Chapter 24: Divine Song

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character felt his legs become jelly as his body got squashed by the bosoms of those beautiful women. Unable to speak out, all kinds of enthralling perfumes bore into his nostrils, making his breathing rushed as if he had taken a stimulant.

It’s all over; these women might even violate me on the spot! Where had Su Ke experienced such a scene? The flock of women before his eyes transformed into molesters in a flash! Am I going to be done in like this? Can a pure virgin like me handle this?

The more Su Ke thought, the tenser he became. He even began to ignore the mission completed beeps from the Flower Pickup System.

“Neh, neh! You’ve done enough. Don’t become addicted to teasing, see how much you’ve scared my family’s Little Shota!” Luo Fei Yan spoke out at this moment. Her husky voice had sufficient enticement as well as a hint of seductiveness.

Su Ke finally escaped with his life from those women’s encirclement after Luo Fei Yan spoke out. He stood there with a flushed appearance. The warmth of those women seemed to have remained on his body, making him feel awkward and unable to find words to speak.

“We haven’t even done anything yet. Fei Yan, are you jealous? Little Shota, how about you book a room with Big Sis after a while? There’s no work at my side; Big Sis will keep you!”

Su Ke was frightened. Turning to take a look, that woman possessed a well-rounded figure as well as a bountiful bosom. She wore a dazzling pure white, silver blended bat jacket, which exposed a little of her arms and bosom. Though a face mask covered her face, it could be made out from the outline that she was a beauty.

Feeling his face warm up, he gulped down. The woman before his eyes had unexpectedly worn a bright black brassiere under the jacket, forming a monochrome contrast with ample enticement.

“Eh!” The lace border of that woman’s brassiere could be seen clearly by Su Ke. His sight unnaturally fell above those two plentiful peaks, soon after which he nervously moved his sight over towards Luo Fei Yan.

“Fudge!” Never mind this look, Su Ke had to take care his insides didn’t churn again. Today, Luo Fei Yan had worn a different attire than before. Her wine red curly hair was tied into a ponytail, looking very charming. A skintight black cotton sleeveless top firmly enclosed her body, accompanied by red booty shorts below, which exposed her tender, slender, sexy and snowy legs.

Compared to her legs, that red booty shorts might as well be non-existent. It barely covered her thighs. Su Ke felt his blood rush towards his lower abdomen. Hence, he quickly moved his sight towards the floor.

“Hehe, Big Sis Yan, look how crimson your family’s Little Shota has become! This kind of pure little schoolboy is my type!” Su Ke didn’t dare to raise his head, but he could make out that someone else had spoken this.

“Shoo! You these perverts, each of you are brimming with love! Don’t think you can aim for him. I’m informing you, you can only look at him from afar and aren’t allowed to play with him. Except for this time, if you ever repeat it again, I’ll make my family’s Su Ke eat you all!”

Luo Fei Yan giggled while pointing towards the flock of women. The whole room burst into laughter immediately.

“Big Sis Yan, have you already eaten this Little Shota?!”

“Yes. Big Sis Yan, how was the flavor? Tell us!”

“Yeah. Fei Yan, did you record it? Let us sisters take a look; we’ll also enjoy it!”

These women kept exchanging words. The more Su Ke listened, the gloomier he felt. This is bare naked slander! These perverts indeed don’t possess humanity. I am a genuine-sincere-pure virgin! How can they depict me as a master on the bed!

The more he thought, the more furious he felt. Su Ke wanted to hold a whip, make these women all lie on the bed and spank their butts one by one—Will you dare to slander me?! Will you dare to tease me?!

“Alright. Everyone, honestly go lie on the bed!” Luo Fei Yan clapped her hands to calm down these bustling women.

“Lie? On the bed?” Su Ke was dazed when he heard Luo Fei Yan. Since when had this boss become so considerate of her underlings? My delusion, is she helping me accomplish my objective? Is this the legendary spiritual heart-to-heart communication?

But I only thought about it!

“Eh! Boss, Big Sis Yan, I—!” Su Ke raised his trembling face. Such a thing as spanking butts, he absolutely couldn’t do that. When he saw those women all hurry back to their spa bed, he immediately swallowed his words down his throat.

To spank or not? That’s the issue! Su Ke struggled with constant hesitation.  As a man, should I avoid making a fuss about these women and spare them of their guilt of teasing me? Or should I deliver them a petty punishment to teach them a lesson?

“Don’t get involved with them. They are all reincarnations of perverts!” Luo Fei Yan winked towards Su Ke and then walked towards her spa bed while saying, “Show off to them, let them experience your piano skill!”

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Su Ke gazed at Luo Fei Yan’s silhouette. That seductive pair of buttocks wrapped up by the booty shorts swayed left and right as her snowy legs were emitted a radiance as graceful as the spring breeze supporting a willow.

“Gulp!” Su Ke finally noticed a group of beauticians in pink livery. Only when they walked towards the spa bed did he realize that these women laid there for a beautification massage!

He took a deep breath. The bustling lounge area immediately became empty. Su Ke pacified his mood and walked over towards the piano. My job is to play the piano, these women’s teasing seemed to be just the warm-up.

Su Ke still hadn’t even reached near the piano when he heard Luo Fei Yan’s voice from behind, “Sisters, what do you want to hear? Feel free to request, one kiss for one performance!”

“Fudge!” Su Ke almost staggered. This beautiful boss’s teasing is simply like a storm.

A tossed stone arises a thousand ripples; in simpler words, Luo Fei Yan caused the 3rd floor to become lively again. “Big Sis Yan, is it a French kiss? If so, I’ll request a dozen first!”

“Go line up alright. Big Sis Yan, can I get the 1-year package?”

“Eh! Big Sis Yan, is there an issue if I forgot to brush my teeth?”

Su Ke finally sat on top of the piano bench with a dazed head. He took a few deep breaths to adjust his mood and exercised his flexible fingers.

“All Big Sisters, I can only play a few songs, so please choose a simple one!” Su Ke knew that if he didn’t speak out, the words these women would speak might excite him. He could already feel his little brother soar, were it not for the tight jeans, he would have been exposed long ago.

His voice trembled a little due to the nervousness.


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Su Ke heard someone’s response. They stopped as if to reflect and he also perked up his ears. After all, this was his first show, and he couldn’t mess it up.

“Then, play ‘Eighteen Touches’!” The woman seemed to have selected it after careful deliberation before saying it seriously; her beautiful voice was melodious and touching.

“Pffft!” Su Ke almost lost his breath. Isn’t this ‘Eighteen Touches’ the monarch of songs which has died out in the country long ago?

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