Chapter 36: Better not think that a girl likes you just because your eyes meet.

Better not think that a girl likes you just because your eyes met.

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On a day when the sky was clear, a single girl was floating in the air, looking down at a building under her.


“So it’s this place…” the girl muttered, then started observing someone inside that building, or the school.


“This is the next target…”


The target the girl was talking about was laying on his desk and taking a nap.

Seeming not to care about the lesson, he remained sleeping despite the teacher’s warning.

How dare he sleep while in class.

The girl was slightly annoyed by his attitude, but she immediately regained her composure.

This is just another mission, and I shall accomplish it perfectly.

The girl controlled her thoughts and started making a plan to come in contact with her target.

The observed target was Kamiya Yato…




On another peaceful morning, my entire class was talking about a certain topic.


“Hye, did you hear? Someone just transferred here today.”

“Ah, I heard about that! It’s an student from overseas, apparently.”

“I wonder how the person looks?”

“It be nice if the person is cute.”


Both the male and female students were getting excited about it.

Everyone was focusing their gaze on the new desk and chair placed in the classroom.

It was pretty rare for someone to transfer at this time in the season.

Not feeling excited about it at all, I casually had an impression it was unusual.

I wasn’t that interested though.


“Did you hear, Kamiya-kun? Someone is transferring to this class.”


However, there was someone in front of me who was totally charged up about it.

Kamaishi, can’t you guess that I don’t care just by looking at me?

I wanted to ask her that question, but I decided to follow the conversation instead.


“Yeah, Looks like it.”

“I wonder how are they.”

“Well, I heard they’re coming from oversea.”


When I repeated to Kamaishi the information that reached my ears earlier, she guessed my mood and asked.


“Hm? Kamiya-kun, are you perhaps not interested?”

“Honestly, yes.”


Hearing my answer, Kamaishi seemed to feel bad and said, “Sorry for getting all fired up alone.”

“No, It’s not your fault, Kamaishi-san. I’m the weird one here.”


I guess anyone would be interested in an overseas student transferring to their school, after all.

It’s just a single person increasing, what’s the big deal? I would be intrigued if it was an acquaintance, but there’s no way that would be the case, as I don’t have any acquaintances from overseas.


“But why aren’t you interested?”

“That’s a hard question. It’s just that I’m not interested…”


Kamaishi replied with a “Hmm…” at the same time our homeroom teacher entered the classroom, making all the students inside take their seats once they saw him.


“At this time there’s usually a reading session, but as many of you know, it is canceled today as there’s a transfer student.” the homeroom teacher declared before he went directly to open the door.


“You can enter.”


From the door, a single girl with an imposing figure elegantly walked inside.


“Nice to meet you everyone. I’m Lina White. Please take care of me.”


When Lina finished her polite self-introduction, the entire class, and especially the male students started making a racket.


“Oooh!! So cute!”

“A white haired beauty has come!!”

“I didn’t think someone this cute still existed in this world!!”


(TL note: These guys are acting like retards!)


With her white, short hair, sharp look and gorgeous figure, most of the male students welcomed her in joy.

Lina herself didn’t change her expression and remained standing. She was indeed a beauty.

At the moment when I started holding the same impression of the other students…


(Hm, didn’t our eyes just meet?)


Even if it was just for an instant, I’m sure that our eyes met.

Since it was just for a moment, I judged it was a mistake and stopped wondering.


(It’s probably my imagination…)


Thinking about that, I placed my arms on the table and took up my sleeping posture.

While the class was still rustling about Lina, I was in the back wishing for all the noise to stop.




By the end of homeroom, Lina was surrounded by the crowd of students.


“Where did you come from, White-san?”

“Why did you come to Japan? Work circumstances?”

“Your Japanese is good, how did you learn it?”

“Are you going out with someone?”


While each of them randomly asked their questions, Lina kept her calm expression and gave them vague answers; “From far away,” “Something like that,” “A little bit,” “No.”


“She’s an eccentric girl.” Kamaishi said as she watched over her from the rear of the class.


“You’re right, she’s pretty weird.”


It was quite amazing how she could keep that composed in such a pressing situation. It’s almost as if she was a robot.

The students were faintly bewildered by Lina’s attitude. She calmly replied to their questions while politely sitting and closing her eyes.

It looked as if she didn’t care the least about her surroundings. I remained watching her for a while.


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(Didn’t our eyes just meet again?)


My eyes met with Lina’s, again.

This time it wasn’t only for a moment, but she remained gazing at me a while. Surprised by the fact that the expressionless Lina turned her sight somewhere, the rest of the class turned in the same direction. I instantly reverted my eyes, making it clear that I was not related.

It would be a pain if someone was to get the wrong idea.


“Huh? Wasn’t she looking this way?”


Noticing it as well, Kamaishi titled her head in wonder.


“Maybe she’s interested in you, Kamaishi-san.”


“Yeah, because you’re the cutie of the class.”

“C-Cutie!! T-That’s not true…”


Kamaishi cast her eyes down while blushing after hearing the words I said to misrepresent the situation.

