Chapter 15 – Why Did I Become so Ugly?

Liu Zhong Tian saw the happy look on her, those yellow scars on her face and her eyes do not match at all, and suspicion aroused in him. He seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Did your face suffer any injury before?”

“Injury?” Qiqi touched her face, there are still many bumps, if he didn’t remind, Qiqi would have forgotten, she turned around in the tent, as if looking for something, and asked, “There is no mirror?”

“What mirror?”

“Mirror, aye, I forgot, bronze mirror!” Qiqi remembered, now she is in Great Han, there will be no mirrors.

“There are no women here, what do you need a bronze mirror for?” Liu Zhong Tian kept his sword.

No women, then she is considered as what? A man? Oh right, they have been treating her as a man all along? Wei Qiqi always prided herself on her looks, could it be the short hair? That is why they think that she is a man? However, the men here all seem to keep long hair.

Qiqi suddenly thought of her own school bag. There should be a mirror used for makeup inside! She found the bag and finally found that small piece of mirror. Haha, luckily she didn’t drop it, however when she saw her reflection in the mirror……

A sharp cry sounded, and this gave Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian a scare. What happened? He walked over and realized that Qiqi was staring into blank space sitting there, her hands holding a small round object.

“What happened?” Liu Zhong Tian asked suspiciously.

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Qiqi shifted her gaze onto Liu Zhong Tian’s body, and said pitifully, “Why did I become so ugly?” her tears fell alongside her face’s contours.

“You are a man, so what if you are ugly or handsome, here I was thinking it was some big thing! And you have a runny nose, why are you like a woman?” Liu Zhong Tian extended his hand unconsciously, and helped her wipe the tears off her face, “Enough, I do not wish to see that there is a crybaby soldier by my side!”

Qiqi looked tearfully at Liu Zhong Tian, “You try looking like me, you will definitely cry harder than me!”

Liu Zhong Tian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her words, a person’s looks are given by their parents, born with it, why is she grieving so much over it.

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Qiqi knows that he won’t understand just by her saying it, she hurriedly kept the mirror and decided to breathe some fresh air. Liu Zhong Tian looked at her strangely, and grabbed hold of her hand, “Wei Qiqi, what are you hiding?”

“I didn’t hide anything!”

“Take it out!” Liu Zhong Tian locked her wrists and pulled her school bag. How could Qiqi give the mirror to him, if he sees it, he will definitely be suspicious. She only wishes to go back quickly, and not attract any more trouble.

Liu Zhong Tian’s strength is enormous, and he is well-built as well. Qiqi couldn’t avoid him, yet she is afraid that he will really grab the mirror, her body hugging the school bag closely. This added onto Liu Zhong Tian’s suspicions that there is something inside her bag, could it be that she is really hiding something?

Wei Qiqi became anxious, and she swept her leg towards Third Duke’s legs, Third Duke did not anticipate that Qiqi actually dares to sneak an attack on him. He legs got kicked, and he became unstable and fell over. Wei Qiqi couldn’t evade in time and was pressed onto the ground. Third Duke’s lips covered over Qiqi’s lips, instantly there was a sweet taste enveloping the mouth, Liu Zhong Tian felt that his blood was boiling. When he met Qiqi’s gaze, he was lost in it instantly.

Qiqi frustratedly pushed him aside. Liu Zhong Tian awkwardly moved his lips away and walked quickly to the back of the screen cover.

Qiqi touched her lips in shock, this is her Wei Qiqi’s first kiss, and she actually gave it to a cold-hearted brute, the stinky Duke. She furiously wiped her mouth, pretending as if that thing never happened, and pulled the school bag over her shoulders and ran out. Coincidentally she bumped into Deputy Liu who was just coming in.

“What happened?” Deputy Liu held onto her.

“The Duke is bullying people, trying to steal my stuff!” Qiqi hid behind Deputy Liu and stole a glance at Liu Zhong Tian.

Liu Zhong Tian came back to his senses and immediately went to the bookcase to sit down. His eyes kept sizing Wei Qiqi up, what happened to him? That is a rascal, an ugly fella, why did he treat him as a woman, and even kissed him in that manner, could it be that he is missing women till he went crazy? Liu Zhong Tian has always prided himself on remaining calm, could it be that he is starting to think about women?

Liu Zhong Tian forced his gaze onto the scroll, but his thoughts are running about and not kept in check. He inadvertently looked at Qiqi, why are those lips so soft? A Great Han Third Duke like himself, could it be that he is interested in men’s lips?

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