Chapter 35: The class’ growth record.

The class’ growth record


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Going back in time, two months after the class summoning incident, the entire class, led by Tenjouin Hikaru was spending yet another day in the castle courtyard, training.


“Very well. Let’s stop here for today!”


Hearing the order of knight responsible for coaching them, the entire class immediately crumbled on the ground almost like puppets that lost their threads.


“Well done, everyone!”


The only one among them who remained coolly standing while sweating from his forehead was Tenjouin.


“You’re pretty amazing Tenjouin. How could you maintain your composure like that?”

“Hmm, I think it’s just the difference in status.”


Looking at his own stats, Tenjouin answered the his male classmate.


Tenjouin Hikaru   age: 15    male    Human    Lvl25


Physical points: 2080/2080

Magic points:    1980/1980




Light magic – Sword master – Taimaken


Tenjouin’s stats were the highest among his classmates. The way to improve one’s stats depended on the individual, with level ten to twenty being the average.

Compared to that, the class’ growth rate was forty while Tenjouin was ascending by seventy.

Tenjouin’s growth rate was told to be given once in every one thousand years and that it could be even higher than that of the first generation hero, making the kingdom’s expectations swell.

In addition to that, Tenjouin possesses the special skill【Taimaken】, which was basically the prominent skill of a real hero.

The first generation hero was the hero who was summoned to this world before the class.

He was summoned one hundred years ago in the demon tribe war and saved the world, or that’s what the legend says.


(I wonder if I got one step closer to the first generation hero with this…)


Tenjouin, who heard about that legend, had started to secretly admire the first generation hero.

He wanted to become like him.

He wanted to save the world too.

Hiding these ambitions in his heart, Tenjouin observed his stats and grasped his growth rate.


“Tenjouin-kun, well done today.”


Appearing before Tenjouin, was a relatively short girl with a long black hair tied up in a haphazard way.


“Yah, Miki. Is the magic group done for the day?”

“Yes, just now.”


This girl, Tendou Miki, was one of the one of the most beautiful girls in the class.

The class was divided into a swordsman group and a magic group. As for those who possess both magic and sword skills, including Tenjouin, they participate alternately in both groups.

Judging from her Miki’s fast arrival, Tenjouin guessed that she used【Teleportation magic】and said. “Miki, you used 【Teleportation magic】again, didn’t you? It’s better for you to not get used to it.”

“But I wanted to meet Tenjouin-kun as soon as possible.”


Not seeming to reflect on her actions, Miki replied with an “ehehe” while blushing.

Knowing that it would be useless to warn her any further, Tenjouin let out a slight sigh.


“Good work today, everyone!”


This time it was the princess of the castle, Lurian who gave a few words of thanks to everyone who, by this time were all sitting on the ground, then slowly approached Tenjouin.


“Well done today, Tenjouin-sama.”

“Thank you, Princess.”


Stretching, Tenjouin replied to Lurian’s praise.

However for some reason, Lurian seemed to be offended and made a cute frown.


“I told you that I don’t mind you calling me Ruri.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t call the princess of a kingdom in such a way.”


With Tenjouin firmly refusing to call her by a nickname, Lucian replied with an “I see…” with a sad expression, then regained back her composure and changed the subject.


“Regardless of that, did you get used to 【Anamz】?”

“Yes, I’ve grown accustomed to it these past two months.”


【Anamz】is the name of this world. The continent is separated into three main sectors where humans, demons and beast tribes live separately. Apparently, there are no elfs.

Answering with a “I’m glad,” to Tenjouin, Lurian started acting bashful, hesitating to say something.


“Um, Tenjouin-sama. Would it be fine by you to have some tea with me after this?”

“Ah! That’s not fair! I wanted to go with Tenjouin-kun to a cafe as well.”


Miki was the first one to react to Lurian’s invitation to Tenjouin.


“Miki-sama, you went with Tenjouin-sama to a cafe just recently.”

“We just went shopping that time, we didn’t go to a cafe.”


Miki and Lurian started having an argument.


“We can go to a cafe, the three of us.”

“I prefer only both of us!””


When he tried to calm them down, he ended up getting shouted at by the both of them.

On the receiving end of their extreme anger, Tenjouin didn’t speak another word and kept watching them argue.

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“Then let’s give Tenjouin-kun to right to decide.”

“I understand! Let’s do it then.”


Finding himself forced to make the final decision, Tenjouin couldn’t hide his bewilderment.


“C’mon now, Tenjouin!”


“”Who are you going to chose?”


Pressed for a decisive answer, Tenjouin, losing his patience, thought of an acceptable reply.


“B-Both of you.”

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And those were the words that came out of his mouth.


“There’s no way you’d go with the both of us!!”

“Please answer seriously!!”


Of course, his words were not accepted by them and he received further criticism.

Meanwhile, the rest of the class, still sitting on the ground, were tiredly watching them while feeling fed up with this kind of scene.

The summoned class spent yet another peaceful day as they trained, waiting for the time to come.

The time when they will have to defeat the demon lord.





I don’t have friends


“Chief~ why are you so strong~”

“That’s because I wasn’t summoned with my class to another world.”

“How are the others doing then~?”

“I don’t know. They’re probably still there.”

“What kind of people were they~”

“Let’s see… huh?”

“What is it~?”

“I can’t remember. I don’t remember what kind of people they were.”


“Could it be that someone is purposely making me forget about them?”

“Isn’t it just because chief didn’t have any friends~?”



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