Volume 1, Chapter 39: Confrontation

Gong Sang Mo sees the look in Long Jin’s eyes; he looks down to cover the look in his own eyes.


“Long Jin greets the emperor of Nan Lou Kingdom.”


“What interest Crown Prince Long Jin enough to visit Nan Lou Kingdom?” Murong Cang motions for Gong Sang Mo and Long Jin to sit.


Gong Sang Mo leads Long Jin to the left side and motions him to sit on the very first seat.  Long Jin brushes his sleeves before sitting down while Gong Sang Mo sits on the second seat next to him.  He and Yun Qian Yu exchange smile.  Long Jin naturally notices their little interaction; his eyes flashes.


“Long Jin only comes out to play; there isn’t any particular purpose.  On the way to Nan Lou Kingdom, I accidentally heard about Hu Guo Princess.  So, I came to the capital to witness with my own eyes, Hu Guo Princess’ magnificence.”  As he says that, his eyes unwittingly falls on Yun Qian Yu.  Seeing her unperturbed, the corner of his lips curls playfully.


“Oh, yatou, you are famous now.”  Hearing that, Murong Cang immediately speaks to turn Long Jin’s ambiguous words into a joke.


Yun Qian Yu replies him, “Who told Qian Yu to be looked upon by grandfather?  It is not surprising Qian Yu got famous.”  What she says implies that other people, like Long Jin, is only interested in her to see what kind of people impresses Murong Cang.


Murong Cang laughs before turning to Long Jin, “It is rare for Crown Prince Jin to visit Nan Lou Kingdom, stay for a couple more days!”


Long Jin glance at Yun Qian Yu while smiling before saying, “That’s exactly what Long Jin plans to do!  Your Majesty’s birthday is in half a month, Long Jin wants to watch the celebration first before leaving.”


Murong Cang squints; this person comes prepared.  “Good, there are a couple of places you can play on in the capital.  Crown Prince Jin should go and take a look.”


“Definitely!  Can Long Jin ask for Hu Guo Princess’ company?  I heard Hu Guo Princess got sick upon reaching the capital and didn’t have the chance to sightsee yet.”  Long Jin smiles as he looks at Yun Qian Yu’s direction.


Yun Qian Yu’s long eyelashes are raised up, utter indifference radiating from her eyes, “It is my fortune to be invited by Crown Prince Long Jin, but I have only entered the capital so I may not necessarily have free time.”


“It’s okay, this Crown Prince will invite you in advance so you can clear up your time.”


“Since the Crown Prince has made such consideration, then bengong must not be disrespectful.”


“It is Long Jin who is lucky!”


Gong Sang Mo does not speak from the beginning till the end.  He only occasionally glance at outside the hall.


At that moment, the gong outside the hall is suddenly hit.  The sound is earth-shatteringly loud, enough to swallow the sound of music inside the hall.  It is clear that whoever hits it has high inner power.

Murong Cang frowns, who hit the gong?  Only people that suffers from great injustice is allowed to hit the gong.  Hearing the sound of it tells him that the power of the person who hits it is high, he has a bad feeling about this.  But no matter what, he has to deal with this.  Emperors must personally listen to the complain of anyone who has big enough reasons to hit the gong.

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“Bring in the person who hits the gong!” Murong Cang’s voice is cold.


Li Jin Tian announces his order in a high-pitched voice, “Bring in the person who hits the gong!”


There is a trace of cold smile in Rui Qinwang’s face.  He turns to glance at Yun Qian Yu only to find her looking at him with a faint smile; he froze.  He regains his composure real quick before snorting coldly and looks away.  His heart palpitates a little; don’t tell him she knew from the start.


Soon, a man with white beards wearing green robe is escorted in.  Three middle-aged men around their thirties or forties follow him from behind.  “This commoner, Yun Shi Hai greets Your Majesty.  Long live the emperor!”


“Get up.”


“Thanking the emperor’s grace.”


