Volume 1, Chapter 40: Confrontation


Yun Qian Yu finally rests her eyes on Yun Shi Hai.


“Are you this Yun Clan is that Yun Clan?”


Yun Shi Hai froze, his heart jumping.  No way.  There is no way she could know!  “Please return our treasures, Hu Guo Princess.  Or else…..”


“Or else what?” Yun Qian Yu asks in a neither slow nor fast tone.


At that moment, Rui Qinwang secretly nods.  Someone stands up at that cue, “Your Majesty, since Yun Valley stole Yun Clan’s things, the only reasonable thing to do is to return everything back.  Hu Guo Princess keeps avoiding the topic; her clan clearly stole the other party’s things, please order her to return everything.”


Murong Cang narrows his eyes, not replying.


Yun Qian Yu asks Yu Jian, “Who is he?”


Yu Jian is really upset seeing so many people going after his sister.  He glares sharply at that person, “The official of government’s office for the capital, Shen Qiu Ming.  He is Murong Bing’s maternal uncle.”


(TN: He is Murong Bing’s jiujiu (舅舅), maternal uncle.)


“Oh, Murong Bing’s maternal uncle?  Seeing how Murong Bing looked like just now, no wonder Official Shen dares to speak about justice.  But, how does Official Shen knows this Yun Clan is that Yun Clan?”


Shen Qiu Ming blush a little when Yun Qian Yu brings up Murong Bing.  Upon closer look, one would realize that Murong Bing didn’t receive any punishment, Yun Qian Yu is clearly ridiculing him for trying to sound upright while being crooked.  What she said just now made him froze, what this Yun Clan and that Yun Clan?  “There is only one Yun Clan in Jing Zhou, the head of the clan is Yun Shi Hai.”


“Can you give us the proof that he is the direct descendant of Yun Clan?” Yun Qian Yu coldly asks.


“This…..?”  Shen Qiu Ming chokes a little, what kind of proof does she wants?  How the hell is he supposed to know if Yun Shi Hai is really the direct descendant of the clan?


“Official Shen, in things you are not sure of, it is better to sit quietly like the rest of the ministers.  A wise man looks after his own mouth before anything.  It is really rare to see men like you who can easily be used as a knife.”


“Your Highness the princess, don’t you think you are being too insulting?” Shen Qiu Ming is embarrassed at being shamed in front of so many people.


“Insulting?  I never called Official Shen insulting when Official Shen accuses Yun Valley of stealing without even knowing the full story; Official Shen actually has the cheek to say the word ‘insulting?’”


Yun Qian Yu looks at him in disdain.


“T-This…..” Seeing the look of despise he is receiving from the crowd, Shen Qiu Ming suddenly doesn’t know what to say.


“To give face to Rui Qinwang, this princess can turn a blind eye with Murong Bing’s incident.  But Official Shen keeps making mis-steps; it is starting to make this princess think that Official Shen does not deserve to put on that black hat that you are putting on right now.”


Shen Qiu Ming’s heart makes a great jump.  He only got this hat after exerting so much effort for Rui Qinwang; his sister plays a big role too.  It is not easy for him to get this, how can he bear to lose it so easily!  He does not dare to talk back to Yun Qian Yu anymore, he immediately lowers his flag.


Yun Shi Hai suddenly has a bad feeling about this.  The three men behind him are no longer calm.


One of the three steps up and points an accusing finger towards Yun Qian Yu, “So shameless even after stealing Yun Clan’s things.  You should be hiding in a hole out of embarrassment!”


“Preposterous!  You commoner dares to insult Hu Guo Princess!” Yu Jian scolds that person loudly as he gets up.


That person is scared by Yu Jian’s outburst until he trembles.  But upon realizing that he has a point, he continues speaking, “A royalty committing mistake is no different than a commoner committing mistake.”


Yu Jian’s entire face is enraged, his heart beats loudly from anger.


“Yu Jian.”  Yun Qian Yu’s voice is really light, but it is enough to make Yu Jian withdraw.


“Imperial sister, that person is hateful.  He dares to bully you!  This is similar to slighting the imperial power!” Murong Yu Jian applies what he learned.


“What are you anxious for?  Do you think the Gong of Deng Wen can be simply used?” Yun Qian Yu points it out.


Yu Jian’s pretty eyes immediately lights up.  After that, he bows to Yun Qian Yu, “Imperial sister, Yu Jian was too reckless.”


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“As long as you understands that.  No matter where you are, keep calm.  That will stop you from making wrong judgment.”


Gong Sang Mo’s eyes carries traces of smile; even at times like this, she doesn’t forget to teach Yu Jian.


Yun Qian Yu trains her eyes back to Yun Shi Hai.  Her voice is as gentle as oriole as she speaks, “Deceiving the emperor and hitting the Gong of Deng Wen without a proper reason is enough to kill 9 generations of your clan.”


