Chapter 17 – Hugged

As Huan Bei Ming’s words left his mouth, Huan Qing Yan immediately held her head with a pained expression, “Papa, Little Yan’s head is feeling painful. Ahhhh……”

As she spoke, her body began to sway and fell. She began rolling on the ground and rolled far away.

With her ball-like figure, as well as the intention to roll, she could reach whatever place she wanted by rolling…

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As she rolled, she reached the South-Eastern corner of the square and head towards a table, exactly to where the person who told her that they could not live a peaceful contented life, the Brim Hat Bro, “Ah… I am feeling dizzy; my head is so painful! Am I dying?”

She had wanted to roll under the table and out of sight of the Emperor and Ninth Prince… hoping to end the incident just like this.

Yet, Brim Hat Bro did not allow her plan to succeed.

He secretly lifted his leg, intending to kick her back into the center of the square!

Huan Qing Yan angrily glared at this familiar person with a cruel and unscrupulous heart. This was already their second meeting and they could be considered to have some fate, yet he not only did not try to help her, he also wanted to kick her! Where’s the compassion?!

That was truly hateful!

Even if she ignored the fact that they knew each other. He had also eaten tofu* made by the Huan Family, he should give some face for that!
(Cuppa: Eating tofu is also a slang normally used as a joke when a guy touched or wanted to touch a woman, normally the chest area for obvious reasons. Example: He tried to eat my tofu; He tried to touch me. This was also sometimes used by guys to joke at girls.)

Huan Qing Yan was determined to not let him off easily, you want to kick?

Then I would let you kick!

Since she had nothing to lose, Huan Qing Yan opened her arms and hugged the kicking leg and shouted, “Aiyo, Papa, Mama, Little Yan’s head is very painful, am I dying? Little Yan is still young and not even engaged. Even if I am to get engaged, I must first cure my illness and have a healthy body. Little Yan cannot take it anymore, please call the doctor…”

The leg released a hidden force in a bid to shake off Huan Qing Yan’s hands but how could Huan Qing Yan let him get what he wanted so easily? So she continued to tighten her hold, not letting up.

As both individuals used force, the result was Huan Qing Yan rolling off while hugging a shoe…

Ji Mo Yan on the other hand did not expect Huan Qing Yan to be so ferocious. A lady actually dared to do such an act that was beneath her status in front of everyone. He nearly fell backwards but eventually managed to stabilize himself after circulating his spirit energy. As he looked at his leg, what greeted him was his white sock.

His expression…twitched!

Madam Huan also did not care any longer and hastily ran towards Huan Qing Tan. Madam Huan wanted to assist her up but Huan Qing Yan continue to roll about on the floor while holding a shoe and frantically shouting her head was painful, her body was painful, everywhere was painful…

“The child’s father, Little Yan seems to be in serious pain, what if something happens to her…”

“I implore your majesty, the Emperor, to forgive Little Yan for this time. Her illness is flaring up badly; if you need to punish someone, then please punish me, her father. I am willing to take the place of Little Yan!” Huan Bei Ming used the opportunity to kneel and frantically said.

The Emperor and the Ninth Prince looked at each other. Their daughter had already ignored her image and rolled on the ground in front of everyone. She really did not want to be engaged, what else could they do?

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Under normal circumstances, the person and their family would immediately be executed.

However, Huan Bei Ming was an Imperial Chef whose talents only appeared once every thousand years. The Hanging Cloud Empire’s national power was increased by more than a little bit due to Huan Bei Ming serving them. Therefore, the Emperor could not only not execute him, he had to also retain his loyalty and prevent the other empires from poaching him.

Since the situation reached such a state, the Emperor could only say, “Little Yan was hurt to such a degree, yet you did not inform this Emperor. This Emperor will send the imperial doctor over to have a look and see how to help her. I will let today’s matter rest, Little Yan is indeed still young, we will discuss about her engagement when she’s older. Let’s focus on healing her body for now, quickly send her to rest and be healed…”

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