“What is your complain, Yun Shi Hai?”  Upon hearing the man’s surname, his thought immediately falls on Yun Qian Yu.  When he realizes that Yun Qian Yu’s face is calm as usual, as though nothing is off, his heart calms a little.  He knows these people comes here to go head to head against Yun Qian Yu; that much, he can tell.  Yun Shi Hai’s eyes had immediately fallen on Yun Qian Yu upon entering.


“Answering Your Majesty, this commoner comes from the Yun Clan in Jingzhou.  We are a clan famous for medicine in Jingzhou; our ancestors have long history of practicing medicines and poison, we are also known for the Zi Yu Xin Jing method.  But 40 years ago, a traitor emerged from inside our clan.  That traitor stole our treatment method and Zi Yu Xin Jing’s Manual and ran off.  We searched high and low for him and couldn’t find him.  Recently, we heard that he settled in Yun Valley.  Yun Valley’s famous medicinal treatment and martial arts are all due to our Yun Clan’s treatment books and manuals.”  Yun Shi Hai didn’t hold back as he speaks.


Whispering ensues inside the hall, turns out Yun Qian Yu is a descendant of people who turned on their ancestors!  How can a person like that be good enough to be the Hu Guo Princess of Nan Lou Kingdom?


Hearing the whispers of the people, Yun Shi Hai gets even more confident.  He kneels, “This commoner knows that the Hu Guo princess is not responsible for this.  This commoner does not wish to pursue the traitor’s fault, this commoner only wants the manual and books back.  Please give us justice, Your Majesty.”


The three men behind Yun Shi Hai also kneels, “Please give us justice, Your Majesty.”


The hall descends into silence; all eyes are trained towards the emperor, waiting to see his decision.


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Rui Qinwang looks at Yun Qian Yu arrogantly; let’s see how you will handle this.


Pa Pa Pa.’  The sound of applause can be heard.  A light, jade-like voice speaks out, “The performance is not bad.  Your expressions were on point.  The way you move is very good, even your voice sounds truly outraged.”


Pu.’  Hua Man Xi suddenly laughs.


Even Long Jin smiles as he watch the calm Yun Qian Yu, she is getting more and more interesting.


“Aiya, little yatou, can you not be so calm?  You make us men lose face.” Hua Man Xi says as he lazily drinks his wine.


“Lose face?  I cannot see any.”  Yun Qian Yu looks at Hua Man Xi as she lightly speaks.


‘Pu!’  This time, Hua Man Xi sprays out his wine.  “Little yatou, you are too bad.  If I choke to death from this wine, who will manage Hu Wei Camp?” Hua Man Xi complains as he cleans the wine stain on his red robe.


“I calculated it; by the time you are 99 years old, you will face an obstacle that you cannot pass by easily.”  Yun Qian Yu said that in a solemn tone.


The hall is suddenly full of the sound of laughter.  Even Long Jin laughs out.  There is a trace of smile in Gong Sang Mo’s eyes as he looks at Yun Qian Yu, that girl look so cold but she sure is bizarre.


“Little yatou, your joke is not funny at all.”  Hua Man Xi really wants to give his own mouth a good slap.  He clearly knows the girl’s mouth is more poisonous than his and yet he provokes her anyway.


“You want to hear a joke?” Yun Qian Yu raise her eyebrows.


“No need.  No need.  Just give that joke to that Yun-something.  What was his name again?  Yun Shi Hai, right?” After saying that, Hua Man Xi sits upright, meaning that he is obedient, so stop making fun of him.


Duke Rong and Princess Ming Zhu’s eyes brightens, even that brat has people that he fears?  Their eyes falls on Yun Qian Yu.


Just, Yun Qian Yu is preoccupied with Yun Shi Hai, so she does not notice the couple’s warm eyes on her.


“What do you mean by this, Hu Guo Princess?  Are you reluctant to return our Yun Clan’s treasures?” Yun Shi Hai never thought that Yun Qian Yu would not only be unafraid, she actually openly crack jokes with Hua Man Xi.


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