Chapter 25 – Congratulations Young Mistress

Although it was not very strong but it was enough for a Spirit Master like him to sense the disturbance within the atmosphere.

If his guess was correct, someone had just awakened their Spirit Treasure!

Huan Bei Ming guessed that it might be one of their servants who has awakened their Spirit Treasure, if the servant was willing to continue working for them, it would naturally be greatly welcomed, their treatment would also increase relatively. However, if they were unwilling, then by the laws of Hanging Cloud Empire, he must unconditionally release the servant from their contract of servitude.

Huan Bei Ming was not a narrow-minded person, contributing a Spirit Master for the future development of humanity by releasing a servant unconditionally was still something he can afford.

Just as he was thinking about it, Huan Bei Ming heard the voice of a serving girl bringing joyous news.

“Master, Madam, Young Mistress had awakened her Spirit Treasure!”

Huan Bei Ming immediately stood up.

Madam Huan also became flustered from excitement, the husband and wife looked at each other before they rushed towards Tender Face Chamber.


Within the room, Huan Qing Yan felt a rather large increase in her strength, as well as an unexplainable urge to run and jump about.

A short while later, she had reached the courtyard. There was more spirit energy in the courtyard outside the building then within it. She sat in lotus position at the center of the courtyard to experience this new feeling within her body, her mood was indescribably delightful.

The serving girls and women also fawn and flatter at her as they surrounded her.

“Congratulations Young Mistress!”

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“I have said it before already. Our Master is a Spirit Master, how could Young Mistress not be one too? The probability of the talent being inherited is very high…”

“Exactly. Although the awakening is a bit late but our Young Mistress’s fortune is good, her life is also good. She can easily catch up to her peers in the future.”


A shadow dashed pass the gates leading to the building, Huan Bei Ming saw the illusion of a Spirit Treasure floating on top of Huan Qing Yan.

This man who had always maintained a calm composure was now revealing an excited expression, “Good! Little Yan, you have done well!”

Huan Qing Yan stood up and giggled, “Papa, Mama, you are here. Papa, you came at the right time, Little Yan is feeling full of energy and wish to loosen up. Let’s have a spar.”

“Hahahaha…” Huan Bei Ming rarely laughed so heavily.

This was happiness coming from the deepest recesses of his heart.

“Your Papa is a Six-Star Spirit Master. Yet, you have not even guided one star and you dare to challenge your papa, aren’t you being too confident!” Madam Huan was also happy beyond words.

“What do you mean by guiding a star?” Huan Qing Yan asked.

“Within the Sacred Court of our race was a piece of Sacred Star Rock. Every human that has awaken their Spirit Treasure talent will have to connect to this Sacred Star Rock through a Star Attraction Pond and request to be bestowed a Flying Star. The stronger the talent and potential of the requester, the larger will the Flying Star being bestowed be. Come Little Yan, let us go to the Star Attraction Pond within the Royal Public Square to request for a Flying Star to be bestowed!”

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“Husband, the Star Attraction Pond within the Royal Family’s public square is normally meant for the royal members or for individuals with exceptional talents. If a small Flying Star is bestowed, Little Yan might become the butt of jokes. Why not we go to a smaller Star Attraction Pond to request for a Flying Star bestowal instead…” Madam Huan lightly coughed as she spoke.

The Star Attraction Pond outside the Royal Palace was specially meant for its royal members or for individuals with high authority. At the same time, it was also a place surrounded by the most observers.

If a very small Flying Star was given, it might become the object of ridicule of others, especially during this sensitive period where the Huan Family had offended the Royal Family.

There were several Star Attraction Ponds within Hang Cloud Empire, no less than ten places have them. Therefore, there was no need for them to use the Royal Family’s Star Attraction Pond…

This was Madam Huan’s worry.

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