Chapter 38: Together With a Strange Man


Seeing that, Chu Ling Xiao immediately speaks out in interest, “Your Ladyship, didn’t you left?  Why are you still here?  Don’t tell me you love the emperor too much and could not bear to leave.”


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Mo Qi Qi glares at Chu Ling Xiao unhappily as she says, “Prime Minister, you can randomly eats but you can never randomly speaks!  With what eyes are you seeing me unwilling to part with the emperor?”


What she said made him froze.  Is the empress possessed?  If this was in the past, she would have proudly admit to caring about the emperor, but now she actually looks disgusted by the idea.  The world is indeed ever-changing.  The empress no longer cares about the emperor, this is truly shocking.


Jun Qian Che’s heart is really unhappy when he heard that, but none of it shows on his emotionless face.  “Where are you going to, empress?”


Huh!  Mo Qi Qi can imagine a flock of crows flying over her head.  Was she that obvious; like she was trying to sneak in somewhere?  Such a sharp eyes!  Since he asked, might as well….. She clutches her stomach with a pained expression, “Your Majesty, chenqie has a stomachache.  Can chenqie use your bathroom for a moment?”


Jun Qian Che’s eyes flashes mockingly before he coldly speaks, “Use your own in Feng Yang Palace.”


Mo Qi Qi froze for a moment before she continues putting effort in her performance, “Your Majesty, don’t be so stingy!  I will just borrow it for a moment.”


“Only zhen can use zhen’s bathroom.  Go back to your Feng Yang Palace.”  Jun Qian Che emotionlessly chase her away.


“You—–“ Mo Qi Qi angrily points at her.


Jun Qian Che coldheartedly leaves an order, “Kill anyone who dares to let the empress use zhen’s bathroom.”  After saying that, he walks away with large strides.  Mo Qi Qi angrily points at the leaving Jun Qian Che, so angry she cannot find any words to say.


Chu Ling Xiao steps up to her with a sympathetic look on his face, “Your Ladyship, hurry and go.  Things might get back if you delays things like that.”  After that, he laughs nastily and follows Jun Qian Che.


“You—Both of you!  Jun Qian Che, you cheapskate!  Hmph!”  Mo Qi Qi stomps her feet on the ground angrily.


Chu Ling Xiao who chased after Jun Qian Che speaks out in worry, “Your Majesty, aren’t you afraid the empress cannot hold it in and ends up doing something that embarrasses you?”


Jun Qian Che snorts in disdain, “She is just pretending.  Don’t bother with her.”


Mo Qi Qi returns to her Feng Yang Palace in anger.


Seeing the look on her face, Ban Xiang asks her in concern, “Your Ladyship, what happened?  Weren’t you sending porridge to His Majesty?  Why do you look so furious?  His Majesty didn’t eat your porridge?”


“Don’t bring up that trash!  I kindheartedly gave him porridge early in the morning yet he won’t even let me use his toilet!  What a dog s*** emperor!  He is so stingy, how is he the master of the common populace?  I bet, that emperor will sooner or later——-“


Ban Xiang jumps over and covers her mouth.


Mo Qi Qi angrily push her hand away, “What are you doing, Ban Xiang?  Even you are bullying bengong?”


Ban Xiang looks aggrieved, “Your Ladyship, how can this servant bully you?  This servant is just afraid you will say disrespectful things.  If other people hears you and this reaches the emperor’s ears, you will be sent to death.”


“I am not afraid of him!  I cannot travel back, what is the difference between me right now and dying?  Hu hu hu…….” Mo Qi Qi lamented as she weeps tearlessly.  Why did she meet such a heartless trash like him?


“Your Ladyship,” a palace maid enters respectfully, “General Bai wishes to see you.”


Mo Qi Qi retrieves her composure as she asks, “General Bai?  Which General Bai?  Bengong doesn’t know him, turn him away.”


The maid retreats away but comes back moments later, “Your Ladyship, General Bai said that he was the winner of the tournament the other day.  You personally rewarded him that day, he is here to thank you for that.”


Mo Qi Qi impatiently replies, “Tell him that the emperor was the one who told bengong to reward him.  If he wants to thank someone, thank the emperor.”


Hearing that, Ban Xiang immediately stops her, “Your Ladyship, you have to meet this champion.”


Mo Qi Qi looks at her, puzzled, “Why?  Bengong knew him before?”


Since the other maid is still here, Ban Xiang didn’t reply her.  She only says, “Your Ladyship, since the champion is already here, it is discourteous to turn him away.  It is against the rules.”


“Aiya, the palace has so many rules.  Alright, let him in.”  Mo Qi Qi fixes her clothes before she sits down.  One day of not travelling back to her own time is one day of her acting as the empress of Hua Chen Kingdom.  She must play this role well if she didn’t want the emotionally unstable Jun Qian Che to target her.


The palace maid retreats to invite General Bai in.  Very quickly, General Bai who is wearing the red robe of the champion walks in.  “Bai Jiu greets Your Ladyship.”


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“No need to be so courteous, General Bai.”  Mo Qi Qi speaks out elegantly.


“Thanking the empress.”  Bai Jiu gets up and smiles brilliantly at Mo Qi Qi before glancing at the maids around them.


Suspicion rise within Mo Qi Qi: From the way the kid acts, it seems like he wants her to send all the maids away.  What is he trying to do?  On the tournament the other day, he actually winked at her.  Seems like this brat has guts.  He actually dares to get all indecent at her.  He actually dares to seek for her today; does he really have the guts to desire the empress?  If he really has impure ideas towards her, she will not be courteous.  She hates trash like these the most.


Seeing the quiet Mo Qi Qi, Ban Xiang speaks up on her behalf, “All of you retreat first.”


“Yes.”  The palace maids all retreat away.


Mo Qi Qi turns to Ban Xiang, half serious and half joking, “Ban Xiang, you are getting more and more gutsy.  You actually dares to send those people away without bengong’s permission.  Should bengong give you a promotion?”


Ban Xiang is scared, “Don’t be angry, Your Ladyship.  This servant is only doing this for you.”


“For me?”  Mo Qi Qi points at herself before bitterly laughing, “More like harming me!  You make me and a male stranger cooped inside a room together.  Let’s not talk about whether or not I can protect my life, if this spreads out, how good will it be for my reputation?”


Ban Xiang looks puzzled, “Male stranger?  Where?”


Mo Qi Qi knocks her in the head before scolding her, “Are you blind?  Is he not a person?”  She points at Bai Jiu.


Bai Jiu looks stunned hearing her.


Ban Xiang helplessly sighs, “Your Ladyship, don’t tell me you forgot even her?”



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