Chapter 26: One Second Transformation

Luo Fei Yan pressed her soft bosom against Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s arm without any misgivings, nearing his ear to exhale a fragrant breath. “That innocent-faced big-busted girl is named Du Wan, and that mature girl is named Qin Zheng. What do you say? If you feel tempted, shall Big Sis introduce them to you?”

Right now, Luo Fei Yan was leading Su Ke. He wasn’t even able to take a single step forward by himself. Hearing her words, he felt his mouth become parched; this kind of scene was indeed difficult for him to handle.

He hummed and hawed while speaking, “B-Big Sis Yan, I—!”

“Haha, see how scared you are!” A smile sneaked up on her face as she saw Su Ke’s flushed appearance. The more Su Ke became nervous, the more amusing she found it; she continued, “Don’t worry. Your Big Sis Yan won’t give you to them. It ought to be I, your boss, the one to enjoy first!”

Su Ke suddenly felt a warm breeze enter his ear. Luo Fei Yan’s distinctive body fragrance drilled into his nostrils, causing him to feel numb as the soft flesh pressed against his arm. He felt a flame spread out from his lower abdomen.

Luo Fei Yan noticed Su Ke’s walking posture seemed a little strange. She slanted her head to look; as he walked, his butt was slightly pointing backward, and on the zipper part of his jeans, a bump had appeared.

“Hah! And you still say you don’t feel tempted. I see that there’s already a reaction?” Regardless of Su Ke’s incredibly awkward appearance, Luo Fei Yan directly spoke out.  Su Ke’s eyes glistened with tears, almost having an urge to make a death-wish due to the shame. Is there a need for you to be so frank? So what if a tent has risen there? It’s a natural reaction, okay?

Seeing Su Ke not say a word, Luo Fei Yan’s laughter became more cheerful. She at least seemed to be considerate. “Don’t feel ashamed. I know this is a natural reaction. It’ll be a wonder if your little guy can endure this flock of charm demons!”

Su Ke wanted to shout that she’s the greatest charm demon, but he couldn’t speak out. The jeans were quite tight, and it gave a kind of unfathomable pleasure as his little brother pressed against the jeans.

“Heavens! What am I supposed to do?” If he continued walking in this manner, Su Ke felt anxious that another embarrassing affair might occur. Luckily, Luo Fei Yan raised the bead curtain at the piano side at this moment.

Just like a runaway wild horse, Su Ke leaped to sit on the piano bench. Taking irregular gasps, he lowered his head deeply. How could he dare to look at Luo Fei Yan now?

“Okay, okay. Let’s talk about decent stuff!” Luo Fei Yan laid on the piano edge, giggling at Su Ke’s embarrassing appearance. Then, she folded her hands together and leaned down to gaze at him.

Big Sis, you know yourself how indecent your words were just now! Su Ke silently shouted in his mind. Sensing her lean down, he finally raised his head.

As she leaned down, her twin peaks directly pressed against her arms, and those two flesh mounds bound by the black top immediately rose outwards—it seemed as if they might even escape the bounds. That snow white skin dazzled before Su Ke’s eyes.

“I forgot to talk about the wages last time. Your working hours are nighttime 7-9 PM everyday. However, this also isn’t fixed. If you have anything to do, you must directly inform me. After all, you’re in your senior year, a critical stage. I don’t want you to have a life-long regret because you had this part-time job!”

Luo Fei Yan also turned serious as she spoke, her tone void of the previous enticement, “My club has also started the business just recently. There’s not much I can provide you as there are still payments to settle. Let’s do this, 1500 per month, also, it’s not calculated on a pay-per-day basis. It’s 1500 per month!”

Infected by Luo Fei Yan’s tone, Su Ke also calmed the demonic fire in this heart. His little brother had also given in and recovered to its relaxed state. Deliberately avoiding the snow white zone before his eyes, he nodded.

Wages of 1500 RMB was already according to Su Ke’s expectations. At a small city like Langfang, the lowest expenses to ensure a livelihood was 800 RMB. Moreover, even most of the recent university graduates all live by with a meager wage of a few hundred RMB.

Su Ke knew Luo Fei Yan was showing consideration for him, otherwise, it’s impossible to hold this kind of wages for just two hours of work each day. He felt moved.

Su Ke looked at her with gratitude as he vehemently nodded. “Thank you, Big Sis Yan! I’ll do well!”

“Hehe, indeed. Do well!”

Perhaps it was Su Ke’s misconception, but ‘Do well’ these two words seemed to have a different kind of flavor when spoken by her. Especially that ‘do[干 – It means ‘to do,’ and is also a vulgar slang: ‘to f***’]’ word, whether it was intentional or not, the pitch seemed high.

Su Ke just calmed down with great difficulty. He forced himself to not carelessly use the auto-complete in his mind to prevent an insurrection by his little brother.

“The wages are given on 10th of each month. It’s also fine for you to take them earlier. Hehe, you’re also bound to enjoy the benefits if Big Sis needs you to offer special services later on!” Luo Fei Yan laughed. That laughter seemed to contain an otherworldly charm of blooming flowers.

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“Pffft!” Su Ke’s mood, which he had difficulty restrained, was disturbed again due to this beautiful boss. Has this Luo Fei Yan learned the long-lost ‘One Second Pervert Transformation Skill’?

Su Ke clenched his teeth and said in a deadpan manner, “To serve Big Sis Yan is my duty. I’ll fulfill my responsibilities!”

“Haha. Good, those are your words!” Luo Fei Yan didn’t expect Su Ke to say such words. The blossoming flower seemed happier along with the laughter.

It was just that, to Su Ke, this pure little schoolboy, this charm demon before his eyes seemed to be the incarnation of anarchy. It was a severe test for his adolescence. He even decided to look at the “Pure Heart Mantra” online once he returns home. If he ran into this kind of circumstances again, he hoped to settle his thoughts by using it.

Su Ke took many ragged gasps as he saw Luo Fei Yan leave through the bead curtain step by step while swaying her butt wrapped in the red booty shorts. He shook his head, throwing the evil thoughts away.

He exercised his fingers and pounded the piano keys once again. This time, it was the cheerful and lighthearted “Summer”, with each note transmitting a happy mood. Those women outside the bead curtain began dancing wildly like demons—or more to say, a wild dance by perverts.

“Little Shota, I’m going now. Remember to think of me!”

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“Lil’ Bro Su, come. Let me hug again!”

“Mmuwha!” A woman sent a flying kiss towards Su Ke and then waved towards him. She went down making light steps.

Each one of them gradually left. The 3rd floor had become calm, yet it still wasn’t 9 PM. Su Ke didn’t know whether he had to stay idle here for the remaining time, but there was a weapon of mass destruction here—the grand charm demon boss!

“Lil’ Bro Su, why don’t you stay overnight? Big Sis’ room is on the 4th floor – My bed’s quite huge!” Seeing Su Ke’s fidgety appearance, Luo Fei Yan asked while laughing.

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