Chapter 21: Senior High School Mathematics – Cleared

By the time he looked at the piece of paper which had the mobile no. of Hong Chen written, she had disappeared. Su Ke2Su KeMain Character didn’t expect to be acquainted with two beauties as he set about to grab the thief.

One mature elder sister, one pretty young lady, just like “spring orchid and autumn chrysanthemum, each glorious in its purview.” Su Ke kept the paper inside his pocket and promptly rushed home.

First, the job application at Her Humble Fragrance followed by the thief chase; second, a chat with Sun Yao, and then finally, accepting Hong Chen’s short interview. The sky had already become dark. To prevent his parents from worrying, Su Ke cycled very fast, reaching his home after a few minutes.

“Dad, Mom, I’m home!” Su Ke stood outside and called out towards the inside.

“Go ahead!” Su Youfu waved his hand, laying to rest his concern after seeing Su Ke returned home safely.

The main reason for Su Ke to hurry back home was to verify this time’s mission rewards. Once he entered his home, he didn’t do anything else and directly accessed the Flower Pickup System space.

The LCD screen had two mission notices:

“Mission: Grab the thief, return the lost object (COMPLETE); Reward: 400RMB.”


“Mission: Accept Hong Chen’s interview (COMPLETE); Reward: Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Advanced Level).”


Without the slightest hesitation, Su Ke directly withdrew the rewards of the two missions. Keeping the four 100 RMB bills aside, he immediately felt a warm current wander within his mind;  enormous amounts of mathematical knowledge mixed in with it.

After the warm current drifted for a moment, it slowly faded. However, the mathematical formulae, theorems, solution reasoning, etc. took root in his mind.

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Su Ke took the Mathematics Exercise Book from his school bag and combed through a section in passing. Laying on his stomach at the tabletop, he madly rushed through the problems; the pen’s speed was intense as a soaring dragon, to the point where he didn’t even notice the passage of time.

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“Woot! It’s unimaginable!” After some time, Su Ke compared his answers to the solution at the back; his accuracy had reached 100% now. He blankly stared at this incredible feat and then checked it once again, yet it still seemed to be true.

“No, let’s try another section!” Su Ke shook his head and continued to immerse himself in bitter solving.

After an hour, Su Ke looked at the exercise book in his hand, his heart as happy as a blooming flower. He answered three sections from the exercise book and seemed to be correct. Moreover, the time he used to solve them was equivalent to the time taken to solve a single section.

A student who always wavered around the passing score in each Mathematics exam had realized that he had completely cleared Senior High School Mathematics. What kind of mood would this produce?

Anyways, Su Ke’s mouth twitched from happiness as he continuously giggled with the exercise book in hand.

“What? You want to use your evening time to do a part-time job?” At the dining table, Su Youfu’s initially smiling face suddenly turned solemn. Even Zhang Xue laid the rice bowl down and furrowed her brows.

“Yes! I already found a good part-time job today, a pianist position at a beauty salon. From 7 PM to 9 PM, it’s just over at Beichen Road, quite near to our house!” Su Ke had already practiced his speech before returning home to his parents. Hence, he fluently replied.

“Why?” Su Youfu’s voice seemed tired; he appeared to be disappointed with Su Ke’s mindset.

“Dad, I’m grown up now. I’ll have to leave home for studying at the University once I graduate from my senior year. I want to associate with the society earlier so that it will be beneficial towards my university student life!” Su Ku naturally couldn’t say that he was laundering money. Only, once he spoke out his reasons, Su Youfu’s complexion improved a bit.

“Su Ke, your mindset to associate with society is good. Only, I don’t wish for you to do so if your aim is to lighten the financial pressure on our shoulders!” Papa Su seemed to have lost his appetite and laid the chopsticks down to look at Su Ke.

“Mmn. We’ll provide for you to study at University even if our family has to put everything on the line. Moreover, our family’s condition hasn’t fallen to such a stage. You cannot hinder your studies due to such thoughts; else it will affect your university entrance examination grades!” Zhang Xue loved Su Ke very much. Seeing Su Youfu’s still serious expression, she feared her son would fall out with his father.

“Mom!” Su Ke could only act spoiled in front of Zhang Xue; he stretched his voice, “You truly underestimate your son!” Saying so, he got up and took out the Mathematics Exercise Book from his school bag.

He spoke while turning the pages over to the three sections he had solved just now. “Mom, take a look, I answered them all correctly!”

“Son, did you copy the answers?” Zhang Xue took a look and asked with doubt. She handed the exercise book over to Su Youfu then.

Seeing their doubtful expressions, Su Ke helplessly sighed. He took the book and directly solved problems on the dining table.

To demonstrate his strength, Su Ke solved them faster than the previous record. Su Youfu and Zhang Xue also lost their mood to eat and looked from aside.

Once Su Ke finished it, he turned over to the answers pages at the back and handed the book back. “Dad, Mom, the answers are at the back. You can check them!”

Though Su Ke’s parents were oblivious to Senior High School Mathematics, he had already pointed out the answers page. They were startled when they took a look because each problem was entirely correct.

They knew Su Ke’s actual performance. After all, the school reports needed to be signed by the family head and returned. As far as they knew, the Mathematics exam was the mercy of Lord Buddha.

Su Ke came to realize the merit of good performance in studies when he looked at his parents’ shocked expressions. Though it was the Flower Pickup System’s contribution, this Mathematics performance belonged to him.

“How? It’s impossible to accomplish this even if I mugged up the answers!” A proud expression appeared on Su Ke’s face; he continued to speak to his dumbstruck parents, “I’m confident that it’s no problem to qualify for the key universities through the undergraduate university entrance examination!”

Indeed, Su Ke had pondered over this seriously. Currently, his performance in English and Literature could be considered to be average. Physics Proficiency had reached the Basic Level, and a full score on Mathematics confirmed. There were no blocks towards the undergraduate course, and if he received similar rewards again, even key universities were in his hand’s grasp.

Su Youfu and Zhang Xue were indeed frightened with the facts before their eyes. They seriously thought over the matter of Su Ke’s desire to do a part-time job.

“After a week, we’ll be having our monthly examinations. If my performance isn’t up to par, there’s no need for you to say; I’ll leave the part-time job immediately!” Su Ke struck the iron while it was hot.

“Mmn! Son, these are your words, we’ll look at your performance in this time’s monthly examination!” Su Youfu glanced at his wife and nodded, finally agreeing to it.

This night was foreordained to be chaotic. Su Ke’s parents discussed his performance of Mathematics on the bed. As for Su Ke, he returned to his room and turned the computer on in a happy mood, and then he shuddered in fear.

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