Chapter 37 – Sage Xun

Next, he summoned his Spirit Treasure, a huge beast that looks like a cross between a dragon and a turtle, the faint mark of the word ‘king’* could be seen on its forehead.

(Cuppa: The Chinese character for king looks like this ’.)

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If an ordinary person were to see it, their soul would jump out of their body in shock. This is a ‘King’ Spirit Treasure!

“Dragon-turtle. Use the time of the Flying Star, the location of the Flying Star and the size of the Flying Star to assist this old man and make a divination…”

The dragon-turtle slowly raised its thick foreleg and slammed it on the ground three times. The three bronze coins bounced and flipped in the air each time, and surprisingly, each time they came down, they would hit each other. After a series of clinking sounds, they eventually fell in front of Sage Xun.

Sage Xun looked at them and revealed a confused expression as he thought in his mind, ‘There exist a person that this old man could not divine? This is both weird and interesting… The Hanging Cloud Empire has been developing well recently, if such a person develops and matures, the Hanging Cloud Empire might be able to become the number one of the Five Great Empires…”

“Sage Xun? How do we handle this situation?” The young lad did not know what the Sage Xun was thinking and asked.

“Let’s wait and see. A Goose Egg Star appearing for the human race is always a good thing.”

“Yes. This disciple will leave now.”


The Royal Palace. Hall of Golden Books.

“Ninth, your methods this time has greatly disappointed this emperor.”

The Emperor in a white casual robe and a face full of displeasure said to Bai Cheng Feng.

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Bai Cheng Feng was worried that someone else would inform the emperor and overly exaggerate the situation. Therefore, he chose to immediately meet the emperor and seek forgiveness.

No matter what the Emperor said, he would not explain and talk back.

He knew his lord father’s temper very well; the more one tried to explain and speak, the angrier he would become. Only by allowing him to vent his anger, would he listen to the person’s difficulties and eventually earn his understanding.

Indeed, as he had expected, the Emperor began to sigh and said, “What kind of dog sh*t luck did this Huan Bei Ming have, to think that he can birth a daughter with an Egg Star potential, what’s more, a Goose Egg Star on top of that. There must be something wrong in between, Madam Huan is an ordinary person, how could he birth a descendant with such strong talents? Is that really his own daughter? Come to think of it, she does look different from the Huan couple…”

“About this. This son had already sent men to investigate.” Bai Cheng Feng replied.

“So be it. No matter if she was his real daughter or not. She is still a person of the Huan Family, a citizen of the Hanging Cloud Empire. Here my summons and decree, I am bestowing the title of ‘King’ to Huan Bei Ming…”

“Lord Father, isn’t this too much? Bestowing kingship to a One-Star Spirit Master? If they earn more achievements in the future, what else could be give?” Bai Cheng Fend felt the bestowment does not suit the situation.

The Emperor sneered, “We do not have to worry about certain matters. By bestowing the title and spreading the news about the Huan Family rejecting the marriage proposal. Those sly and crafty individuals would understand the meaning in between. On the surface, we are increasing their status, but in fact, we are warning the Huan Family not to be overly arrogant. So, what can they do next? If they follow orders, then they can retain their kingship, but if they continue to look down the authority of the Royal Family, then, don’t blame others for using that opportunity to…”

Bai Cheng Feng also finally understood. Since the ancient times, these sly and crafty officials would always exist within the court. If used properly, they could become a powerful arm of the Royal Family and be used to indirectly remove the people that the Royal Family wishes to remove.

“Lord Father is wise. I am told that the culinary skills of the Huan Family’s mute disciple are pretty good. Even without Huan Bei Ming, I believe the secret skills of the Huan Family would not be lost.”

“Regarding that mute, what’s the progress?”

“That mute was extremely loyal to the family and could not be easily bribed over for the moment. However, he is a mute and not an imbecile, this son believes that every normal human will have a weak spot to exploit.”

“Okay. Call the internal affairs over, let us announce the bestowment to the entire empire first.”

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