The other students seemed to get the exact idea I wanted them to have, then turned their sight back to Lina.

Feeling relieved of dodging a dangerous scenario, I heard Kamaishi in the seat before uttering something like “Cutie… He told me I’m a cutie…”

Did I choose the wrong word perhaps?

I felt slightly uneasy seeing Kamaishi delightfully muttering alone.




By the end of school, when everyone started leaving back home, I recalled what had happened.

Lina frequently was sneaking glances at me the whole day.

For a moment, I thought “Maybe this girl likes me,” but apparently that wasn’t the case.

Every time our eyes met, I could sense a feeling of precaution in her gaze.

Someone having eyes like that means that they’re looking at me in a different way.

However, for Kamaishi, who got a different idea, was uttering, “Don’t tell me that she has something for Kamiya-kun,” and became vigilant in another meaning.

That’s not true, Kamaishi. So stop staring at Lina.

As I watched Kamaishi—who was staring at Lina—with a bitter smile on my face, our homeroom teacher entered the classroom with a drawn lot box in his hand.


“I’m sorry everyone, but we need to change your seats now.”


The class was divided into a pleased group and an irritated group.

Of course, I was with the irritated group.

Why would we change seats after I finally got a place in the back corner of the class?


“I should’ve done that the other day, but I completely forgot about it. Now that White has transferred here, it’s a good opportunity to change seats.”


The homeroom teacher placed the box on his desk and some people in the class were getting all fired up screaming things like, “I can sit next to Lina-chan!” or “ I can get close to her using this chance.”

Despite hearing them, Lina kept her nonchalant face and remained sitting. She really was expressionless.


“Let’s start…”


Kamaishi, who heard those words, became awfully quiet.


“What’s the matter, Kamaishi-san?”

“What am I supposed to do if we get separated now…”


Kamaishi said with a worried expression.

That was indeed a grave problem for Kamaishi, who only had me for a friend.

On the other hand, I didn’t think anything in particular about the matter. I was just gonna sleep anyway.


“Well then, the each side of the class should play rock, paper, scissors, and the winner will start drawing.”


Abiding by his order, the guys on the front seats played the game, resulting in my side to start drawing first.

The students stood up in turns to pull a number from the box until it was finally Kamaishi’s turn.

I heard her praying to have a seat next to me before she drew a number, though that was kinda meaningless since I hadn’t drawn anything yet.

She pulled the number of the same seat she used to sit in.

Not seeming to be happy about it yet, Kamaishi took her seat and turned to stare at me.

So everything depends on me now, huh.

When it finally was my turn, I looked at the blackboard.

I needed to pull number six in order to get the same seat.

I could do that without any trouble, as my luck level had tremendously increased now.

With a nerveless expression, I put my hand inside the box. I moved my hand inside for a while, making a rustling sound, then pulled out the paper with the number six written on it.


“You got the same seat again? I think the first seat would suit you better.”


The homeroom teacher sarcastically commented on my result, but I answered him with a “No, thank you.” and went back to my seat.

Kamaishi welcomed me with a delighted expression.


“We did it, Kamiya-kun! We got the same seats!”

“Yeah.” I replied with a smile to the happy Kamaishi. It did go well, after all.

As I was feeling relieved for choosing the same seat, the class started to rustle.


Only allowed on

“Hey, next is Lina.”

“Please sit next to me!”

“No, she’s gonna next to me!”

“Hope she will set near my spot.”


As the male students were desperately praying, Lina slowly put her hand in the box.

For some reason, the classroom fell into a deep silence and watched over her moving her hand.

What’s up with this situation?

I couldn’t grasp the actual situation and decided to follow the mood and keep silent.

Lina pulled her hand out of the box, holding a piece of paper.

The piece of paper had the number twelve written on it.


“Uwaa!! Why?!”

“Why did god abandon me!?”

“Fate is so cruel!”


Every male who realized that he couldn’t sit next to her fell into hopeless despair.

Do you really have to get that depressed? Seriously?

I was being impressed by their overreactions, when a single thought flashed through my head and I moved my sight to the blackboard.

Looks like seat twelve was next to me.

Of course, I mean why wouldn’t it be next to me….

Realizing that Lina was going to sit next to my seat, I turned to look at her.


(She’s looking at me again…)


Seriously, what’s going on here? Did I do something to her?

I spent the remaining time pondering what I did recently, until everyone finished drawing their numbers, and couldn’t come up with anything.

Done with changing places, everyone went to take their new seats.

I tried to casually greet Lina when she sat next to me.


“N-Nice to meet you.”



Ignoring my words, Lina quietly faced the board.

This is kinda troublesome.

I thought about how hard it was to deal with Lina, as I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye.





Seat negotiations.


After school, when everyone was done changing their seats.


“Please Kamiya!! Change your seat with me!!”

“No, change it with me!!”

“How about me!!”

“Give it a break guys, I don’t intend to move from this spot.”

“C’mon man!! There’s a huge guy sitting before my seat, so you won’t be found out by the teacher.”

“Hmph, you think you can lure me with that… by the way, where’s your seat?”


“Sorry, never mind what I asked.”

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