Chapter 22

“Alright, let’s go quickly. Your brother’s wounds could not be delayed.” Ning Meng Yao smiled and nodded her head, not putting it to the heart. What she didn’t know was that after this day, Yang Le Le would do as she said today, always protecting Ning Meng Yao and always staying by Ning Meng Yao’s side, helping her manage various things.

After going though the matter of Yang Le Le borrowing money from Ning Meng Yao, the gaze Yang Xiu Er used to look at Ning Meng Yao was as if she was looking at some treasure. That undisguised gaze made Ning Meng Yao very unhappy.

Looking at Yang Xiu Er with one eye, Ning Meng Yao moved her embroidery frame back and leisurely locked the door, looking at Yang Xiu Er who still stood in her courtyard then lightly said: “If you have no matter to discuss, you can go.”

Yang Xiu Er’s facial expression became stiff; her face was full of embarrassment. She actually kicked her out just like that.

But looking at her manner that looked like she wanted to go out, Yang Xiu Er’s heart grew thick with anger but she could not say anything, only able to take her own embroider basket and leave, although the scheme in her heart did not lessen one bit.

Looking at Yang Xiu Er leaving, Ning Meng Yao lightly sighed, hoping that she would not provoke her.

Ning Meng Yao took some of the meat and big bones that she bought to Yang Le Le’s house. When she came over, the doctor was helping Yang Le Le’s brother Yang Yi to cure his knees.

There was an unfamiliar young woman at the side of the bed with a six or seven year old child. One look and she knew these were Yang Le Le’s sister-in-law and her nephew.

“Yang Le Le, how is big brother Yang?” Ning Meng Yao hand over the things in her hand to Yang Le Le and looked at the man on the bed with an eye and asked strangely.

Yang Le Le bitterly smiled and shook her head: “I don’t know at the moment. The doctor is helping my big brother to connect his knees.”

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Ning Meng Yao let out an ‘en’ and looked at the movements of the doctor. No matter how she looked at it, the doctor did not seem like an experienced doctor.

Reaching out her hand to pull Yang Le Le over, she said at the side of her ear in a low voice: “Le Le, where did you find this doctor?”

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“He’s the doctor invited by the boss of where my big brother worked, said that he is the town’s best doctor.” Yang Le Le looked at Ning Meng Yao suspiciously. “Is there any problem?”

“Of course there is. If this doctor really is the town’s best doctor, why can’t he cure your big brother’s knees until now? Moreover, I just observed his movements are not fluent, really not like town’s best doctor, on the contrary…..” Ning Meng Yao wrinkled her brow and looked at Yang Le Le then said: “On the contrary, he is like a novice apprentice.”

“Really? How can that be? If it is truly like this, then won’t my big brother be ruined? This cannot be, I have to bar him off.” Once Yang Le Le heard this, she exploded. Just when she wanted turn her body to go in the room, Ning Meng Yao grabbed her.

“What are you worrying about? You just watch right now, I’ll go to the town and let the doctor from Bao He Tang come over. Remember that unless necessary, don’t let that doctor move your big brother’s knees.” Ning Meng Yao originally wanted to come over to take a look, who knows that she would see this kind of fake doctor.

Yang Yi’s knees were crippled, this she could see, but it was not as severe as they said. Yet if they really let this doctor cure, they were afraid that the wound that was not severe would turn to severe.

Yang Le Le nodded her head and turned then went in the room. Ning Meng Yao went to the village to search for the cow cart and went to the town, inviting the most experienced doctor inside and hired two horse carts then hurried to the White Mountain village.

Just when they arrived at the doorstep, they heard a tragic shout. Hearing this voice, Ning Meng Yao knew that it was over.

“I’ll be troubling Doctor Le,” Ning Meng Yao turned her head and looked at the old man who was had some worry.

Doctor Li laughed: “Ning xiaojie is polite, let us hurry in and see.”

Yang Le Le stood at the side of the bed and looked at Yang Yi whose face was fully pale then looked at the doctor who was startled until he did not dare to move, thinking back at Ning Meng Yao’s words then pointed at the other party and said angrily: “You this quack doctor!”

When this doctor looked at Yang Yi’s pained figure, he was already shocked his six spirits were soulless, then hearing Yang Le Le’s words, he then fell down on the ground.

“I….I…..” If he knew early on, he would not have accepted this errand. Now, it was all over.

“You, what you? I tell you, if my brother has any mishap, I will report you to the county lord. You can’t cure but you actually run out here, this is making other people’s lives miserable.” Yang Le Le looked at his appearance and knew that what Ning Meng Yao said was true. She really hated this. If she knew earlier, she would stop him from handling this.

Yang Zhu’s whole family heard Yang Le Le’s words and their faces became pale white. They just understood that this doctor was actually not the town’s best doctor, only a con man.

When the Yang family did not know how to handle this matter, Ning Meng Yao brought Doctor Li inside.

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