Chapter 87: The Gap

Following up after the roar, the earth trembled.

The purple aura on Qin Tian flowed out crazily.

Sky Piercing Lightning Art, an ability comprehended by the rank six green thicket snake after hundreds of years. If not for him entering the body of it, he would have lost his life.

At this moment, the pupils of his eyes turned purple.

With the rank one berserk, the lightning that struck down would have four times its normal power. The cost he had to pay was a hundred thousand Qigong. Ever since he got the Sky Piercing Lightning Art, he never used it because he did not have enough Qigong.

The death of Qin Kuang provided him with 50000 Qigong, while the death of Qin Zhantian provided him with 75000 Qigong. They were enough for him to use the heaven-defying ability – Sky Piercing Lightning Art.

As it consumes a hundred thousand Qigong, it would definitely be extremely powerful.

Its power even caused the spirits in hell to cry out.

“How? How could this be?”

“What ability is this? For it to be able to surpass the power of heaven and earth, is it another divine ability? This can’t be true, absolutely not.” Yang Lin fell into madness. His talent is extraordinary and he also viewed himself to be a very self-important person. In his eyes, there were no other geniuses at all, but looking at Qin Tian now, he couldn’t take it. A rank nine spirit gathering cultivator with such dense Qigong along with having comprehended two divine abilities.

And now, the ability Qin Tian released was something he had no notion of, it was beyond his knowledge. All of these were like icicles piercing through his heart, making his many years of pride became non-existence.

Shock could be seen in Yang Hong’s eyes. “To think that he was still hiding such a powerful ability. It really is startling ah, that there was such a monster in a very small Qin clan.”

“Yet no matter how powerful he is, he is only a rank nine spirit gathering cultivator. He will not be able to contend against Laofu, this emperor……”

“I am the emperor, those who defy me shall die!”

The more he said, the louder his voice became.

Just as his voice descended, his aura changed and killing intent arises. A black war god was formed behind him, holding onto a heavenly halberd. Its whole body was covered with dark flame aura, an all-devouring aura.

Yang Hong, a rank nine spirit refining cultivator, and was at the peak of his condition. His strength is extremely powerful.

“I’d like to see how dense your Qigong is.”

“Let us see how strong your Dantian would be.”


Yang Hong drew the power of heaven and earth. The black war god swept its halberd, causing a screeching sound in the sky. Yang Hong had completely integrated into the body of the black war god. The pressure released after drawing the power of heaven and earth was like a domineering aura from the nine heavens, pressuring down.

The whole royal city was in turmoil, civilians were running away in fear. The casualties and injured were numerous. Like the sky was going to crumble and the earth was going to collapse, the place was a complete mess.

Inwardly, many spirit refining cultivators there were speechless, not willing to stay any longer. They were completely unable to imagine what was going to happen. Looking at the two forces colliding, fear arises from the bottom of their hearts.

“Sky Piercing Lightning Art!”

“Even if you are an emperor, Laozi will strike you till you vanish from existence……”


In the sky, the purple flame-like aura had permeated into the clouds, causing great power to be contained. Once the word ‘descend’ was said, a huge lightning with a great destructive force struck down……

At the same time, Yang Hong’s heavenly halberd rose towards the sky, like it was going to split the world.

The two forces collided……

The sky was gloomy and the earth was dark, cries and screams were heard. It was as if the end of the world was coming.

‘Rumble, rumble, rumble!’

Everything the lightning touched turned into dust. Qin Tian could not care much about it, once the Sky Piercing Lightning Art was used, it cannot be nullified. Since this is the case, he would pretty much just become a mass-murdering demon.

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“Sin value +1, current value is 56……”

“Sin value +1, current value is 198……”

“Sin value +1, current value is 598……”


His sin value rose rapidly with the death of the many innocent civilians. Qin Tian’s face turned pale and was unwilling to let it continue. However, even if he did not release it, Yang Hong’s dark flame aura would have devoured the Square’s vulnerable civilians.

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The dark flame aura devoured everything, and even the purple flame aura released by the Sky Piercing Lightning Art could not resist it. The great oppression made Qin Tian need to shield his mind continuously. It was extremely uncomfortable.

“Accept your death.” Yang Hong’s dark flame aura only weakened by half. Facing the huge lightning, the anger in him multiplied by many times. Qin Tian could not be left alive, or it would be like freeing a tiger back to the mountains. For having such powerful strength, he would give Sky Border Dynasty a huge blow in the future.

He must be killed.

No opportunity must be given.

The names of the Yang clan turned golden, and light shot out from Yang Hong and his four sons.

Yang Hong had become the most powerful human BOSS.

“Can’t endure it anymore?”

“Dying already?”

“F**k your ancestors……”

Screaming inwardly, Qin Tian swallowed Dans like water, and once again consumed a core. The three cores inside him revolved rapidly. With the replenishment from the cores and Dans, his Qigong increased greatly……

Facing Yang Hong’s oppression, Qin Tian once again strengthened himself. The perception speed of his predator’s aura accelerated. The Blood Demon’s War Armor appeared on his body, and the deviated soul bell rotated madly……

Facing the oppression and pressure, Qin Tian experienced an earth shattering change……


A series of thunder sounded again.

‘Puchi’. Blood spurted out of his mouth. Qin Tian flew from a punch of Yang Hong’s. He could not endure anymore, and the Virtuous Draconic Force continued to try its best to protect him……

‘Hu, hu, hu……”

Falling into the rubbles, Qin Tian’s breathing became rough and his eyes were wide open in anger. Seeing Yang Hong walking closer to him one step at a time, he gathered all his remaining strength to stand and let out a long cry, wanting to fight again.


“I’ve given you a chance, yet you’ve failed to appreciate it. There is only death in front of you now.”

Yang Hong laughed madly but was startled inwardly. The strength of the lightning was too heaven-defying, if not for him having an immortal armor, he would not be able to endure it. Thus the thought to kill Qin Tian became firm.

The gap between a rank nine spirit gathering and a rank nine spirit refining is too great……

“A peak spirit refining cultivator is too strong. If I had reached the spirit refining realm and was able to draw the power of heaven and earth, Yang Hong will definitely die without a burial site……” Qin Tian snorted angrily in his heart. Facing Yang Hong, he felt unwilling.

“Buddhism scriptures……”

A light-hearted voice traveled across to them. A golden light descended and bound the black war god, making him unable to move.

“Who? Who is it?” Yang Hong shouted towards the sky, yet no answer came. At the moment when he turned back his head, Qin Tian had disappeared.

Shouting loudly, the dark war god’s strength increased sharply, and the golden light vanished……

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