Chapter 34 – Cannot Bilk

In an era where external beauty was the focus, even a star that you personally attracted would snubbed you for not meeting its standards.

“Reincarnated girl, can we attract the star again if it flew away?”

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The reincarnated girl was speechless and said, “I have not even heard of an attracted star running away, let alone attracting the star for a second time.”

So it meant that she was the first in history?

If she had known that earlier, she would not have been so cocky.

Huan Qing Yan helplessly stared at the sky in melancholy as she watched the Egg Star flew farther and farther away…

Suddenly, a burst of light came out from the Egg Star and filled everyone’s vision!

And it descended once again!

Shouts of surprise was heard from the crowd.

Huan Qing Yan immediately perked up and willed her Pig Spirit Treasure to release another round of Spirit Energy to bind the Egg Star! Using everything she had to refine it.

Others might not know of it, but Huan Qing Yan had sensed it vividly. The Egg Star was in fact unwilling to return and was forcefully pulled down by a mysterious force. The force suppressed the star and maintained it a few dozen meters above her to specifically assist her to refine it.

Huan Qing Yan was sure without a doubt that it was her old man, Huan Bei Ming, that was helping her.

Huan Bei Ming was a Rank 6 Spirit Master but to forcefully pull down the Flying Star was definitely not an easy task, therefore, he might not be able to last long. She must refine the star as quickly as she can, if not, it would run away again.

A few dozen breaths went by…

Thirty minutes went by…

An hour went by…

The sky above the Star Attraction Pond began to drizzle starlight, drops of light floated down like snow as it falls into the Star Attraction Pond.

Melting into the water upon contact.

The water level of the pond began to raise at a speed visible to the naked eye…

“Oh! Success! The ritual was a success!”

“That’s right! A Goose Egg Star is truly extraordinary, the residual star power was so pure that it condensed into a snow-like form.”

“The purity of the Spring Essence Water within the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond will become much stronger from now on.”

Huan Qing Yan wiped the layer of fine sweat on her forehead as she released a long sigh. She had finally succeeded!

The Flying Star was now suspended above the head of her Pig Spirit Treasure, the size of a goose egg had made it very prominent, despite being only one star.

The Pig Spirit Treasure cutely rolled on the floor beside her, it was apparent that it was very happy. This little fella was very small, its size was similar to that of a newly born piglet.

Its body was round and plump, giving Huan Qing Yan the feeling that she was looking at herself when she was a baby. No matter how ugly it may have seemed, it still looked very cute. She wanted to hug it and give it a kiss, but it was unfortunately just an illusion.

After the Star Attraction Ritual was completed, it was also tired. After a couple of squeaks, the Pig Spirit Treasure entered her body and caused the imprint on her wrist to glow brightly.

The mysterious force that was assisting her also disappeared without her noticing.

The darkness within the sky above the pond had also began to subside.

Returning to its previous clear state.

Everyone began to cheer as voices of congratulations saturates the air.

Huan Qing Yan was gently expelled from the Star Attraction Pond.

Because everyone automatically cleared a path for her, she was able to reach the side of Huan Bei Ming and Bai Cheng Feng easily.

“Little Yan! Good, very good!” Huan Bei Ming said excitedly.

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Bai Cheng Feng on the other hand, was green in embarrassment. A noble prince like him had lost a wager with a woman; no matter the details, it was still something that would affect his reputation.

However, as much as he wanted to, he cannot bilk. He still needed to recruit Huan Qing Yan for the Royal Family, “Little Yan. Congratulations!”

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