Chapter 16 – I Already Have A Wife

Brim Hat Bro?

He was sitting at the far corner of the square, as it was a blind spot from where she was sitting, she had not noticed him until now.

His getup was the same as how he looked when they first met in the forest yesterday.

Exuding an outstanding temperament and a mysterious elegance.

Huan Qing Yan’s finger immediately pointed at his direction, “Qing Yan can only deserve ordinary people like him. Only by marrying types like that, who have no surprising appearances and looking ordinary but not bizarre, will Qing Yan be able to live a peaceful life of contentment…”

Everyone followed her and looked at where she pointed…

“Eh, which country’s ambassador is that? To have the gall to steal a marriage from the royal family!”

“Although his face is hidden but from the aura he is emitting, he is definitely nobility! He does not look like someone you can easily trifle with…”

“Rumors had been circulating that Huan Bei Ming’s pampering of his daughter had reached an exaggerated level, and from the looks of it, it seems that they were all true. If I had such a reckless daughter, I would have killed and buried her a long time ago.”


Ji Mo Yan’s posture was relaxed. It was as though he did not see the blaming fingers pointing at him from all directions.

He looked at Huan Qing Yan and returned a nod, his movement and bearing was graceful. “I thank Lady Huan’s kind affections but I already have a wife and am afraid that I could not live a peaceful life of contentment with Young Lady…”

Huan Qing Yan was stunned.

Being rejected was not strange, after all, with her 150 kilos figure, if Brim Hat Bro did not reject her, she would have found it strange instead!

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What stunned her was the other sentence that Brim Hat Bro mocked her with.

Already have a wife and am afraid that I could not live a peaceful life of contentment with Young Lady…

This meant that Brim Hat Bro had a humorous side to him!

Not only Huan Qing Yan was thinking about this, even the servants beside Ji Mo Yan was shocked. Their master actually had the mood to joke with a fat lady? Did the sun rise from the west today?

The guests within the square all laughed out loud. However, as everyone laughed, they eventually saw the faces of the Hanging Cloud Emperor and the Ninth Prince turning red, and stopped immediately.

The emperor had wanted to regain some face by teasing Huan Qing Yan, little did he expect the lass to be so unbashful. She rather select a random man on the spot then choose to marry the Ninth Prince!

No matter how thick his old face was, he would not be able to hold it up.

Upon seeing the flow of the situation, Huan Bei Ming quickly approached her and sternly reprimanded, “Little Yan, you are already a fifteen years old lady. Even if you are not yet an adult, you are also no longer a child. How can you create such a scene? Quickly apologize to his majesty.”

Anyone who was not deaf would be able to understand that his words also meant to indirectly inform everyone that his daughter was still young, and causing a scene was something that could be forgiven. He was displaying his intention to defend his daughter.

After he finished, Huan Bei Ming quickly gave the emperor a deep bow, “Your majesty, Little Yan’s figure might be too fat, and might have affected her mind at times. Your majesty, Lord Ninth Prince, please do not be angry. I will bring Little Yan away and confirm her situation…”

The ugly look on the emperor’s face could not be compared to the one on Ninth Prince’s. The emperor was only being refused while the Ninth Prince was the real one that got slapped in the face from this incident!

The Ninth Prince’s face was as black as the bottom of a wok. This was the explanation that the Huan Family was using?

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If things ended like this, then wouldn’t he, the Ninth Prince, become a laughingstock from now on?

He coldly stopped Huan Bei Ming, “Huan Bei Ming, do you think that because you are an Imperial Chef, you will possess special rights? To treat the marriage that was bestowed by my lord father in this manner?”

“Little Yan’s temper has always been muddle-headed and stubborn, causing her language to be imprudent and rash at times. On top of that, yesterday she fell from the swing while she was playing on it and damaged her head in the process. I hope lord can understand.” Huan Bei Ming respectfully replied.

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