Chapter 33 – An Egg Star!

The starlight shined brightly and it looked to be the size of a fist!

It flew towards Huan Qing Yan as it descended…

The whole square was in a deathly silence for a few seconds before a commotion erupted like a tidal wave.

“It’s an Egg Star~! Oh my God, it was actually an Egg Star!”

“On top of that, this was the highest grade of Egg Stars. The Egg Star could be separated into sizes from the chicken egg to duck egg and to goose egg, and that’s a Goose Egg Star! Oh god! No wonder it caused the Shining Lucky Star phenomenon.”

“It had at least been a thousand years since our Hanging Cloud Empire last had a Spirit Master that created a Shining Lucky Star phenomenon; it looks like this Lady Huan will have a great future ahead!”


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Huan Bei Ming always had a calm and composed temper, but upon seeing this scene, he could not help but become extremely excited at what he saw.

He had always believed that Little Yan’s potential would not be lower than his Almond Star Grade, the human race now has hope!

Bai Cheng Feng had a complicated expression as it showed both surprise and emptiness. He never expected this girl to have such a high level of talent…

He gave a pondering glance at Huan Bei Ming.

It looks like he has lost this wager this time!


Within the carriage.

Mo Si was dumbstruck.

After a moment, “Young Master! This Shining Lucky Star is truly awesome, its grandeur was comparable to Young Master’s Shining Lucky Star when it happened! This is definitely the best quality of the Top Grade Stars! The Flying Star is actually the size of a goose egg, this subordinate has always viewed Young Master as the most talented person in the continent, never would I expect to have the fortune to witness another one today…”

The elegant young master, Ji Mo Ya, did not reply.

Only a light chuckle was heard.


Huan Qing Yan was currently conversing with the reincarnated girl.

“I was a Walnut Star in my previous life, so why did you attract an Egg Star?! Why is it different?” the reincarnated girl said.

“You still don’t understand? It’s cause this elder sister has a good personality!” Huan Qing Yan smugly replied.

“It is also possible that I am not in control of my body in this life; this might have caused a change in things? Or maybe we have rejected the imperial marriage and awakened the Spirit Treasure in advance, and had unknowingly changed something?” The reincarnated girl continued.

“Maybe, but who cares? We will just have to continue with what we have got. We can continue after this sister has guided the Flying Star into the Spirit Treasure first.”

The illusion of the Pig Spirit Treasure beside Huan Qing Yan was also nodding its head in excitement, preparing to receive the Egg Star…

Strands of Spirit Energy began to wrap around the Egg Star before it was pulled towards Huan Qing Yan.

Only after the Egg Star was refined with Huan Qing Yan’s Spirit Energy, would she officially become a Star Ranked Spirit Master.

Huan Qing Yan strenuously ignored the discussions of jealousy and admiration in her surroundings and focused all her attention to refine the Flying Star.

It was then that she discovered that there was something wrong with this Flying Star!

It was fine in the beginning but when the Spirit Energy refined it halfway, a repelling force was suddenly being emitted by the Flying Star and broke out from the confines of the Spirit Energy wrapping it!

Is it trying to run?

“Everyone look. Is the Egg Star running away? What happened?”

“Is it because it is too big, making it unable to be refined? So it ran?”

“Who knows! It has been so many years since Hanging Cloud Empire last had a Shining Lucky Star! It was said that Lord Ninth Prince was also an Egg Star but it was the size of a chicken egg, therefore there wasn’t any phenomenon when he was attracting the star. With no proper knowledge, we can only guess…”

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Huan Qing Yan was also flustered and anxious but she did not have the speed to chase after the Flying Star!

When the Flying Star flew from the Sacred Court, it travelled over dozens of thousand kilometers to reach the Hanging Cloud Empire. Yet, it only took less than ten minutes to reach her, if it wished to run, then with its speed, how could she catch it?

She did not understand, why did the Flying Star want to run away?!

Is it because it thinks that she was ugly? Or fat?

Oh! The sin!

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