Chapter 13: Third Duke is proficient at battle

Wei Qiqi couldn’t care less, even if it is the Duke she still has to hit him, and with that thought, she sent one punch towards the Duke’s nose. This infuriated the Duke, he used his hands to catch Qiqi’s punch, and exerting strength, Qiqi couldn’t prevent her body from falling into Third Duke’s embrace.

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Third Duke felt that Qiqi’s body is abnormally soft, as if he is hugging a woman. He suddenly had some realization, and hurriedly pushed aside Qiqi, and threw the medicinal powder to her.

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“Quickly recover, not long after we are going on an expedition!”

Wei Qiqi grabbed the medicinal powder, and waved her fists in front of Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian, after thinking for a while it is better for her to put down her fists. She exclaimed: “I want to leave here!”

“This is a military camp, not a kid’s playground, it is not for you to say to come here and go as you please!”

“But, I am not here to be a soldier!” Qiqi gave a very innocent look.

Liu Zhong Tian evaded her eyes, and silently returned to the front of the bookcase.

“Then you are deciding to feed the wolves?”

This one sentence left Qiqi speechless. Yes indeed, this place is no longer where Wei Qiqi rules, if she goes out there will be countless dangers and her life will be at stake. When will this kind of life end, let’s just hope that this is only a very long holiday.

Wei Qiqi reluctantly applied the medicinal powder on her buttocks, and then laid down on the floor and started thinking. There must be a way for her to travel through space and time again, and return to her own world. However, what is the plan? After thinking back and forth, she actually slept instead.
However, her good dream didn’t last for long, as a torrent of noise woke her up. She climbed up, and discovered that Liu Zhong Tian was standing in the middle of the tent, wearing heavy armorarmour, with a sword held in his hand, standing there in an awe-inspiring manner. At that moment, Wei Qiqi was nearly dazed looking at him, what a handsome Third Duke.

“Go, go where?” Qiqi hurriedly came over.

“Night raidraiding the Xiongnu camp!”

“You are going too?” Qiqi asked in shock.
“I did not come here to enjoy!” he looked silently at Wei Qiqi, then walked in big strides out. Qiqi followed behind in small steps out of the tent, and realizedrealised that there are torches everywhere. Liu Zhong Tian rode on the horseback. The torch illuminated him and his shadow was very long, giving the Duke on the horse a very imposing presence.
“Deputy Liu shall stay behind, General Wang shall follow me and charge forward! Be careful and guard the camp to prevent the Xiongnu from sneaking an attack!”

“Yes, Duke!” Deputy Liu respectfully stood at a side.

Liu Zhong Tian straddled with both of his legs, and the horse swiftly galloped off. The following big teams of horses and soldiers also disappeared out of the camp.

Wei Qiqi doesn’t have the mood to sleep anymore. A night attack on the Xiongnu camp must be very exciting, she should go next time as well. However, looking at Liu Zhong Tian’s expression, one will know that he has completely disregarded her.

Wei Qiqi walked out of the big tent, and lifted her head to look at the numerous stars in the sky. She has a lot of mixed emotions right now. Maybe the star she is looking at now is possibly destroyed in the modern era. Just like the Great Han, didn’t it also devolve into the Warring States era, and eventually got overtaken by another empire. The flow of history couldn’t be overturned. Liu Zhong Tian who is proficient at war and killing enemies is also just a speck of dust in history.

“It is best if you do not wander around!” Deputy Liu brought a team of patrolling soldiers and lectured her as he walked past.
“I am not a criminal, neither am I a spy, I am the Duke’s personal bodyguard!”

“Personal? It is because the Duke pities you. You are just a bag of bones, what can you do?”
“Who are you talking about?” Qiqi is infuriated.

“Your buttocks are not painful anymore? Why do you sound like you have so much energy?”

Not waiting for Qiqi to explode in favour, Deputy Liu already brought a team of soldiers to patrol. So what if she’s a bag of bones? If it comes to a competition of martial arts, who will lose instead? Be careful lest his skin is peeled off by her.

Wei Qiqi walked while thinking, suddenly there was a black shadow that blurred past in front of her. A man in black was quickly running to the front.
She endured the pain in her buttocks and followed up. That fella is behaving suspiciously in front of a tent. A patrol of soldiers walked to the front of the tent, and that man quickly hid himself.
In a flash, Qiqi appeared in front, and grabbed ahold of the collar of the man, “Hey, what are you doing?”
That man was greatly surprised, he threw a flaming cloth in his hands towards the tent with great speed. So he is actually here to burn down the tent.

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