Chapter 16 – Qiqi Attracts Lightning

“Wei Brother, the metal strings that you requested for, are these enough?”

“Enough!” Wei Qiqi happily received the strings. She is not sure if these strings can attract lightning, a lot of the dramas on the television say, time travel is often produced because of large amounts of energy, the power of lightning should be large enough, better don’t electrocute herself to death.

“With it, I do not need to suffer here anymore, and make a clean cut with you guys!” Qiqi swiftly ran out. Deputy Liu thought for a while before following her, this ugly fella, what is the string used for?

Qiqi held the metal strings and walked out of the big tent, she was searching everywhere. Finally, she saw a big tree on the grasslands outside of the military camp. This is it, she took out the metal strings, and climbed the tree, and bound the whole tree with the strings.

“What use is there doing this?” Deputy Liu raised his head and looked at her.

“Attracting lightning!” Qiqi laid on the tree and excitedly explained.

“You can attract lightning just by this? What use is there attracting lightning?”

“You don’t understand, I want to go home!” Qiqi tied the metal strings and bound it at the tree roots, and then jumped down, and wiped the dirt off her hands. She caressed her hair and it became very messy. She was looking at the tree, full of hope.

“Let us hope that the heavens will grant me success, from where I come from let me go back there! Please!”

Deputy Liu sized up Qiqi from up till down, her looks is really strange, especially those pair of shoes, which looks really exquisite, “Your shoes look not bad at all!”

“Of course, it is branded!” Qiqi satisfactorily heaved, “Wait till the lightning crosses here, then everything will be ok already”
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“Ok?” Deputy Liu was even more confused.

“By then you will know, I am going back first, in case Duke has any orders and cannot find me, he will definitely burst out in anger!” Qiqi ran back to the big tent.

Liu Zhong Tian also just came back from surveying the grounds outside. Because he hasn’t slept for a night and thus feeling fatigued, he took off his outer clothing and laid down on the bed, “Qiqi, come over, massage my legs!”

“Massage his legs?” Qiqi frowned, to actually ask her to do what a servant does? She reluctantly walked over and sat down on the bed, and softly raised her fists to massage.

“Your hands are really soft, if I didn’t know, I will treat you as a woman already……” Liu Zhong Tian enjoyed the massage and turned his body over.

Qiqi doesn’t dare to stop and kept on rubbing softly, until she heard Liu Zhong Tian snoring as if he fell asleep. She hurriedly got up, and tip-toed her way out and left. However, her hands were caught by Liu Zhong Tian, “Continue massaging!”

Qiqi is vexed, didn’t he fall asleep? Why did he snore, yet he can still detect her leaving, when is she going to massage till. Qiqi kept massaging softly, and she got bored. These meaningless actions continued, and she slowly snored as well, God knows how long, she laid down on Liu Zhong Tian’s legs and slept.

Liu Zhong Tian is a very light sleeper, once there are any disturbances he will wake up immediately, even when fighting against the Xiongnu, he can continue on for a few days without sleeping, and he just needs to sleep for two hours before he can wake up immediately.

Today, however, he slept through the whole day. When he woke up, it was already dark. He sat up and realized Wei Qiqi was resting on his leg, hugging it and having a big sleep.

He lightly pulled his leg out and wanted to nudge Wei Qiqi awake. However she was sleeping so soundly, so he couldn’t bear it, thus he could only carry Qiqi up onto the bed. He stretched his muscles. What is with today, why did he sleep until so soundly, after sleeping for so many hours, he felt much more energized.

Seems like if he really wants to have a good sleep, he has to get Wei Qiqi to massage his legs.

Wei Qiqi was awoken by the sound of lightning. She alertly jumped down the bed and realized that there are flashes of lightning and rumbling of thunder outside the tent. Really even the heavens are helping her, now she has to go to that big tree as soon as possible.

Qiqi jumped down the bed and tried running outside. Liu Zhong Tian got ahold of her, “Such a big storm outside, where are you planning to go?”

“I want to go out! Quick release me!” Qiqi anxiously looked at the lightning, she forcefully hit Liu Zhong Tian’s hands, “Damnit, quick release me, if not once the lightning flashes over there will be no more chance!”

“Speak clearly, and then I will let you out!”

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“Ok, I will tell you, I am thinking of attracting the lightning!”

“Why?” Liu Zhong Tian asked, “You are able to attract lightning?”

“I can’t explain too clearly to you in one sentence, I have to go out!” Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian furiously, looks like the Duke has no intentions to release her, now time is of the essence, there is really no choice, she viciously bit his hand!

Liu Zhong Tian felt that there is a sharp pain in his hands, he hurriedly released his hands. Qiqi turned and ran towards the entrance of the tent, Liu Zhong Tian will not let Qiqi off, he hurriedly grabbed her and locked her underneath his arms, in order to prevent her from biting again, he pinched her chin.

“You dare to bite me?”

“Who ask you to stop me! Bastard Duke.”

“And you still dare to scold me!” Liu Zhong Tian raised his hands, and slapped Qiqi’s buttocks, it really pains after pain.

“Stinky Duke, rotten Duke!” Qiqi was going to cry out.

Originally, Liu Zhong Tian hit her very softly. However, after hearing her scold him, he became angry, hence he raised his hands high. Just when he was about to give her the second slap, a lightning explosion happened outside the tent. Suddenly the night sky became like the day, and it was deafening till one can go deaf.

Qiqi furiously hit Liu Zhong Tian. It is finished, the lightning must have flashed finished. Liu Zhong Tian was surprised and he let go of Qiqi, and walked towards the outside of the tent, looking at the camp, the outside was bright like the day. In an instant, it became dark again. It really is a miracle.

After a while, Deputy Liu hurriedly walked in, and he rushed to the front of Third Duke and knelt down.

“Reporting to the Duke, the camp discovered the Xiongnu!”

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“Quickly assemble the troops, and be ready for battle!” Liu Zhong Tian raised his eyebrows.

“There is no need, a large portion of them died, and one or two of them escaped!”

Liu Zhong Tian has some doubts towards what Deputy Liu said, they were defeated so quickly? Deputy Liu glanced at Qiqi and whispered to the Duke.

“They were ambushing at the side of the forest, however, the lightning that Wei Brother attracted using the metal strings tied to the big tree has struck them and they died! The soldiers on guard said, they saw a big fireball descend from the sky, and then there was a large explosion. When they rushed over, they discovered ten over bodies of the Xiongnu. The tree that was struck was Wei Brother’s!”

“My tree!” Wei Qiqi furiously walked to the front of Liu Zhong Tian, Liu Zhong Tian looked at her with a suspicious look.

“It is all your fault for stopping me, I was preparing to use that tree for myself! Who wants to strike those Xiongnu!” Qiqi was grieving, the hopes of going back are dashed.

“You want to be struck by lightning and die?” Liu Zhong Tian held her hand and angrily dragged her into the big tent.

Deputy Liu scratched his head, he doesn’t know what is Qiqi doing, and felt that Duke was being emotional. He thinks it’s better to leave, thus he quietly retreated!

Wei Qiqi was thrown on the carpet next to the bookcase. Liu Zhong Tian furrowed his eyebrows, and grabbed Qiqi’s short hair, “How did you know how to attract lightning? Who are you exactly?”

“Anyway I can’t go back anymore, you might as well kill me!” Qiqi stared at the Third Duke, she doesn’t know where she got her courage from, she grabbed Liu Zhong Tian’s collar, and leaped forward, wanting to perish together with him.

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