Chapter 23: Hugs! Free for All!

“What did you say just now?” Wei Lan appeared as if she hadn’t heard Su Ke2Su KeMain Character. She tilted her head and asked again, furrowing her brows.

“Eh, nothing. It’s nothing!” Seeing her expression, Su Ke rejoiced that she hadn’t heard him. What happened just now? How could I blurt that out like that? It isn’t my style!  

Su Ke believed he was an honest and proper youngster. A matter such as flirting with a girl wouldn’t happen at all, it must be my misconception.

Mmn, it’s surely a misconception! Su Ke repeated in his mind.

Wei Lan quietly mumbled when she saw Su Ke’s cheeks blush, “Didn’t you just say ‘kiss me’?”

“Aaah? You heard it?” Su Ke was startled. His eyes widely opened, feeling it was unfathomable. Only, he hadn’t expected that Wei Lan wouldn’t get angry and instead shyly watch the pavement in the front.

“Will you?” Muddled due to the mission reward. Su Ke weakly probed out with his heart filled with hope. I was just thinking about how to complete the mission, has an opportunity arrived?

“Kiss—yeah, right! Su Ke, you rogue!” Wei Lan finally exploded out. Her baby face seethed with anger, and her shy blushing dimples appeared to be like two little horns as she roared towards Su Ke. If they weren’t riding the bicycles, she would have surely delivered a few kicks.

“Eh! Is there a need to be angry if you aren’t going to even kiss? Anger will harm your body. It’s liable to cause pimples, hormone imbalance and menstruation disorder!” Words flowed out freely since he had become familiar with Wei Lan. Only, once he had finished speaking, he realized the matter seemed far from good.

As she looked at Su Ke, Wei Lan’s expression transformed. The twin peaks wrapped by the pure white cotton T-shirt had already risen, heaving up and down in anger. It was soon time for the volcano to explode.

“Su Ke! Stop!” Wei Lan chased behind him as Su Ke dashed forwards, yelling with all her strength. The surrounding passerby were all frightened and looked at them one by one.

Su Ke directly reached till Fengze Residential Area and stopped below Wei Lan’s home.

“Angry?” Looking at Wei Lan come over pouncing while blushing, Su Ke scratched his head with embarrassment.

“Humph! Pervert!” Wei Lan sent a fierce glance and pouted. Her furious appearance seemed to have a bashful grace, which dazzled Su Ke.

“Eh, a kiss won’t make you pregnant!” For some reason, Su Ke liked to have a war of words with this girl, as well as liked to see her angry appearance.


Wei Lan delivered the expectations, directly sending a kick over towards Su Ke’s thigh.

“Haha, I’ll leave first!” Su Ke moved swiftly. The moment she raised her leg, he had already escaped and vanished without even turning his head back.

Su Ke’s next stop was Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club. He felt nervous as this was his first time going to work, especially since he’ll have to confront that Baigujing-like beautiful boss, Luo Fei Yan.

Su Ke took a deep breath as he stood at the entrance of Her Humble Fragrance. He heard a beep sound from the Flower Pickup System as he was about to take a step forward, so he quickly gave a look. Another mission was listed below the mission to obtain Wei Lan’s first kiss.

“Mission: Obtain a beautiful client’s hug; Reward: 200 RMB.”

“Fudge!” Su Ke slapped his head. “This mission is also too extreme. I still haven’t seen a single client, and if I hug one. Perhaps I may even get fired. Even that Luo Fei Yan wouldn’t let a pervert be a pianist!”

Su Ke took another deep breath. He tidied his figure with the help of the glass door in front. In its reflection, Su Ke seemed to be nimble and short, had long thin brows with bright and clear black pupils. Together with bright white T-shirt and full jeans, it expressed a youthful energy.

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“I never noticed I looked this handsome!” Su Ke soliloquized as he pushed the glass door to walk inside Her Humble Fragrance.

Lin Xiaobai wore the usual silver livery, which revealed her vivid figure due to being slim-fit. She smiled when she saw Su Ke enter through the door. “Su Ke, congrats on becoming an employee of Her Humble Fragrance.”

Lin Xiaobai extended her hand towards Su Ke.

Those delicate and soft fingers seemed to be boneless, yet smooth, tender and ice-cold to the touch. That softness felt very comfortable. Only, Su Ke didn’t dare to take advantage of the situation and smiled with a glitter. “Thank you for the support, Big Sis Xiaobai!”

“Quite glib! I didn’t help you with much. Quickly go up, the boss is on the 3rd floor!” Lin Xiaobai said softly, pointing towards the stairs. “Only, you better prepare your heart!”

Su Ke didn’t understand the implication of Lin Xiaobai’s words and heard lovely laughs coming through from upstairs. The endless chatter seemed to be a group of lively women.

Su Ke had come over during lunch last two times, therefore, there weren’t any clients. Only, it was 7:30 PM now, precisely the prime time for beautification.

The prime time to do beautification was from noon 4 PM to nighttime 8 PM, as the circulation of blood in the body increased during this time. A rise in the levels of oxygen in the blood and the organs were active, and the body could absorb ample nourishment. Only, people don’t have free time from 4-6 PM, hence, 7-9 PM became the prime time for beautification.

“Sisters, look who’s come!” Su Ke just appeared when he got caught by the beautiful boss, Luo Fei Yan. This alluring woman leaped from the sofa and clapped her hands, drawing everyone’s attention towards him.

“Yay! Little handsome guy!”

“Fancy-style cute guy!”

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“This is the Little Shota Big Sis Yan is keeping?”

How could Su Ke handle seeing this scene? The 3rd floor’s client serving area had seven women, all with face masks, chatting while laying on the sofa. Tricked by Luo Fei Yan, they all stopped to take a look at Su Ke.

Su Ke felt his legs go jelly. “Have I entered the cave of a silken web?” Alluring women were in groups. Though separated by a layer of cover, each had a nice figure and curves; they were all well-proportioned. One look made his heart thump madly and caused his vision to go black.

By the time Su Ke came over, a woman wearing a face mask had dragged him towards those group of women.

“Little Shota, come, let Big Sis hug you!”

“I also want to hug!”

“Big Sis Yan, you won’t be jealous, right? I’ll also hug!”

Su Ke felt like weeping but had no tears. He wanted to condemn these women. This matter was too unreasonable. They hadn’t asked for his approval and forcibly hugged him, that too with insincerity. They hugged for a short time, and by the time one finished, another hug followed up.

Suddenly, a beep sound echoed out from the Flower Pickup System. Taking a look, Su Ke was exalted.

“Mission: Obtain beautiful client’s hug x1 (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB!”


“Mission: Obtain beautiful client’s hug x2 (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB.”


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