Chapter 86: Fail to Appreciate My Kindness

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for killing BOSS Qin Zhantian, gained 150000 experiences, 70000 Qigong value, 1200 survival points……”

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for gaining two rank five monster cores……”

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for gaining high-grade spirit tool deviated soul bell……”

“Congratulations to player Qin Tian for gaining 18 Yangshen Dans……”


The system prompted him repeatedly. Hearing the prompts, Qin Tian was elated, “Qin Zhantian is indeed much better than Qin Kuang. Worthy of being Qin clan’s patriarch.”

Now that Qin Kuang and Qin Zhnatian were killed, the revenge for Meng Lei had ended.

Looking at the girl crying and struggling, he felt a pain in his heart.

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In the Fu fairy dust, Yun Man was powerless. She struggled continuously, yet was unable to break apart the restraints of it. In front of a mid-grade immortal tool, her strength was insignificant and was sealed. She did not even have the strength of commit suicide, thus the self-blame of hers never ceased.

Qin Tian’s might made her happy, but what he was facing was Sky Border city, facing the extremely powerful Yang Hong and the long standing Yang clan. Rank nine spirit gathering realm was simply not enough. She was afraid that Qin Tian would fight till the end for her. She was afraid that Qin Tian will die because of her. She was afraid……

The root of all problems was because of her.

“Why did the Yang clan choose me?” Yun Man constantly asked herself. The sealed door inside her seemed to be breaking open……

Under the attack of Yun Man’s distress, self-blame, and anguish, the strength of the seal diminished. The power behind the door seemed as if it was affected by her. It attacked continuously, causing waves of loud bangs to appear.

All in all, Yun Man was experiencing an indescribable feeling of fright.

Spirit energy revolved around the Fu fairy dust, the feeling it gave out caused others to be unable to come close. With every step Qin Tian took, his organs shook more vigorously. The strength of the mid-grade immortal tool was too overbearing, even after using his Qigong, it was hard to endure the aura it gave out.

“Don’t…don’t…don’t come over……” Tears covered her face as she shouted hysterically. Seeing him in suffering, her heart felt pained. Such anguish she felt shook even the Fu fairy dust, making it falter slightly.

“Not good!”

Yang Lin frowned as he thought, “The power of the Baishi Shanxin is going to break the seal.”
[TLN: Baishi Shanxin(1) = an extremely kind person of a hundred lifetimes(2). I will use (1) whenever it is referring to power, and a (2) whenever it refers to the person]

“No, she cannot be allowed to break it……”

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“Once she breaks it, no one would be able to stop her. It really is unexpected that under great pain, she was able to stimulate the strength hidden inside her and to also arouse the sympathy of the Baishi Shanxin. Strong, it would be too strong.”

Thinking about it, Yang Lin gave his father Yang Hong a look. The spirit subduing pagoda revolved quicker, and the baleful aura around it increased.

Infront of the dragon chair, Yang Hong was surrounded by a dark flame aura. Taking a step forward, the winds and clouds went into turmoil, and the entire sky above the royal city became dark. Dark clouds amass, and among the clouds, there was an endless amount of thunder……

With every step he took, the world moved accordingly.

Yang Hong was too powerful.

In a blink of an eye without using any abilities, Yang Hong appeared on the stage. One of his hand was grabbing onto the head of one of the killers. As he looked at Qin Tian, a ferocious smile appeared on his face. From his palm, the dark flame aura flowed out.

The pupil of the killer expanded. The enormous figure behind him disappeared, and he felt weak all over, allowing Yang Hong to seize him easily.

Yang Hong looked at Qin Tian again. Adding force to his hand, the skull of the killer broke as blood splattered.

Provoking? Threatening? Displaying his strength?

Yang Hong was able to crush a spirit refining cultivator to death easily. For displaying his strength in front of Qin Tian, the meaning was obvious.

Qin Tian was shocked and halted. Yang Hong’s might was far beyond his imagination.

With one of the three killers dead, the pressure on Yang Lin decreased. Suddenly, he pushed down the spirit subduing pagoda, and the two spirit refining realm killers were sucked into it. Tragic cries of them were heard, and they disappeared without a trace.

Yang Lin kept the pagoda, activated his Qigong, wanting to rush towards Qin Tian.

At that point, Yang Hong stopped him, walked a few steps towards the front and laughed, “You will be Qin clan’s patriarch in the future, an important minister of the beginning of Sky Border dynasty. You will enjoy a high position and great wealth.”

“Offering amnesty and recruiting me?”

Qin Tian became cautious. Facing the violent aura of Yang Hong, he did not dare to be distracted. He had already seen the capabilities of Yang Hong, the dark flame aura around him was terrifying. He cannot be allowed to come close.

“Do you think offering amnesty would do?”

Yang Hong smiled casually, “Is it not to your satisfaction?”

“An important minister of the founding of the kingdom, getting high status and great wealth, anyone would be tempted. Even the four great clans of Qinghe city were willing, so how could a small disciple of the Qin clan be unsatisfied?”

“How could I dare to be unsatisfied?”

Qin Tian spoke calmly, but his Dantian was still in a turmoil, constantly trying to replenish his Qigong. As for what Yang Hong said, becoming an important minister of the founding of the kingdom, getting high status and great wealth, he was not even interested. If this was in the past, he might have agreed, but looking at Yun Man in anguish, he could not suppress the hatred inside him.

Yang Hong smiled in delight, “A wise man submits to the circumstances. For you to have such cultivation at a young age, you will definitely be one of Sky Border dynasty’s most important ministers. Naturally, I would not need to say the amount of land you will receive.”


Qin Tian laughed and looked at Yun Man. With a firm expression, he said, “Other than her, there is nothing I want.”

After saying so, Yang Lin and Yang Hong’s face changed.

In the royal city, only the two of them knew about Yun Man’s Baishi Shanxin. They could use her to defy fate and allow Sky Border dynasty to enjoy thousands of years of prosperity. Borrowing the Long Qi and cultivating till the realm of supremacy, one could add a thousand more years to their lifespan.

Moreover, Yang Lin could make use of Yun Man’s Baishi Shanxin to please the exalted Immortals of Nantian Immortal Sect. In the future, he would own a place for himself, miraculous Dans and high-grade abilities. Won’t the precious immortal tools be given to him to use whenever he wants too?



Both father and son shouted simultaneously with angry wide eyes.

Qin Tian’s heart tightened and he immediately realized that Yang Lin did not lust for Yun Man’s beauty. It could be easily seen from the faces of them that Yun Man was extremely important to the both of them. “I can’t be that there’s a frightening secret hidden inside Yun Man?”

His thoughts were thrown into a disorder.

However, Yang Hong did not give him enough time to think. “A rank nine spirit gathering cultivator is equivalent to an ant in front of me, and I can kill you with just a move. Allowing you to become an important minister is already giving you face, don’t fail to appreciate my kindness.”

The last five words ‘fail to appreciate my kindness’ contained prestige. Pressure was also released along with those five words, causing him to retreat a few steps. Qin Tian asked with a look of anguish, “Are you willing to marry Yang Lin?”

Her tears covered her face as she shook her head, “Not willing…not willing…I’m not willing……”

“It’s alright if you don’t want.”

Qin Tian kept Mao Mao whose battle form finished already. He then leaped into the sky and roared.

“Sky Piercing Lightning Arts!”

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