Chapter 32 – The Shining Lucky Star

The corners of Bai Cheng Feng’s mouth flashed with disdain for a second without anyone noticing.

A Pig Spirit Treasure!

One of the trashiest Spirit Treasure in existence! Its potential could not even reach an Almond Star!

Although Huan Bei Ming looked calm on the outside, his heart was feeling frantic.


In the carriage within the crowd.

“Young Master, it looks like this subordinate will win. The Pig Spirit Treasure has weak defense, weak attack, and a slow rate of growth. In the history of our continent, the number of Pig Spirit Sages is few to the point of nonexistence…”

“Is that so?” Ji Mo Ya calmly said.

Due to the large amount of people blocking his view, he was using his Spirit Conscious to observe the situation.

This was also true for the many latecomers that were on the edges of the crowd, they were all here to enjoy the show and did not notice him and Mo Si.

“Young Master, even if you lost this time, this subordinate will not mock you. And of course, this subordinate does not want anything from our bet. Having followed young master for over a decade, to be able to see young master make a wrong judgement was a reward itself…” Mo Si used a joking tone that was asking for a beating as he spoke.

“Oh? Its better if you wait awhile longer before you start gloating.”

As the master and servant were chatting, the clear sky suddenly went dark.

Some people cried out in alarm.

“What happened? Why did the sky turn dark? Is it going to rain?”

“That’s not possible. Didn’t the Royal Palace Weather Wall state that the next ten days would be clear weather? The Great Augur’s prediction was wrong?”


Huan Qing Yan scratched her head in confusion as she observed the sky turning darker and darker. The appearance of her Pig Spirit Treasure after she drank the Spring Essence Water had caused a commotion within the crowd, but she had a thick skin and was not affected by their words. Instead, she puffed her chest and raised her head, establishing a proud posture as she returned a confident gaze at everyone, looking at them as though they were all ants who got excited due to ignorance.

The Spirit Energy within her body rushed into her Pig Spirit Treasure while the Spirit Treasure in return began to emit waves of Spirit Energy pulses to its surroundings like a signal antenna.

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She knew that this was the start of Star Attraction.

The whole process would take between an hour to half a day.

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If she was fast, she could attract it within an hour; if she was slow ,then it would take up to a day.

She had no intention of waiting for so long.

The Flying Star would fly from the Sacred Court to bless the new Spirit Master, allowing them to receiving the blessings of the Sacred Court on their journey of cultivation. This was done by increasing the strength of the individual because that was the best form of protection for new Spirit Masters.

She was already seated on the center of the Star Attraction Pond; since the water was keeping a distance from her, she was not worried about being wet even if she sat there.

However, for some unknown reason, the sky turned dark in less than ten minutes?

If it suddenly rained then she would be in a mess!

“Reincarnated girl, there wasn’t such a change in your previous life, right? You sat down and attracted the star after two hours, right? So why am I so unlucky to experience rain while attracting a star. Would the Flying Star be blown away by the rain and be unable to reach me?” Huan Qing Yan hope to clarify with her.

“I also do not know.” The reincarnated girl replied.

“I have finally understood. Other than the being obsessive over your enemies, you do not know anything else,” Huan Qing Yan sarcastically said.

The sky was turning darker and darker; it gave a feeling as though the sun had set earlier than normal and night was approaching. Shortly, the sky turned completely dark.

This was an abnormally weird phenomenon.

Very quickly, some of the more experienced High Rank Spirit Masters reacted.

“The f*ck, could this be the Shining Lucky Star?”

“Legend has it that before a Top Grade Star appears, the sky will turn dark so that the Lucky Star can shine brightly in the sky…”

As he finished speaking, within the sky that was as black as ink, a Flying Star in the form of a streak of light, began to descend from the heavens.

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