Chapter 17 – Third Duke’s Hallucinations

Liu Zhong Tian wasn’t prepared at all, he immediately fell onto the floor. Qiqi rode on top of him, waved his fists and hit him! Liu Zhong Tian didn’t expect that Qiqi is so tenacious, to actually dare to sneak an attack on the Duke! Her furious eyes are full of fire, yet it is abnormally mesmerizing.

Liu Zhong Tian can only block her acupuncture points, Qiqi limply fell down, her eyes still furiously looking at him.

“Enough, you have made enough of a din, in the whole camp only you dare to be so rude to me!”

“Bad Duke, stinky Duke, you really should go to hell!” The more she thought about it the more sad Qiqi is, tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

Liu Zhong Tian doesn’t have any idea at that moment, why will a big man cry for nothing! Extremely like a woman.

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“I will release your acupuncture points, but you are not allowed to continue like that!” Liu Zhong Tian really cannot bear to look at Qiqi in that manner, so he can only release her acupuncture points. Qiqi honestly sat on the floor, not caring whether her buttocks is pain or not, and kept on sorrowfully crying.

“Do not attract lightning anymore, it is very dangerous, this time it struck the Xiongnu dead, next time it may possibly strike someone from the Great Han!”

“Hmph, originally it is to strike me!”

“You want to die?”

“Not to wish for death, but to hope to live, even if I say it you will not understand!”

Qiqi didn’t continue to refute, and ran back to the floor mat, grieving over the fact that she didn’t manage to successfully pass through time today, she began to make plans, other than this method, whether there are any other ways to send herself back? At the moment she was feeling vexed.

On the second day, Qiqi was long awoken, she saw Liu Zhong Tian already dressed in full battle armor, could he be going to battle again.

“Qiqi, hurry and pack up, we are heading to the desert, tonight we are setting up camp there!”

“Going to the desert?” Qiqi got excited, looks like she is going to the desert to play since she cannot go back at the moment, it is not bad to go to the ancient desert to take a look.

“Do not be so happy, we are going to war, not to play! Also, change your clothes!” Liu Zhong Tian threw her a set of foot soldier’s clothing.

“Now?” Qiqi carried those clothes.

“Yes, there is no more time, hurry!” Liu Zhong Tian started to arrange his wide and heavy belt.

Qiqi carried those clothes, and awkwardly stood up, “could you turn around for a while!”

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“Turn around? Are you a woman? Hurry, this is a military order! If you delay the schedule, then I will want your head!”

“What is there to be smug about?” Qiqi looked at him hatefully, carried the clothes and went behind the screen cover, and swiftly changed her clothes.

Liu Zhong Tian helplessly shook his head, really like a child, what is there to be shy about between men, he raised his head to look towards the screen cover, and couldn’t help but be stunned. The screen cover under the glow of the sunlight, revealed a shadow figure, which is extremely proportionate, abnormally slim, thin and delicate arms, waist…… that is obviously a woman. Liu Zhong Tian’s heart stirred, he strode in big steps towards the screen cover, he wanted to remove his own doubts.

Qiqi heard the footsteps and panicked. She wore the clothes in the fastest speed possible. When Liu Zhong Tian walked to the screen cover, she already wore the foot soldier’s armor. She laughed and looked at Liu Zhong Tian, “It is a bit big!”

“Oh!” Liu Zhong Tian immediately shook his head, and retreated, what is with himself? Why does he always associate Qiqi with being a woman, other than those pair of eyes, what other places and areas attracted his gaze, crazy, could it be that he really needs women now, and even have hallucinations?

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