Chapter 14

Wei Qiqi was surprised herself as well. If the flaming cloth drops into the tent, it will quickly spread the fire, even if she wants to save the fire it will be too difficult. Qiqi couldn’t care anymore, and she pounced forward and caught the flaming cloth that was dancing in the air, and she quickly threw the cloth onto the ground.

The light from the fire alerted the patrolling soldiers. After some rumbling, they came running over.
The man in black saw that the plot has already failed, hence he flashed towards the darkness and left. His movements are extremely nimble, the soldiers are unable to keep up with him and can only shout after him.

“You all think that you can catch up with this kind of speed?” Qiqi stamped on the fires on the ground and looked disdainfully at the soldiers.

Deputy Liu rushed over while panting, “What happened here?”
“Someone set fire to your tent!” Wei Qiqi gave a look that cannot be bothered with him. It is just a tent.
“Set fire?!” Deputy Liu nervously looked towards the tent.

“There is no need to look anymore, I have already extinguished the fire.”

“Wei Qiqi!” Deputy Liu suddenly knelt down on one knee, “Receive this bow from me!”

Wei Qiqi nearly jumped.

“Get up, what are you playing? I cannot receive this!”

“This is the camp’s granary, if it is burnt down, then this expedition will fail totally and miserably, Third Duke and we will be implicated!”

“Even if it is burnt you can always transport it again right?”

“It is not as simple. The cargo comes once every 2 months, by then the soldiers will be weary and the granary empty, what war is there to fight?”

Qiqi understood immediately, she forgot that their transportation is not convenient at all, as there are no trains and planes.

“Then you do not have to give me such a big bow!”

“Wei brother, this you do not know, Third Duke came for this expedition on orders. Third Duke is proficient in warfare, and has courage and wits, thus getting into the good books of the previous emperor. When the previous emperor passed away, due to Third Duke having too many achievements and accolades, someone created false rumors saying that he wants to thwart the royal power and assume emperorship himself. The current emperor thus has doubts in his hearts, thus he sent the Third Duke to come to the battlefront personally against the Xiongnu! If the expedition fails this time, it must be because of evil people foiling the plans, and this is extremely detrimental to the Third Duke!”

“Even so, there is no need to be like this, quick get up!” Wei Qiqi has always been wanting to find a chance to lecture him, yet when she saw him in this manner, she felt uncomfortable instead.

Deputy Liu was pulled up by Qiqi and he remorsefully said, “I nearly took you for a spy, it turns out that little brother is actually so magnanimous, I feel so ashamed of myself!”

“You do not need to be so polite! As long as you do not treat me as a spy, that is enough!” Qiqi was happy, as long as Deputy Liu doesn’t look for trouble with her she will feel much more comfortable.

“You are considered my benefactor, if there is anything that you need help with feel free to say!”


“Definitely, I have said it, I will do it!”

“Give me some metal strings! The thinner it is, the better!” Qiqi knows how to make use of the opportunity. As long as she can return to the modern era, she is willing to pay all sorts of prices.

“Where can we find this, are those fine metal strings sufficient?”


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“Then I will bring those back very quickly!”

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Deputy Liu looked at the sky, “Who knows how is it over at the Duke’s side?”

“Sneaking a night attack on the Xiongnu camp, is it very fun?” Qiqi curiously asked.

“This is war, not child’s play, there is life at stake here, you are really a kid!” Deputy Liu sighed. His expression reveals that he is extremely worried about Liu Zhong Tian, it seems like that cold-hearted Duke still has loyal followers.

Deputy Liu is worried about the camp, hence he brought his soldiers on patrol again.

Wei Qiqi looked at the star-filled sky and felt that the Big Sister at Xuan De Girls High School has no bearing nor use here. Qiqi dejectedly went back to the tent and fell on the floor mat. This floor mat is really uncomfortable, she slanted her eyes and looked at the bed behind the screen cover, it seems a bit wasteful for it to be empty.

Qiqi decided in her heart, she walked to the back of the screen cover, and laid down on the bed, although it is not that comfortable, it is still better than the floor mat. She hugged the soft blanket, a wave of drowsiness hit her and she slowly fell asleep.

When Qiqi woke up, it is already daybreak. She climbed up and saw that Liu Zhong Tian was already back. He was sitting in front of the bookcase, with a sword in his hand, wiping off the blood stains on the sword. His eyes were puffy red as if he didn’t sleep for the whole night.

“You, when did you come back!”

“Just!” Liu Zhong Tian yawned, and put down the scroll, and looked at Qiqi, “Who gave you permission to sleep on my bed?”

“It is such a pity for it to be empty, and the floor is very uncomfortable! Here, now I return the bed to you!” Qiqi jumped down the bed and embarrassingly looked at the floor.

“On account of your meritorious deed yesterday night, I shall not blame you!”

“Me, yesterday?” Qiqi thought of that incident, it must be Deputy Liu who said it. Looks like after this incident, she has become the free person whom people trust.

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