Volume 1, Chapter 46: Suspicion


Hearing the sound of movement, Chen Xiang quickly walks in.  Yun Qian Yu orders Chen Xiang to pack a bag of jasmine tea for Princess Ming Zhu.


Princess Ming Zhu’s face has regained it’s smile, “Such an obedient child.”


Seeing that satisfied face, Zhang mama is taken aback.  She understands just how critical Princess Ming Zhu is, being the only princess of Nan Lou Kingdom.


Yun Qian Yu speechlessly watches Princess Ming Zhu who changes face as fast as one drinks water.  Only the imperial palace can give birth to such a person.  Yu Jian must have been shielded well by Murong Cang.


There is only Zhang mama by Princess Ming Zhu’s side so Qian Yu asks Man Er and Ying Yu to carry lanterns and escort them back.


She stands by the door, her eyes on the dark night.


Princess Ming Zhu’s intention is very clear; she wants others to think that she is viewing Yun Qian Yu as her daughter in law.  When it was only the two of them, she didn’t keep it up, she even acknowledged that she and Hua Man Xi are incompatible.  But, in front of others, she puts on the satisfied look again.  Why is she acting like that?  Who is she guarding against?  And what does her last words mean?  The water of Nan Lou Kingdom is too muddled!


Feng Ran appears by her side, looking at Yun Qian Yu who appears to be deep in thoughts, “Mistress, what does Princess Ming Zhu means by that?”


Yun Qian Yu turns around and walks back into her chamber.  “She is telling me not to trust anyone else other than grandfather.”


Hearing that, Feng Ran’s expression too turns deep.


Yun Qian Yu secretly ponders in her heart, then can Princess Ming Zhu be trusted?  “Feng Ran, go and investigate what painting the nobles in the capital have been searching for.  The more detailed the better.”


“Yes.”  Feng Ran immediately relays the instruction to a Yun Valley’s guard.


Yun Qian Yu glance at the guard, “Feng Ran, mobilize Yun Valley’s news network.  I don’t want to hear things like this from other people’s mouth next time.”


“Yes.”  Feng Ran understands what she means.  Even though Yun Valley has isolated itself, it cannot completely lose contact with the outside world.  They must keep up with the things that are happening outside, in order to protect Yun Valley.  Yun Valley’s network is really large, it is personally managed by him.  But other than news that involves Yun Valley, they usually ignores everything else.


“Inform me as soon as possible.”


“Yes, Mistress.  Shi Hai and his sons are now in prison.  They will be sent back to Jing Zhou tomorrow after receiving their punishment.”


“Is Rui Qinwang making any move?”  This is not surprising.


“After leaving the palace, Rui Qinwang went straight home.  Not long after, his people carried someone to be buried in an unmarked grave.”


“As expected, so cruel.”  The corner of Yun Qian Yu’s lips is raised.


“Do you want our people to follow Shi Hai back to Jing Zhou tomorrow?”


“No need.  Rui Qinwang hopes he is alive more than we do, at the moment.”  Yun Qian Yu quietly sits down, slowly tasting the tea in her hand.


Seeing that, Chen Xiang immediately grabs the cup away from her, “Mistress, the tea has gotten cold.  Drinking it will harm one’s body.”


Yun Qian Yu smiles, she knows that Chen Xiang is suspicious. She and the rest weren’t in the room just now, who knows if someone has done something to the tea.  Experiencing something makes one wiser.  After the poisoning incident, Chen Xiang and the rest has gotten a lot more careful.


“Chen Xiang, I got tricked the last time because I exhausted my entire inner power.  Now that I have recovered, I can check for poisons with just one look.”


“We still have to be careful.  What if it’s one of those odorless and colorless poison?”  Chen Xiang is still uneasy.


Feng Ran quips in, “Mistress, Chen Xiang is right.  It is better to be careful.  Mistress’ responsibility is not only limited to Yun Valley now.”


