched each other as she spoke.

“Restless, you say? Let me ask you, aren’t you actually all wet with desire?” the woman who said this also left a deep impression on Su Ke. She seemed to be around 30, with a well-rounded figure which radiated a mature charm. She spoke out as she set out her hand to feel that big-busted baby-faced woman’s butt.

“Big Sis Zheng, you’re so bad! Don’t talk about others, I just now clearly noticed the expression in your eyes. Quickly say it, is your family’s stud unable to satisfy you?” That big-busted baby-faced woman sprung to the side, her plentiful twin peaks bouncing on the way as she began to strike back at that mature woman.

“You naughty girl. See how I strip you bare and spank your bottom!” That mature woman pounced like a hungry tiger while the big-busted baby-faced woman caused storms with each of her little steps. Like this, the entire 3rd floor became lively again, with someone else joining the fray immediately. The mood became fervent and ambiguous; it was truly a feast for the eyes—a scene of passion!

Su Ke was bewildered with the view before him. Each of their visages seemed like a butterfly within the flowers. Yet, it’s just like rainless thunder; weren’t you going to strip her bare? Weren’t you going to spank her bottom? Why hasn’t it happened?!

“Ignore them, they are all hollow and lonely, wishing to eat you!” Luo Fei Yan came over with a mineral water bottle and handed it over.

Su Ke, however, seemed to be looking at them pounce on each other with a blush and appeared to have not heard her.

“Neh! Little Shota, are you aroused?” Luo Fei Yan had to wave the mineral water bottle in front of his eyes

“Eh! Big Sis Yan, what did you say?” The reason Su Ke seemed to be dazed just now was that he took this chance to have a look at the LCD screen of the Flower Pickup System. He didn’t expect to see a lot of notices.

“Mission: Obtain a beautiful client’s hug x1 (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB.”


“Mission: Obtain a beautiful client’s hug x2 (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB.”


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“Mission: Obtain a beautiful client’s hug x8 (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB.”

Only allowed on


This mission had been completed eight times, and each gave 200 RMB, totaling to 1600 RMB. This money was earned too smoothly. Su Ke didn’t ponder now about how this could be considered a cheat way. Anyways, the Renminbi (RMB) was genuine.

“Come over, let them have fun for a while. Big Sis will discuss your wages!” Luo Fei Yan raised her arm and coiled it around Su Ke’s shoulder naturally. Immediately, a feminine fragrance drilled into Su Ke’s nostrils.

This wasn’t the most vexing part. Since Luo Fei Yan’s height was quite tall, her lofty bosom snuggled against Su Ke’s arm.

It had adequate flexibility—squeezing, deforming, and springing as they walked. Su Ke’s heart palpitated, his breathing became rushed, and his legs turned into jelly; he almost fell into Luo Fei Yan’s embrace.

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