The shaking in Yun Shi Hai’s body intensifies, don’t tell him she really knows?  Why else is she so calm?


As Yun Shi Hai is preoccupied with his thoughts, Yun Qian Yu gets up and gracefully flies before landing in front of him.  The way she does that was quiet and gentle, like a cloud.  Everyone in the hall stares at her with bulged eyes.


Long Jin rubs his chin, her method is really not bad!  Don’t tell him her medicinal skill is really so high as to cure Xiao Yan.  Or maybe, she was never poisoned to begin with.  Honestly, he is more inclined to believe the latter.


“Yun Shi Hai, hope you will not regret this.”


“Regret what?  I am Yun Clan’s master!”  Yun Shi Hai forces himself to stay calm.


Yun Qian Yu smiles, her eyes showing a rare flash of coldness.  “Then, please answer bengong’s questions.”


Yun Qian Yu looks at the man who speaks up just now, along with the other two next to him.  “Who are they?”


“This old one’s sons.”  Yun Shi Hai answers her.


“Oh.” Yun Qian Yu only says that before turning back to Yun Shi Hai.  “Are you sure my grandfather stole your Yun Clan’s medicinal methods and Zi Yu Xin Jing?”


“Yes.”  Yun Shi Hai bites the bullet as he nods.


“Since you are the head of Yun Clan, you must know how the medicinal knowledge and Zi Yu Xin Jing are passed on.”  Yun Qian Yu tucks her hand behind her as her eyes falls on Yun Shi Hai’s face.


The golden headgear; the black robes and the insuppressible air of nobility within her suddenly makes Yun Shi Hai feels humble.  His three sons stares at Yun Qian Yu, that beautiful face becomes even more suffocating from close range.


Yun Qian Yu frowns before looking at the three people icily, “You don’t want your eyes anymore?”


The three people are stumped before quickly lowering their heads.


Yun Qian Yu blinks before turning to Yun Shi Hai once again, waiting for his answer.  At this moment, Yun Shi Hai’s heart is really anxious.  He has never seen the medicinal treatment and Zi Yu Xin Jing, how would he know how they are passed on?  Since they are inherited from generations to generations, they should be passed on using books.


“It is passed on by the previous master towards the next master.” After thinking for a while, Yun Shi Hai can only come up with that answer.


“In what form are they passed on towards the next master?”


“In the form of secret manuals, of course.”


“Are you sure?”


Yun Shi Hai froze before he nods.


“Are you the direct descendant of Yun Clan?”


“Of course!  I am the eldest son of Yun Clan’s primary wife!”  Yun Shi Hai’s eyes look away unnaturally.


Yun Qian Yu no longer speaks; she continues looking at the visibly uncomfortable Yun Shi Hai.


Just as Yun Shi Hai cannot take it anymore and was about to speak up, Yun Qian Yu turns around and head towards Murong Cang.


“I have finished asking, grandfather.  He is lying.”


“What proof do you have that I am lying?” Yun Shi Hai retorts.


“Then do you have a proof that you are not lying?” Yun Qian Yu casually asked.  Gong Sang Mo smiles, this girl is toying with them.


“You are irrational!  My ancestors have been living in Jing Zhou for hundreds of years.  Our name is famous there, do you really think I could lie about things like that?”  Hearing her, Yun Shi Hai furiously speaks back.


“You are so old yet your temper is still bad.  What are you yelling at, bengong’s ears are not deaf.”


Yun Shi Hai’s face reddens.  He is so old yet he is getting reproached by a little girl.


Hua Man Xi, who is watching from the sideline, is very pleased.  See?  Nobody can win when it comes to sparring words with that girl!  That old man must have been tired of living to be pissing off that girl like that.


“Yun Shi Hai, if you don’t want people to know, don’t do it on the first place.  It has only been 40 years, many of the people there are still alive.  There are still many people in Jing Zhou who came into contact with Yun Clan in the past.  Even though Yun Clan isn’t friendly, they are still friends with a couple of clans.  Finding the truth from those people isn’t hard.  Are you sure you can bear the consequences?”


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“Are you threatening me?”  Yun Shi Hai is scared now.  Even though Yun Clan only have this little girl left, she is even harder to handle than her grandfather.


Yun Qian Yu shakes her head, “Threaten?  I am the master of Yun Valley and the Hu Guo Princess of Nan Lou Kingdom, do I need to threaten people?  What a joke.”


“Then, go and find a witness, please.”  Jing Zhou is thousands of li away from here; she didn’t know he will come, so she naturally doesn’t have any witness to back her up.


“I will testify!”  The voice of a man can suddenly be heard from the entrance.


Hearing that voice, Yun Shi Hai’s body trembles before he turns around to look at the incoming person.


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