Volume 1, Chapter 38: Confrontation


The dancing continues after that incident.


Murong Cang glance at Hua Man Xi; since he is already participating in the banquet, that means he already settles the Hu Wei Camp.


“Man Xi, how is Hu Wei Camp?”


“Imperial grandfather, those helpers really can’t be messed with!  They tire me to death!”  Hua Man Xi crooks his body and leans against Duke Rong’s body.  Duke Rong’s face does not change, he uses his hand to gently push Hua Man Xi away before patting him on the shoulder, as though saying, sit properly!


“Stingy!  I was just leaning for a moment!”  Hua Man Xi grumbles in dissatisfaction.  Duke Rong’s face did not change while the crowd did not look surprised.  Duke Rong’s shizi has always been like that.  They thought he would change upon receiving the authority for Hu Wei Camp but he didn’t change at all.


Murong Cang raise his eyebrows, “Why?  Did you mess up?”

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“There is imperial grandfather covering for me, how can anything go wrong?”  Hua Man Xi shamelessly said.


“Oh, zhen’s affection has that much impact?” Murong Cang jokingly asks.


“Of course, those who did things in the dark all got angered to death by my mouth!  The arrogant ones were beaten to quell my anger, those who didn’t get hit were sent home!  The pigheaded ones on the other hand, well, they went under the sword.”


Princess Ming Zhu looks at her son in heartache; he clearly lost some weight.  She picks up a dish before putting it into his bowl.


“As expected, only my mother loves me!” Hua Man Xi butters her up.  Duke Rong’s eyes fall on him.  When he notice that his son has lost weight, he lowers his head and didn’t say anything.  Fathers know their sons the best.  Hua Man Xi may be speaking lightly, but he knows things have not been easy for him for the past ten days.  Hu Wei Camp has been under Rui Qinwang’s hands for so many years, it is impossible for it to have an easy transition.


Murong Cang understands that this is Hua Man Xi’s way of telling him that he has gotten control of Hu Wei Camp.


“But still, taking into account the number of people angered to death, the number of people beaten to death, the number of people sent away, and Rui Qinwang’s poor management, the number of people I can use is not enough.” Hua Man Xi complains.


The corner of Murong Cang’s lip twitches.  It is normal for Hu Wei Camp to lack people after the cleansing.  Just as he was starting to worry, Yun Qian Yu speaks up, “The examination will start soon.”  His heart immediately calms down.


Did Hua Man Xi think this up with Yun Qian Yu?


“What do you want?”


Hua Man Xi immediately smiles flatteringly as he blinks, “Imperial grandfather, isn’t the exam happening very soon?”


“Then what do you want?”  Murong Cang secretly thinks, as expected!   This brat really knows how to act!


“That—– Grandfather, can grandson choose some people from the martial arts test?”


“Your Majesty, this is against the rule!”  Someone immediately protests.


Murong Cang frowns.


Hua Man Xi looks at the person, “Against the rule?  The martial arts test is held to select talented people for the army, which rule are we going against again?”


That person chokes a little, seeing the others not having the intention to speak up, he sighs.


“What do you think, grandfather?”


Murong Cang nods, “Zhen thinks it is feasible.”


“Thanking imperial grandfather!” Hua Man Xi immediately thank the emperor.


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes falls on the only person that protests.  She turns to Feng Ran who is keeping guard behind her, “Find out who he is.  I want it in details.”


Feng Ran nods, stepping away for a while before returning quickly, nodding again at her.  After that, he continues standing behind her.


At this moment, Murong Bing who was dragged away is in the palace’s gate.  She suddenly sees Gong Sang Mo and a man in black robe walking together.


She wants to step forward in delight, but Murong Xuan stops her.  “Can’t you see how you look like at the moment?”


Murong Bing finally realizes her embarrassing appearance.  She doesn’t want Gong Sang Mo to see her in such an embarrassing manner, she quickly hide behind Murong Xuan.

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Gong Sang Mo did not even bother looking at the two as he continues walking past them in an elegant and refined manner.


Once Gong Sang Mo walks away, Murong Bing busily asks, “Third Brother, did Xian Wang sees me?”


The corner of Murong Xuan’s lips twitches, “He didn’t even see you when you’re right in front of him, do you think he will see you now?”  He is secretly annoyed by this sister of his.  She is looking like that and still wish to be looked at by Gong Sang Mo?


The ignorant Murong Bing pats her chest in relief, “Thank goodness!”


Murong Xuan is speechless, he drags this idiotic sister of his out of the palace.  He does not wish to be embarrassed by her here.


After the two incidents, the banquet resumes it’s liveliness.  Situ Han Yi who is sitting behind Rui Qinwang’s line directs his dagger-like eyes towards Yun Qian Yu who is sitting high up there.  Even though he has prepared himself, his heart still drops a little.  That noble and esteemed woman should have been his, but the distance between them now is like heaven and earth.

“Xian Wang arrives!  The Crown Prince of Mo Dai Kingdom, Prince Long Jin arrives!”  Situ Han Yi’s eyes are immediately drawn towards the entrance.


There are two long silhouettes on the entrance, one black and one white.   The white-robed one is Gong Sang Mo.  His face is handsome, like an immortal.  His face looks deep and his eyes are filled with wisdom.  A simple smile is etched on his face as his sleeves dances when he walks.  He looks like a celestial; the air surrounding him cannot be put to words.


As for the Crown Prince of Mo Dai, Long Jin; his brows are brilliant while his nose is long.  His lips are thin as it curls upwards, as though carrying a heaven-worth of arrogance.  Even when he walks next to the refined Gong Sang Mo, he does not lose in terms of impression.


The young noble misses who were originally listless quickly sits straight as they check their clothes and hair.  Once they finish checking, their eyes all fall on Gong Sang Mo.


Seeing Gong Sang Mo, Situ Han Yu’s eyes brightens.  She looks at Murong Xiu before trying to cover the look of disdain in her eyes.  She secretly thinks that only men like Xian Wang befits her.


Upon entering the hall, Long Jin’s eyes falls on Yun Qian Yu.  To be sitting next to the emperor, she must have done something to impress him because Nan Lou Kingdom’s harem is currently empty.


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes accidentally lock into his.  She did not evade his eyes as she looks back at him with an indifferent expression, as though she is appraising him.


Long Jin is stunned, she is indeed different.  She actually dares to look at him directly, there isn’t a single change in her face.  She is either good at covering her emotions or truly does not have any worry.  Either way, this woman is truly shocking.  Seems like Xiang Lou underestimated the other party.


Long Jin sends her an ambiguous look.  Yun Qian Yu frowns lightly, continue looking at him with indifferent eyes.


Long Jin stiffens, is he that unattractive in her eyes.  Game over, he is interested.  What should he do?  He curls his lips, the smile on his face getting deeper and deeper.


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