“Don’t worry.  For me, poison may not necessarily be a bad thing.”  Upon remembering Zi Yu Xin Jing’s ability, Yun Qian Yu’s mood turns for the better.


Chen Xiang doesn’t care about all that and take the tea away anyway.


Not long later, Hong Su brings in the freshly made dinner.  Seeing Chen Xiang throwing the tea away, “Mistress, the day is late.  Do not drink the tea and eat dinner instead.”


“Alright.”  She didn’t really eat anything in the banquet, so she feels a little hungry now.  “I wonder if Yu Jian ate enough,” Yun Qian Yu whispers to herself.


Hong Su laughs, “I knew Mistress will be worried of the imperial grandson, so I already asked a Yun guard to send him some.”


“Mistress is more like the prince’s mother than sister.” Chen Xiang also laughs.


“Correct.  Your Mistress will be a mother and not a sister, in the future.”  Yun Qian Yu cracks a rare joke.

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All of them look at her in surprise.


Yun Qian Yu sighs, “From now on, we can only search for entertainment amongst us.”


The rest turns quiet.

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While she eats dinner, Yun Qian Yu ponders upon Princess Ming Zhu’s words.  She analyzes very single words she said.  Princess Ming Zhu will not warn her to not trust anybody for no apparent reason.  Since she said everything in such a tactful manner, it means she either has something she cannot say or that she is suspicious but cannot find proof yet.  Did she overlook anything?


Her eyes suddenly sparkles as she turns to Feng Ran, “Wait for me.  I will change for a moment.  We will go out.”


Feng Ran glances at the night sky outside.  It is so late, where will they be going?


Yu Nuo and Chen Xiang follow her into her inner chamber.  Chen Xiang finds a watery blue dress and helps her put it on while Yu Nuo helps her do her hair.


Yun Qian Yu likes the color blue.  It has something to do with her being frequently bed-ridden in her past life, and thus, unable to went out to enjoy the blue sky.  The thing you cannot get will always be the thing you covets the most; that is why she likes that color so much.


The two people’s martial arts skills are high.  They easily avoid detection as they slip out of the imperial palace.


Yun Qian Yu lowers her head before heading for Xian Wang’s manor.


Feng Ran’s eyes darken as he looks at the direction they are heading.  They have only come back today.  What is so important that she needs to return there that very night?


Yun Qian Yu very quickly arrives in front of Qian Yu Pavillion.


San Qiu who is keeping guard at a dark corner is taken aback upon seeing Yun Qian Yu who comes in the dead of the night.  He shakes his head hard; his eyes are not wrong, it is Princess Hu Guo.


He immediately shows himself, “Is princess looking for wangye?”


“En.”  Yun Qian Yu nods.


San Qiu opens the door, “Wangye told us that princess is allowed to come anytime.  We don’t need to report anything to him.  Please enter.”


Yun Qian Yu does not hold back and enters past the door, heading straight for the third floor.


Gong Sang Mo sent Long Jin to the posthouse first before returning.  He too has not slept.


Hearing San Qiu who is purposely raising his tone outside, his heart blooms in delight.  She had lived here for ten days, her leaving today makes the entire building seem empty.  His heart feels empty too.


His heart acting faster than his brain, Gong Sang Mo appears in the third floor like a spring breeze, only to find Yun Qian Yu flashing past him, leaving the scent of jasmine and a curt sentence.  “I need to find a book from the study.”


The graceful and warm smile on Gong Sang Mo’s face froze.  Within seconds, his phoenix eyes turns a little empty.  He wordlessly rubs his own nose.  He is Nan Lou Kingdom’s most eligible bachelor and yet she completely ignores him like that.


Seeing Yun Qian Yu heading straight for the study and Gong Sang Mo being treated coldly like that, Feng Ran is so satisfied.


Gong Sang Mo icily glance at Feng Ran before waving his sleeves and heads over to the study.


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