Chapter 22: Kiss Me!

Besides academics, the fate of a senior year student was to study. Only, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character already has two friends now, Wei Lan and Wang Xiaogang.  

Besides chatting with them sometimes, Su Ke’s life was the same, calm and reserved. It was just that he had begun taking his studies seriously.

Su Ke realized that he had to improve his Literature, English, and Physics performance if he wished to pass the university entrance examination. As the system rewards were only tangible after withdrawing, he simply couldn’t lay in wait.

“Oi! Su Ke, do you remember that Huang Mao? The one whom you hurled last time!” Availing the time after class had ended, Wang Xiaogang spoke in a low voice, leaning forward at Su Ke’s desk.

“Huang Mao? Mmn, I remember!” Su Ke naturally knew Huang Mao. Ever since he had dealt with him using Military Fitness Boxing, he hadn’t appeared for several days. Su Ke felt this was somewhat unexpected as he was on guard against Huang Mao’s retaliation.

“That Huang Mao got arrested for a crime!” Wang Xiaogang brought this up with a delight-filled smile, which let Su Ke understand the reason for the peace of the past few days.

Though Wang Xiaogang had no contacts with those hooligans off-campus, his face was widespread enough on-campus. Hence, he knew a lot of information.

“You still have to be careful; he might come out in a few days!” Wang Xiaogang seemed to have a clear understanding about this lockup.

“Mmn. I’ll be careful!” Su Ke nodded. He had sometimes chatted with Wang Xiaogang during the past few days in his free time. Gradually, he came to consider him as his good friend.

“Hehe, are you and Wei Lan dating now?” Saying so, Wang Xiaogang hugged Su Ke’s shoulder, squinted his eyes and spoke with raised brows, “Look, your attire has become more suave!”

“Shoo!” As his friendship with Wang Xiaogang deepened, his tone became very free. He directly pushed him to the side; Wang Xiaogang giggled and was about to run, but it was followed by an “Ouch!” cry.

Wei Lan held a Mathematics Exercise Book in her hand, almost knocking Wang Xiaogang with it; his giggle became even more joyous. “I’ll go!”

“What’s up?” Su Ke smiled at Wei Lan. Today’s his first day of work at Her Humble Fragrance, so he had especially worn different clothes. Above, he wore a bright white T-shirt, below, he wore jeans. Though they weren’t newly bought clothes, they were very neat and fresh.

Su Ke’s skin itself was entirely fair, a pair of cute cheeks and long narrow brows along with clear star-like bright pupils. Wei Lan’s face blushed immediately when her gaze met with Su Ke’s.

“Nothing, I’m unable to solve this problem. Help me with it!”

“Eh? You want me to help you?” Though Su Ke felt it was somewhat surprising, he still received it. A glance at the mathematical exercise gave birth to the solution reasoning in his mind. Only, to be honest, this problem was easy. As the class academics committee member, she ought to have solved it.

Is this girl looking for an opportunity to approach me? As Su Ke thought this, his heartbeat sped up and his body heated up. A schoolgirl had never taken the initiative to approach him before! The more he thought, the more excited he became. Soon, his cute cheeks had already become as red as a monkey’s buttcheeks.

“How’s the problem solved?” Wei Lan leaned towards Su Ke as she spoke.

The faint fragrance from Wei Lan’s body assailed Su Ke’s nostrils. As this virgin scent drifted into his nasal cavities, his breath became rushed, and his feet turned into jelly.

“What were you talking about just now?” Wei Lan moved a step forward again, using a little voice to ask which only Su Ke could hear.

“Eh!” Su Ke didn’t expect Wei Lan to ask such a question. He couldn’t react immediately and then remarked, “Nothing!”

“Don’t try to fool me. You were laughing so jovially, so you must have spoken ill of me!” Wei Lan had seen Wang Xiaogang run over to Su Ke’s side and also saw him intentionally turn around to look at her as they laughed. Her intuition gave her the feeling that their talk was related to her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come over.

The more Su Ke listened, the more stunned he became. Before he could explain it, he felt pain from his arm, causing him to suck in a cold breath. If his voice weren’t usually dull, he might have yelled out.

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“Humph!” Wei Lan withdrew her hand back. When Su Ke was distracted just now, she firmly pinched his arm with her thumb and forefinger and then ran away feeling wholly pleased.

“Fudge! What happened just now?” Su Ke felt like weeping but had no tears. Being pinched fiercely without good cause, not to mention he couldn’t set out for revenge!

The class bell rung at this moment. Su Ke also heard a beep sound from the Flower Pickup System’s space simultaneously and had a look at it.

“Mission: Obtain Wei Lan’s first kiss; Reward: Senior High School Science Comprehensive Proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

Su Ke hadn’t recovered from his shock even after the teacher had entered the class and began teaching. This mission is too exotic, just because this girl had pinched me, I have to seize her first kiss now?

T-This Flower System Pickup is too excessive with its revenge!

Only, this reward, Senior High School Sciences Comprehensive Proficiency (Intermediate Level), is indeed too attractive. There’s hope to obtain full marks for the Mathematics exam, and if this reward is added, then the outcome of the college entrance exam would be more assured!

But this mission is too troublesome! Su Ke cursed in his mind. After all, obtaining the first kiss wasn’t as simple as touching Li Feifei’s buttocks. Though touching someone’s buttocks could be said to be accidental, but this time, it was a kiss! Till now, he still hadn’t experienced the flavor of a schoolgirl’s kiss!

No matter what, Su Ke had to obtain this reward. The question was how to complete this mission. By the time he had pacified his mood after careful rumination, the teacher seemed to have said something a moment ago, but he didn’t listen to it.

When the classes ended at noon, Su Ke accompanied Wei Lan.

For some reason, Wei Lan regretted her actions when she saw the coin-sized red mark on Su Ke’s arm. She quietly asked, “Still hurts?”

Su Ke’s face had an innocent expression as he said with a strained face, “Really hurts!”

“I’m sorry. I also didn’t want to use so much force!” Wei Lan and Su Ke rode their bicycles side by side. Her chubby babyface had two clouds of blushes under the shining sunset as she spoke, “What should I do? I’ve already pinched it anyways!”

“Shall I invite you for a treat then?” As if she had decided on a means, Wei Lan turned to look at Su Ke.

“No need for a treat!”

“What do you want then?”

“Kiss me!”

Two individuals, one question, and a reply. As Su Ke looked at Wei Lan, that attractive mission kept appearing in his mind, thus he spoke out without any reflection.

“What?” Wei Lan’s eyes opened wide as she adopted an expression of incredulity. “What did you say just now?”

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