Chapter 23

“We’ll be troubling Doctor Li to check big brother Yang.” Ning Meng Yao did not pay attention to the man who fell onto the ground, looking at Doctor Li who was beside her instead.

“Don’t worry, let this old man see.” Doctor Li walked towards the bed, hand lightly groped Yang Yi’s broken knees. That familiar movement could be seen with one eyes that it was practiced for a long time.

Yang Le Le went to Ning Meng Yao’s side, her hand clutching Ning Meng Yao’s clothes: “Yao Yao, my brother….”

“Doctor Li is Bao He Tang’s treating medical’s doctor, his skill of healing is very good, big brother Yang will not have any mishap.” Ning Meng Yao reassuringly patted Yang Le Le’s hands and said.

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Once she heard ‘Bao He Tang’ these three words, Yang Le Le’s heart became much calmer. Who didn’t know that Bao He Tang’s doctors were the best?

When Yang Zhu and the rest heard, their hearts also became much calmer, feeling unspeakable gratitude towards Ning Meng Yao. Before it was lending that much money to them, now it was helping them bring the doctor. This gratitude, how should they repay her?

Doctor Li checked for a while then frowned while staring at the man on the ground: “If you cannot heal then don’t fiddle around. The wound was originally not severe, but now, he has to recuperate on bed for around two to three months.”

The knees were not that severe, but after being fiddled by a quack doctor, causing the second time wounded, the knees that were not severe became severe.

Once the Yang family heard this, they became angry and cruelly stared at the doctor on the ground then looked at Doctor Li with begging looks, saying: “Doctor Li, please rescue my son, I only have him one son.” Yang Zhu begged Doctor Li.

For three generations, their family was continued only by one child and in this generation, there were two children but there was only one son. If this some met with some accident, how could their family carry on?

“The knees wound only needs to be carefully cared for, after two to three months, it will be fine and not influencing anything.” Doctor Li managed Yang Yi’s wound while comforting Yang Zhu’s one family.

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Once the whole family heard Doctor Li’s confident words, they became relieved. Even the eyes of Yang Yi who were despairing earlier bursted with strong light. Will his knees became fine? This…..This was too good.

After Doctor Li managed well, he wrote a prescription for the family: “This is the medicine for the first one month, once a day. After one month pass, I will come over to see his knees and the healing rate then change the prescription.”

“Alright, thank you Doctor Li, the fee…..”

“Five liang silver.”

Five liang? Didn’t they have to spend much more money? How could it be so little?

Seeing their train of thoughts, Doctor Li smiled and touched his beard then explained: “This is only the fee given to me; there are some good herbs in the prescription. The medicine for this month will need more than ten liang silver.”

The Yang family heard this. So it was like that. They immediately gave the Doctor Li’s fee to him. Yang Le Le took the prescription and prepared to go to Bao He Tang to buy the herbs and walked two steps then looked at the quack doctor on the ground, face changing then pulled him out.

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Of course it is sending you to the officials. My brother’s wound is not that severe but you made it into that, do you think that my family is easy to bully? Yang Le Le stared at him harshly and angrily said.

If it weren’t for Yao Yao who invited Doctor Li for them, big brother’s knees would probably be crippled. What would happen to sister-in-law and her nephew then?

“Don’t, Don’t send me to the officials, I….. I can give you money.” That person said anxiously.

Although he couldn’t cure a heavy injury like broken knees but he could cure light sickness and pain but once he’s sent to the officials, then it would be over for him.

Ning Meng Yao pulled Yang Le Le’s hands and lightly shook her head: “The person who invited you to cure big brother Yang, does he knows you can’t?”

“He knows.” That person originally did not want to say but after looking at Ning Meng Yao’s ice cold gaze, he got shivers and immediately said.

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